300×250 Sidebar Ad:  


If you would like a standard 300×250 sidebar advertisement for your business, organization, product, event, cause, website, etc….after payment, email me the graphic for your ad & the link the graphic will be redirecting traffic to.  If you would like to promote a video in the sidebar, please email the embed code for that video to be placed in the sidebar.  That ad will be placed on all pages of the Onyx Truth for the duration of the campaign.

Onyx Truth Podcast

If you would like to promote a business, organization, event, product, cause, website, etc with the Onyx Truth Podcast, check out the information below.

OPTION 1:  $25  —  advertise on 1 episode of the Onyx Truth Podcast.

OPTION 2:  $50  —  advertise on 5 episodes of the Onyx Truth Podcast.

OPTION 3:  $100  —  advertise on 10 episodes of the Onyx Truth Podcast.

Ads will be ran on all new Onyx Truth Podcast episodes only (in addition to featuring the ads on our YouTube videos of that particular episode/s).  All episodes are forever archived which means whichever episode(s) your advertisement is featured on, your ad will always remain a part of that episode(s).

During the payment process, please include:  company/product/event name etc, website, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc…optional), description of company/product/event to be advertised or email an MP3 of your ad along with appropriate visuals (optional).  Any other questions send email to [email protected].