A Real Woman Will Stand by Her Man Even If He Gets Another Woman Pregnant

Ladies, if you are a real woman, you will stand by your man even if he gets another woman pregnant.  I said ladies, if you a real woman, you will stand by your man even if he gets another woman pregnant.

Ladies, one of the major problems that we have in society is this thing called selfishness.  It’s a part of the fabric of our culture. But the issue is, the act of being selfish doesn’t work when it comes to relationships.  Ladies, you have to stop being selfish and acting like everything centers around you. You have to change that dynamic ladies.

Ladies, you have to start thinking beyond just yourself and what makes you happy.  You have to think about what it’s going to take to make your relationship with your man happy.  Some of you think that if a man cheats and/or gets another woman pregnant that this is the ultimate sign of disrespect & betrayal.  No ladies, no. You’re looking at this all wrong. If your man winds up cheating on you and in the process he gets another woman pregnant, you have to look at this as the ultimate sign of SELFLESSNESS.  Yes, SELFLESSNESS.

Understand that it’s a lot of women running around in society who for whatever reason can’t seem to find a man to complete them like you have.  And when I say complete them, I’m talking about they can’t seem to find a man to stick around for the long term and bless them with a seed to ultimately fulfill one of the desires so many women long for since childhood; that desire of becoming a mother.  So if you have a man who has shown dedication to you by helping to create a strong, loving and long term relationship with you but for some reason that man “goes astray” and winds up getting another woman pregnant, you as the real woman need to see this as a blessing that your man is bestowing upon women who long to have what you have.  And you need to stick by your man’s side and support him through all of the potential trials and tribulations he may experience as he proceeds to go about caring for the life of another human being he created with a woman outside of your relationship. You need to be there emotionally, spiritually & financially. You two are in this together.  Why? Because this is what real women do. Real women do not just quit when things get hard. Real women demonstrate that they are truly the superior sex when it comes to handling emotions. So a real woman would cast her anger & frustrations to the side to allow for her to look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that your man creating another life with another woman outside of your relationships is really your man taking the lead in showing you how to become a woman who doesn’t lead a life of being selfish. 

Stop being selfish.  Support your man and his miscellaneous child.  Become the woman that this man will need you to be so that this child can have an example of what a real woman looks like.

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