Loqueesha is the White Man’s Answer to Affirmative Action

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

Respectability politics is a hard pill to swallow for black women. Due to feminism, black women see blackness as the answer to racism, yet the message fails in black excellence as it is a rebel without a cause and rejecting whiteness goes over their heads. Telling black women to dress according when going to their children’s school ends up being a problem as defenders will say that black mothers dress the way they do because of prolonged exposure to poverty, yet night clubs on Friday and Saturday state otherwise.

Poor black women have been white America’s comic icon; we even see how gay white men copy their mannerisms to Worldstar-like behaviors. Even beyond anti-black women’s rhetoric from the white LGBTQ community, media corporations love low income black women and use them for ratings. Black women built the modern hype for the Maury show as they were the faces of cheating women who sleep with countless men while not knowing who is the father of their children. Maury pretends to be the good guy and is fake concerned when women accidentally bring in the wrong man for the DNA test and encourages them to come back on the show with another potential father. I would not be surprised if executives are enticing women to properly bring in the wrong man for ratings. Come on, the infamous Maury guest Marisol who has been on the show for a decade testing 16 men. Even with another controversial guest, Rebecca Black has tested so many men and has the nerve to get pregnant again while not knowing who is the father of her other 2 kids. This cannot be real.

In the era of Trump’s Presidency, the topic of equality has always been in the spaces of white people refusal to offer equal pay and opportunities based off race and gender. White men know they are the majority and hold most of the power, yet always want to claim a piece of the minority pie.

Loqueesha is the white male answer to affirmative action. He struggles to find work as radio stations want women of color/minorities as their host. So, this jobless former radio host happens to see a raggedy tv show featuring two black women fighting each other and he gest an epiphany on how to get the job that he was discriminated against.

He impersonates a fat sassy black woman who gives generic relationship advice and life lessons. The impersonations are as bad as the real actor does not even try to change his voice rather he just gives it an awkward monotone voice that is a slap in the face as some would see as a gesture claiming black women sound like men. As shameful as the film is, it actually stars a couple real black women. There is even a snippet of an overweight black woman saying that Loqueesha is a role-model to all African American women.

Even shock-jock Tommy Sotomayor was surprised on how real the film is and undoubtedly supports it and hopes that he has as much success as Endgame. Twitter is buzzing on their reactions to the trailer as even white men are embarrassed of its release.

Of course, people are going to boycott the film as this is no comparison to White Chicks, but I see the bigger picture that cannot be denied. Black women fuel the very stereotypes they claim to hate. It is not hard to find new television shows on black women fighting over a no-good man or portraying themselves as lower classed. Whoever Tiffany Haddish’s publicists are who encouraged her to carry fried chicken in her purse at the Met Gala needs to get slapped. Black women have a bad habit of putting on a face to entertain white people.

However the film Loqueesha is interpreted, good or bad, black women are getting a reality check that white men see them as all the same. Even with small success stories of black women dominating in beauty pageants, it is just a token representation that black women have a repulsive nature that is nothing more to the world as a joke.

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