Minister Farrakhan is the Only Pro-Black I Respect

I was watching some old clips of Minister Farrakhan on the Phil Donahue from back in the mid 80s and early 90s earlier today and I got to tell you, Minister Farrakhan is probably the only pro-black out there that I honestly respect and admire.  The reason is because, unlike most of your favorite pro-black talking heads, Minister Farrakhan legit comes across as being genuinely sincere in his messages. Everything from what he sees going wrong in black society, to all of the bs the dominant society has historically done and continues to do, all the way to the overall conditions of the world.  When you hear him talk, he honestly does not give the impression that he’s just out here bumping his gums just to bump his gums and get some black people to follow and toss him some donations. I don’t get that vibe from a lot of pro-blacks which is why I stay talking negatively about most of them. There is literally nothing negative I could say about the Minister & I wouldn’t even want to.   Now if you haven’t seen these Donahue clips, I suggest you watch both of them, especially the clip that was filmed in 1990.

Both of these clips in my opinion should go down in history as the greatest example for showing just how absolutely clueless and willfully ignorant white people can be and choose to be when it comes to black people talking about the struggles of black people in this country.  I know we’ve all seen some clips of some dumb white people out there or we’ve encountered some in real life, but I’m telling you, these two Donahue clips with Minister Farrakhan have got to be the absolute greatest clips that put on full display how truly ignorant to history, race relations, & socioeconomic conditions that some many white people truly are.  I’m even talking about Phil Donahue himself. As a matter of fact, in the 1985 clip, Donahue came out the gate sounding extra ignorant.

Peep this, what do white people love to tell black people, especially those on the right?  They love to say “PULL YOURSELVES UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS! GET OFF WELFARE! FIX YOUR OWN PROBLEMS!” Ok.  How about Minister Farrakhan was literally on both episodes sounding like a full blown white republican by telling the audience that he goes around preaching to black people that black people need do our own thing and pull ourselves up by the bootstraps.  Even Minister Farrakhan stated on the 1985 clip that he agreed with Ronald Reagan wanting to end social programs like welfare & food stamps because the Minister believed that those programs were a major hindrance to black progression. You can’t get any more republican that right.  Well peep this, after the Minister said all of that, damn near every white person in the audience got angry, then started accusing the Minister of being racist and then they came out there with their “THIS IS NOT WHAT MARTIN LUTHER KING WANTED!” foolishness. It was truly amazing to watch how just 2 minutes earlier they told him and all of black people to stop asking for handouts and get a job to accusing the Minister of being racist for having the audacity to say that we’re trying to do our own thing.  I was just watching this and cracking the hell up. If you haven’t seen those Donahue episodes, you need to make that mandatory viewing in your life as soon as possible. I honestly believe that there isn’t any greater example ever recorded of white people’s pure raw hypocrisy, cluelessness, willful ignorance and fragility on display. They need to put copies of these clips in the African American History Museum or they need to play those clips throughout Black History Month. It was just literally that damn good of a show to watch.

The other thing that was so great about those clips was the way Minister Farrakhan carried himself with the utmost dignity the entire time he was on the stage being called anti-semitic, racist and all kinds of other forms of disrespect.  The Minister damn near made me wanna convert to Islam with the poise he carried himself with as he was just slapping down every question thrown at him. This brotha was just beyond thorough with his extreme articulate ability to communicate & convert very detailed and complicated responses into damn near elementary terms for all those willfully ignorant white folks until it got to a point where he flipped a few white people in the audience to his side.  I can’t remember exactly which episode, but I believe it was the 1990 clip where one white chick got up and said basically “AFTER HEARING THE MINISTER SPEAK, I DON’T SEE WHY ALL OF THE WHITE PEOPLE IN HERE DISAGREE HIM AND HIS MESSAGE. HE’S BASICALLY SAYING HE WANTS TO HELP BLACK PEOPLE IN THE EXACT SAME MANNER WHITE PEOPLE HELP OTHER WHITES AND OTHER GROUPS HELP THEIR GROUP.” Y’all got to go check those clips out if you haven’t seen them. I’m telling you, these clips need to be distributed and praised like everybody praises Hidden Colors.

Here’s the real reason why I actually admire and respect Minister Farrakhan.  The real is that the Minister is genuinely fair and balanced when talking about issues affecting black people.  He’ll eloquently tell you all of the ills that affect black people coming from the dominant society, but at the same time he’ll just as eloquently tell you about all of the ills knee grows do onto themselves.  He doesn’t try to hide it or sugar coat. The same way I call out black people’s bs, the Minister does it a thousand times better and more eloquently. If you watched him give his speech at Nipsey Hussle’s funeral, the Minister went in on black people too at the funeral.  He wasn’t on stage talking about some white supremacy conspiracy taking Nipsey out. He pretty much said in a highly articulate manner that Nipsey was taken out over some dumb nigga shit. But you know what, I bet Tariq & everybody else won’t call the Minister a coon for calling out black on black crime and nigga shit.  And this is why I respect him. He addresses all of the issues plaguing black society, unlike damn near every popular pro-black babbler out today.

Your favorite pro-black babbler will spend all of their time talking about white people and their bs and rarely if ever talk about black people’s bs, yet, they claim to be pro-black.  Well how can you honestly call yourself pro-black if all you ever do is talk about white people and you avoid talking about the things that black people do to each other and how to go about fixing it and then you want to turn around call other black people coons for actually trying to address issues that actually affect black people the most?

Look at it this way.  When it comes to politics, what affects your life the absolute most?  National elections or local elections? Of course local elections because the laws and regulations your local government puts in place can actually reach out and touch you in real time.  Laws passed by the federal government in most instances take time before it gets around to slapping you one good time. It’s the exact same way when it comes to pro-black babblers running on and on non-stop about white supremacy.  A babbler will tell you that white supremacy is black people’s number one issue and in some respects, that could be true if you are looking at it from a top down perspective. When you look at it from a bottom up perspective, the overwhelming majority of black people’s number one issue is other niggas who choose to cause unnecessary chaos and harm in the community.  So while knee grows are letting Tariq Nasheed convince them that at any moment some random white supremacists is going to burn a cross in their yard and kill them, while these knee grows are sitting on their porch waiting for Billy Bob to show up in his pickup truck, Dusty Darryl is currently on his way booming knocking pictures off the walls and daring you to tell him to lower his music so that he can have an excuse to get violent with you.

But this is what the typical pro-black does.  They totally ignore the legit bs in the community and go above and beyond out of their way to blame everything on the white man.  Why? Well, we all should know why by now. But in case you don’t, race hustling is extremely lucrative. Keeping black people in a perpetual state of fear is very profitable.  Black people who faithfully go to church are terrified about not getting into heaven, so they’ll drop every dollar they can into that collection plate. Niggas who live mediocre lives and aren’t really striving to do better need to blame white people, so they’ll drop every dollar they have on a DVD and a Mink Slide album.

Anyways like I said, when you get a chance go watch those Donahue clips if you haven’t seen them.  Those clips have to be the greatest clips ever recorded displaying white willful ignorance and genuine black intellectual superiority that I’ve ever seen.

Your favorite mulatto.
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