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Alright y’all…got some feedback from a dude who goes by the name of Darkpaw1 in regards to my last Pookie video…

Aight so shout out to Darkpaw1 for that. I’m telling you, when I initially read it, I almost cried 2 man tears bruh…just 2…that’s the legal limit before things become a lil suspect.

But anyways…

First of all, shout out to you for being a Marine.  I myself am an Army vet. I did 13 years on active duty before I had to get out to an old injury from jumping out of plane came back to haunt me.  Here’s a quick side note about my time in the military: I recently had a dude who’s been subscribed to my YouTube channel for a few months now hit me up on Facebook to send me a friend request. Guess what? This dude and I were in the same platoon in basic training back in 2002.  Prior to him sending the friend request, he had no idea who the hell I was cause on Facebook under my Gee Lowery profile, I don’t have my pictures posted on there either. So I was looking through his pics and I was like, damn I know this dude. Turns out he and I used to have our bunks & wall lockers next to each other.  Ain’t that crazy. Who would have thought me just hopping on YouTube faceless making random rants would connect me with a dude I haven’t seen since 2002 in basic training. Amazing.

But yeah man, shout out to you for being a Marine and shout out to you for going to college and getting married.

So now you say that you used to think that you were the only who saw how the hood mentality kept people from rising above and you stated that you were called an oreo & a coon and those words used to bother you to the point where you considering becoming a Pookie.  Well let me tell you something, I think black society has more so-called coons than Pookies and pro-black babblers and I think it’s time that the coon brigade rises up, pump our fists full of butter biscuits in the air to let Pookie and the pro black babblers know that STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK OUR BONES, BUT NAMES WILL NEVER HURT ME.  But for real tho, I think it’s time for black people to stop being scared of the word coon, oreo, sambo, butter biscuits or whatever term people throw at you these days to make it seem like you’re not black. The reason I say this is because Pookie and the pro-black babblers have taken over the narrative for what it means to be black to the point where it appears that in order for you to be accepted and seen as black, you either have to be a full blown savage or you have to full blown pro-black babbler running around terrified of white people because you are under the belief that at any minute a race war is about to kick off.  Who honestly wants to go through life thinking and living like that? I don’t. I don’t walk out of my house fearing white people. I don’t walk out of my house wondering who’s going to be the scary white supremacist who pops up out of nowhere to call me a racial slur. I don’t walk out of my house worried about the effects of gentrification. If anything, when I walk out of my house and I’m on alert, it’s usually because I’ve somehow managed to put myself within the vicinity of a suspected Pookie who is known for causing unnecessary chaos for no damn reason at all. I’m not going to sit on YouTube and lie about my life as a black person in America just so I can fit in with the masses who have all bought into this white supremacy boogey man story day in and day out.  That’s not my life. As a matter of fact, that’s not the life of a lot of black people I know. Now that’s not saying that there isn’t racism and we all are just walking around in utopia holding hands and looking at rainbows. No. What it is saying is that, I’m 39 years old, I can’t remember the last time some white person called me a racial slur. I think the last time it happened was when I was like 9 or 10 years old. What it also means is, I’m not about to go on a suspected white supremacy scavenger hunt purposely cherry picking articles on the internet with the intention creating a narrative that white people everywhere are just inherently racist. Why? Because I don’t have issues with white people. The last time I was called the N word was when I was like 10 years old. That was 29 years ago. But the last time I was called a coon, a mutt, a half breed or something else from a black person was probably like an hour ago.  So knee grows want me to sit around and make up content about a reality that just simply doesn’t exist for me nowhere near to the degree that people have convinced themselves that it’s happening on the internet when the true reality is, I deal with more fuck nigga shit on a daily basis in some form or fashion than I do from damn near every white person I’ve encountered over the last 30 years or so. So if that makes me a coon, then damn it pass me the butter biscuits and give me my tap dancing shoes because I’m just not going to sit here and make up shit.

Now I will admit, I used to be a somewhat pro-black babbler when I initially started my blog and I’ve discussed this before.  The reason was because I was angry like every other black person over all of these police shooting videos, but then I eventually had to snap out of that trance and get back to reality to discover that for every 1 cop killing an innocent black person, it was probably 10 niggas who got shot somewhere in a hood near you that day.  So I decided to stop with the black lives matter chants and starting joining the WHAT ABOUT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME squad. And you know what, I don’t feel any shame about it. Truthfully, I actually feel more liberate to openly and honestly discuss the bullshit in the communitah that affects way more black people than any random white supremacy boogey man or cop could ever do.  I just don’t understand why so many black people refuse to be honest about all of the chaos that is 9 times out 10 self-inflicted. You know what’s going on and you see it, yet you’ve allowed the likes of Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black to convince you that it’s the white man wrecking havoc in your lives non stop. So all I’m saying, stop being scared of being called a coon.  Embrace being a member of the butter biscuit brigade. Like I’ve stated often, damn near every person I know in real life who would be classified as a coon lives a way better life than damn near every pro-black or Pookie I know in real life. Most pro-black babblers are nothing but old ass washed up Pookies and Bonquishas who have been replaced by a younger Pookie and Bonquisha.  That is the natural connection between these two groups of people and why they all get along so well. When their Pookie savage days comes to an end around the age of 25 and if they are a woman who’s been ran through by Pookie, by the time she’s 30, both of them magically transform into the newest inductees of Blackistan to learn the good ole pro-black babble. Just look at the dude Taz for crying out loud that’s on Oshay’s videos. Dude is a washed up Pookie who know speaks fluent pro-black babble.  Go investigate the backgrounds of a lot of these pro-black chicks. Most of them are washed up single mothers who got ran through by Pookie back in the day and now they are on here trying to repent by learning to become fluent in pro-black babble. They spend the early part of their lives destroying the community and creating chaos in some form or fashion to graduating to blaming the white man on everything as if the rest of us didn’t see them out there causing chaos back in the day. This is just how it goes.  But guess what, you don’t have to be that way. You can actually just be honest and tell it like it is.

Lastly you make mention of you wanting to start a YouTube channel.  I say go for it because right now for every 1 Gee Lowery who doesn’t sit up and here and lie about the fuckery that takes place in the community by black people, it’s probably about 20 other pro-black babbling channels doing their absolute best to convince everybody that everything wrong in black society is because of the white man.  So I say go for it. I think we need more voices who are tired of being scared to speak the truth about what we have been seeing in the black community for decades now. Right now, we have channels out there like Xanatos Clutch, Obsidian Radio, Blk Ntrovert TV, Akitunde Nation, Subzero Coffey and it’s some more out there…hell, I’ll even throw in Sarge Willie Pete somewhat, even tho that knee grow is sometimes 50/50 with his shit.  One minute he’ll be calling out black peoples’ self inflicted bs, the next he’ll be out there trying to be Jason Black Jr. You just kind of never know what SWP you are getting that day when he drops a video. But regardless, I say go for it. No sense in lying about how chaotic the black community is because everybody else can see it with their own eyes too.

You know what else we need? We need more black content creators who have actual legit skills to create content teaching black people stuff about those skills.  When I get on YouTube to do searches to learn how to do various handyman work activities around my house or trying to learn about whatever, 9 times out of 10 I see content created by white people or other non-black people.  I don’t see a lot of black content creators out there creating content that can teach me useful stuff to enhance my life somehow. Yes, I am guilty of not creating this type of content as well, but I do plan on changing that this year and I encourage the rest of you out there who have some sort of legit skill to do the same. Make a blog and do some YouTube videos. Let that be your contribution to the communitah so when people like Jason Friedo come around saying “WHY AIN’T YOU TEACHING THE BABIES!”, you can be like, go to my YouTube channel, I’m over teaching all kinds of tangible real world skills that people can benefit at the speed of now, not just random white supremacy boogey man stories.  So I think we need to see more of that as well because stuff like that could actually help to change the narrative and perception about black people over time to get away from this Pookie savage narrative and this “IT’S ALL DA WHITE PEOPLE’S FAULT I CAN’TS WIN IN LIFE!” narrative the pro-black babblers push. Seriously, I can’t be the only person out there who is tired of black people being seen as either savages or a bunch of cry babies whining about racism all day long. So if you want to change the narrative, you have to be prepared to fully embrace being called a sellout and proudly join the brotherhood of butter biscuit eating coons. That’s the only way this thing is going to eventually change over time. The same way niggas took the n word and made it “cool”, well, we have to take the words coon, sellout and butter biscuits and make it “cool”.  But instead of just making just a “cool” word to say, we have to show other black people exactly what we mean when we say it’s cool to be one because we are over here learning this stuff to allow for us to effectively compete in this society instead of sitting around the fire telling white supremacy stories or actively participating in the downfalls of black communities. You have to get out there show black people that it’s actually cool to go to school and get a degree or learn a valuable trade so that maybe you can get a nice paying job or start a real legit business that can actually compete in the dominant society because you are providing a service or a product that’s an equal or higher value than that of your non-black competitors. This is why I talk about me being all degreed up in STEM with IT certifications. People need to hear this shit on a regular basis.  This is why when I get to talking about all of the benefits I received from serving in the US military for 13 years like free healthcare for the rest of my life, a GI Bill that fully paid for 2 graduate degrees in addition to paying me tax free money to pay my bills with, and this VA loan that I qualify for which will let me get damn near $$450K worth of house without me having to put a 20% downpayment on; people need to hear this stuffE instead of the usual “MAN I AIN’T FIGHTING IN DA WHITE MAN’S ARMY!” Shit the white man’s army did for more for the advancement of my life than any black person ever did for me. So you will never hear me shit on the military and I will stand my light skindeded black ass up when I hear the national anthem because despite how bad America has been historically to black people here, niggas still got it made compared to damn near every other black person on the planet who doesn’t live here.  So no, I’m not going to buy into this bullshit woe is me narrative and I’m not going to sit around here and lie about how so many black people cause their own issues in life and how it’s so many black people who run around doing the absolute most to cause unnecessary chaos and live up to the negative racist black stereotypes. Fuck that. It’s time to be honest out on these social media streets and I encourage the rest of you who have plans of becoming a content creator to do the same and then maybe as more people give up their Pookie ways and awaken from that pro-black babbling trance, then maybe the image of black people can get on track and black people can effectively go about the business of truly competing in a world that the mayo side of my DNA has been whooping everybody’s ass for damn near the last 500 years now.

Until then, I’ll be off in the cut making my commentary on the ratchedness.

Your favorite mulatto.
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