Low IQ Knee Grows

In today’s low IQ knee grow news we have a gentleman by the name of Jason Fredieu who has decided to share these kind words with me…

Shout out to Jason Fredieu for these low IQ knee grow words of encouragement.

So Jason Fredieu says that my channel sounds like that of a white supremacists. Meh…I really don’t disagree. 😬  I probably do sound like a white supremacist, after all I am half white. So sometimes that mayo DNA just takes over my Wakandan DNA and I go on these Pookie tirades.  So I won’t even disagree with you on that point. But I will ask, how come whenever black people criticize black people it can never be just straight up criticism? Why does it always have to be equated to white supremacy?  Why? I wonder if the inverse applies here as well. Meaning, if I were talking non-stop about racism and white supremacy, would you hop in my comments saying “YOUR CHANNEL IS NO BETTER THAN THAT OF AN INFERIOR KNEE GROW WHO HONESTLY BELIEVES WHITE PEOPLE CONTROL HIS EVERY ACTION AND THOUGHT!”  I wonder if you would say something like to me. I doubt it. 🤔

Next you say I don’t discuss ways of improving the black experience in America.  Well for one, it’s probably about 500 other black YouTubers who talk about things like that to the point where it sounds like one big echo chamber.  The other thing is, exactly what is the black experience in America because what if my experience is different from yours? Is the black experience running around every other day pretending like some white supremacist boogey man is about to snatch my life at any given moment?  Or could the black experience be me running around everyday knowing that I have a way higher chance of being killed by another black person than that of a so-called white supremacist? Which is it? Is the black experience having people tell me that because I’m a mulatto that I’m not black, but then tomorrow telling me that I’m nothing but black when I say fine I’m just biracial?  Which is it? I’z so confused lawd. Is the black experience me choosing to get married to my black wife and then producing 2 kids with her and raising our family in a nice quiet overall safe for community? Or is it me sitting around in the struggling while making random miscellaneous babies because I’Z GOTZ TA KEEP IT REAL WITH MY PEEPULLZ? Which is it? When people say the black experience, I think we need to really sit down and examine exactly what that means because none of us have the exact same black experience in America.  We all don’t deal with the same crap because we are black or classified as black.

Next you say I don’t speak about revitalization of these low income neighborhoods that most blacks are born into.  Well, here’s my question to you, why do I have to? I don’t live there. I was born into one of those communities, but I haven’t lived in one since forever now.  Regardless, the people who should a vested interest in revitalizing those communities more than anybody should be the people who actually live in those communities.  And don’t sit up here and tell me that people don’t know how to go about the business of kicking off some revitalization efforts. You can find a gazillion blogs and YouTube videos telling people step-by-step how to spruce up their community to make it look pretty.  If knee grows can research all of the great secrets of Ancient Egypt, then knee grows can research how to manicure a lawn, how to pick up trash from the streets or how to do some basic other cleanliness projects to “revitalize” the community. People don’t need to hear me speak about this stuff.  If knee grows want to know how to do it, tell them to watch HGTV. Stop trying to pass the buck and force me to teach something that people should already know how to do. It doesn’t take much effort to spruce up the community. The problem is, knee grows have to actually want to spruce up the community.  Even if I did hop on here and pretend to be the light skindeded version of Tim the Tool Man Taylor, I can’t put that WANT inside of you. You have to WANT to spruce up and revitalize your shit.

Next you say that I don’t talk about educating our youth on a grand scale and I don’t talk about implementing programs to educate future generations of black men and women.  First of all, there are institutions already place that teach the youth. Not sure if you are familiar with these places but they are called schools. The come in mainly 3 categories:  private, charter and public. Regardless of which one you go to, they all have a full time staff dedicated to teaching the babies. Look at me, I’m a product of the public school system.  I attended and graduated from a predominately black high school and went on to graduate from college, then I went on to learn an in-demand trade that society deems valuable such as IT and then I further went on to graduate from graduate school to where I have not one but two master degrees…a master degree in IT and an MBA.  What I’m saying is, if I can do it you can do it too. The problem is, people have to WANT to be educated and that process tends to start early with the parents instilling that desire in their child from an early age and then proceeding to stress the importance of that desire long after they start schooling. So to answer your question, there are systems and programs already in place.  It’s just a matter of kids wanting to learn and parents actually giving a damn about their kids in the first damn place to ensure that they have the desire to learn burned permanently into their brains by the time they start kindergarten.

Next you say my whole tirade is about how Pookie messed up the way black people are looked at or how the educated lame is overlooked.  Well, I won’t necessarily say that Pookie messed up how black people are looked at. White folks have been looking at black people all kinds of crazy since forever now.  However I will say, Pookie and Bonquisha sure do their absolute best to uphold every negative racial stereotype about black society to the absolute best of their abilities and they take absolute pride in doing so. So much pride that they voluntarily record themselves on their smartphones to show the world, which I find funny considering they could use those very same smartphones to look up some shit on how to revitalize their community or figure out how to get some sort of education or learn some sort of trade. But no, they have to constantly display to the world just how intellectually inferior they are by living up to every single racist stereotype about black people known to man on a daily basis.  As far as so-called educated lames being overlooked, I guess it all depends on what you mean by being overlooked. If you mean it to imply that educated lames are overlooked sexually, well I wholeheartedly disagree because technically people would consider me an educated lame, but there was nothing lame about my abilities to pull women of all flavors. My stat sheet is quite extensive before I had to retire from the game when I met the wife. Now if you mean “overlooked” to imply that Pookie gets more respect than an educated lame, then yeah, I do find that extremely problematic considering how so many knee grows hop on YouTube talking about “WE NEEDS TO BUILD THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND DO FOR SELF AND OVERTHROW WHITE SUPREMACY!”, but yet champion the dumbest & most destructive people in black society and shun the brightest.  Just completely ass backwards thinking and logic. Yet here you are wondering why I talk about you low IQ knee grows so much. Even if I did just talk about solutions all day long, most of y’all wouldn’t do any of the stuff anyways. Y’all will listen to the commentary but won’t do a damn thing in real life, so what’s the point? Let’s just keep it real. Niggas have been talking this solutions talk since forever now. When I first encountered a pro-black back in like 1990 when I was 10, niggas was talking about the same stuff we are talking about now. Thirty years later and it’s the same ole thing bruh. So no, I’m really not that interested in talking about solutions all day long. I got mines and I’m steadily getting more.  I suggest you all figure out how to do the same. I’m sure there’s a YouTube video out there for that.

And finally, you say I come across very feminine complaining about other men and that I’m possibly secretly attracted to hood dudes.  If we were to use your logic, I guess the same could be said about you. You’re here complaining on my video on my channel about the commentary I posted.  So I guess that would mean you may have a possible homoerotic attraction to me (the so-called educated lame) based off of the sound of my voice and my smokey avatar picture. If that’s how we’re going to play this, then I guess you and I are both just some fruit loop dudes out on these YouTube streets.

What I do find funny is how all of you low IQ knee grows pretty much use the same rebuttals over and over to commentary you don’t like.  You all say people like me are either coons, we praise white supremacy, we’re jealous of Pookie or we’re gay. That is literally how damn near every last one of you responds to things you don’t like. 🙃

Your favorite mulatto.
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