Life is Good for Pookie & Ray Ray in the Hood

You know what you never hear in these Pookie and Ray Ray vs the educated lame debates?  You never hear all of these Pookie defenders advocating for Pookie to get his crap together to go fix the hood that he & Bonquisha are directly responsible for making look like absolute filth.  You never hear these Pookie defenders beating their drums to round up all of the Pookies to make them get some act right so that they can fix the community that they constantly roam around and destroy.  You never hear this stuff. All you ever hear is the constant crying and complaining about how educated lames either don’t do enough or don’t want to do anything to fix an environment that they managed to get of. Nobody ever wants to place to focus squarely on the people who have actually caused the community to just go completely down the drain.  Instead people want to yell at the educated lames who get on here and say let the hood burn and start over. Or they’ll say “ALL Y’ALL WANT TO DO IS INTEGRATE AND LIVE AROUND WHITE FOLKS!” Meanwhile I’m like, give me all of that good ole integration around these white folks. If that good ole integration means I can sleep peacefully at night and maintain some fairly decent property values, I’m good with that. Regardless, how come Pookie once again gets a pass?  It’s literally like this in damn near every conversation.  All of these single mothers popping out Pookie’s babies and you’ll find plenty of videos from people getting outraged when a black man says that he doesn’t want a single mother. 😂  Rarely if ever do you hear any of these single mother supporters pointing their fingers at the knee grows who got her pregnant and bounced. Everything is the educated lames fault.

It’s like niggas are just addicted to blaming everybody but the actual root cause.  Pookie is out there slanging, shooting up random people, creating random fatherless babies, just doing any and everything he or she can to uphold every negative stereotype about black society; but somehow it’s all the educated lame’s fault.  It’s the educated lames fault because the educated lame decided that he/she didn’t want to be a part of the fuckery and move on to greener pastures where some semblance of a life being lived chaos-free can exist.

But some of y’all honestly got the nerve to sit up here and wonder why people like me stay either clowning these low IQ knee grows or we just sit up here and say let the hood burn.  How can you get mad at me when every damn Pookie discussion there’s 50lemen knee grows doing their absolute best to refuse to lay blame where blame needs to be laid for why the communitah is in such disarray and dysfunction.  Imagine me living in a house full of rats, roaches, and ants all because I just drop food every damn where and never clean anything up. Then I turn around and blame my neighbor across the street for not coming over to my house to clean up my shit that I caused.  This is literally how dumb these Pookie supporters sound every time they want to go in on an educated lame over the conditions of the hood. When in the hell is Pookie actually held responsible?

Let me tell you something, out of all of the black people in America, Pookie has it the best.  That nigga can pretty much do whatever the hell he feels like it whenever the hell he feels like to whomever and he doesn’t have to worry about anybody from the black community telling him otherwise.  He can create 10 baby mamas, open up a trap house and get everybody on his block strung out. He can get out there and start pimping and slapping chicks all willy nilly. He can turn into a prison graduate and everybody will celebrate him like he’s just the greatest thing since Malcolm X.  He can be as dumb as a box rocks his entire life and somebody will always be there to make excuses for him till his dying day. Even after he dies, he’ll be memorialized on a random wall or t-shirt somewhere. Meanwhile, the educated lame who tries to do the right thing by being a productive tax paying member of society who strives for higher education, strives for learning a valuable skill, strives for opening up a business, strives for increasing his/her overall quality of life; that person is crucified.

I did a video about a week or so ago where I was talking about my uncles, soo here’s the thing:  my mother has 5 siblings, four brothers & one sister. My mother is the second oldest of her siblings. My mother is the only one of her siblings who has her life all the way right and has had her life since forever now.  Meanwhile her siblings, none of them for the most part have seemed to get their shit straight. If it wasn’t drug addictions, selling drugs, in/out of jail, scamming and scheming, it was something else. To this very day, my grandmother will still look at my mother like my mother isn’t doing enough to help out her siblings.  Mind you, my mother is damn near 60 years old and all of her siblings are at least 50+. But this is something I used to witness a lot growing up as to how my grandmother felt like it was my mother’s responsibility to either take care of her grown ass siblings or try to clean up the messes they made. Never mind the fact that my mother had her own husband and 3 sons to attend to.  None of that mattered to my grandmother. What mattered is that her daughter who didn’t screw up her life should be held responsible for the mess her siblings did to their own lives.

And this is exactly what takes place in the black community on a macro scale.  Pookie is never held accountable for the shit he does. It’s always every other black person who doesn’t participate in the foolishness who have to come back and save everybody who prides themselves on living a life of complete chaos and dysfunction.  These idiots get celebrated while black folks who try to do to the rights things to eventually put themselves in better positions to where maybe one day they could actually genuinely help the community somehow get shitted on and then get told that we’re at fault for not fixing the mess Pookie created.  This is just how dumb black society is.

If all of you Pookie sympathizers love the communitah so damn much, then how about you all go out there and round up every last Pookie & tell them knee grows to start fixing the hood. How about you all start doing that for a change.  I highly doubt you will, but it’s just a suggestion.

Your favorite mulatto.
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