I Prefer Light Skin & Brown Skin Women

I’m just going to assume this woman is dark skin just for the sake of this blog because I honestly don’t know and don’t care to investigate. But Terrea Bond decided to share her thoughts with me in regards to me briefly mentioning my wife in one of my recent videos.  So Terrea Bonds stated the following…

So shout out to Terrea Bond for the kind words or delusion.

So I did a video titled Black Women Were Right…Pookie is the Better Man.  In that video I stated that I’m married to a black woman (which I am) but I also stated that I’m not married to a dark skin black woman and that my wife is brown skin.  I also stated that my preference for black women has been mostly light skin and brown skin women. After I said that, I moved on to the rest of my commentary in that video where I made no mention of black women’s skin color.

Here’s the thing…

Am I the only one of the internet who is absolutely tired of hearing dark skin black women constantly crying and complaining about every damn thing that has to do with skin color?  I can’t be the only one out here. Help me understand exactly how is me saying that I prefer women who are light skin or brown skin as opposed to dark skin somehow deragatory towards dark skin women?  How? I can see if i said something like “DARK SKIN WOMEN ARE UGLY AND SCARY”, but I’ve never ever said such a thing. My mother is dark skin for crying out loud..and I love my mother. My mother is the same complexion as Lupita Nyong’o.  I have a lot of dark skin black women in my family as well. So what I’m saying is, how does me expressing my personal preference for the type of black women I prefer a diss towards dark skin black women? I don’t get it.

I just find this somewhat fascinating at times the ridiculous levels of insecurities so many dark skin black women have. It’s just ridiculous to the point where it deserves to be laughed at.  Seriously, I can’t even get on my video on my own channel and say I prefer light skin and brown skin women without some random dark skin black woman cry baby coming along dropping colorism tears all up in my comments because she felt disrespected because I didn’t say I like dark skin women too.  Here’s the thing with that, I’ve dealt with about 2 or 3 dark skin women my entire life. They were cool and attractive but I just wasn’t as attracted to them as I’ve always been attracted to light skin and brown skin women…mostly brown skin women is my thing to be honest. My wife is brown skin, maybe a shade or two or 3 darker than me.  Put it like this, I’m about the same skin complexion as Chris Brown. My wife is about the skin complexion of maybe Ciara, maybe slightly darker but not by much. I know some of y’all are saying “BUT CIARA IS LIGHT SKIN!” Well technically she is, but when it comes to these colorism conversations, basically everybody who isn’t just flat out dark skin is pretty much considered to be light skin these days.  That’s just kind of how it’s been lately. Before, it there used to be a clear segmentation of dark skin, brown skin and light skin. Now it’s just dark skin and light skin for everybody else who isn’t dark skin. But anyways…

I really don’t see how me expressing my preference for mostly non-dark skin women is somehow disrespectful to dark skin women.  There are some fine ass dark skin women out there. You know who I think is sexy as hell and would possibly put my marriage in jeopardy if given the opportunity to be with her for one night? Bria Myles.  I’d potentially risk it all just to get a whiff of her. That woman is beautiful. I’ll give you another fine ass dark skin black woman, she goes by the name of Brittne Babe on Instagram where she’s always posting fitness pics.  That chick is fine as fuck too. Hell, I’ll give you one more. When Martin used to come on back in the 90s, I always thought Pam was finer than Gina. So my point is, there are some fine ass dark skin women out there and like I’ve said, I was involved with maybe 2 or 3 in my entire life.  So I don’t have any issues with dark skin women.

But you know why I’ve only mainly dealt with maybe 2 or 3 dark skin women my entire life?  It’s because quite honestly, I didn’t really see a whole lot of fine ass dark skin women in real life to the same degree that I saw fine ass light skin and brown skin women every single day.  These are just facts. I’m not saying this to be mean. I’m just saying it because it’s the truth as far as my life is concerned. I went to a predominately black high school. I went to an HBCU for college, so I don’t want to hear anybody trying to tell me something like “YOU JUST DON’T BE AROUNDS BLACK PEOPLES!” I’ve been around knee grows my entire life and from my personal perspective, often times the finest chicks I’ve encountered were light skin and brown skin chicks.  That’s the way it is. Now you can feel free to inject your “IT’S BECAUSE OF WHITE SUPREMACY! THESE WOMEN ARE CLOSER TO WHITENESS!” I don’t give a damn. Why can’t it be that I’m just attracted to what I’m attracted to? How come it can’t just be that damn simple? Why do dark skin black women feel everything is an attact against dark skin women if dudes aren’t out here giving special praise to dark skin women?

Remember at Nipsey Hussle’s funeral when YG got on stage talking about “WE GOT TO RAISE THESE PRETTY LIGHT SKIN BABIES” and then dark skin black wimmenz all over social got in their feels because they felt like they were being dissed?  I’m like, “YG DIDN’T SAY A DAMN THING ABOUT DARK SKIN WOMEN PERIOD.”🙃 He was merely talking about his light skin daughter and Nipsey’s light skin daughter. Why? Because they literally have light skin daugthers. 🙃 Nobody said a damn thing about dark skin women period but yet social media was flooded with tweets and YouTube videos from the dark skin warriors crying their eyeballs out.

Y’all can go to hell if you think I’m about to get on here and feel bad for praising women I’m personally attracted to the most.  If I want to big-up light skin and brown skin women over dark skin women I’ll do it all day every single day, in your face with no shame. You dark skin colorism cry babies need to get over yourselves and stop thinking everything is a slap in the face to dark skin women.

My younger brother just recently got married to a dark skin black woman.  My brother is a somewhat dark skin dude. He’s been on plenty of episodes on my podcast talking about how he prefers mainly nothing but dark skin women and it’s been like that his whole life.  Now out of all the videos and podcasts he’s been recorded saying this, I have never once had one light skin or brown skin woman leaving feedback talking about my brother is making derogatory comments against light and brown skin women because he prefers dark skin women. Not once has that ever happened.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a light skin or brown skin woman complaining about a dude preferring dark skin women over them period. I don’t see this. Now if you have seen this, please feel free to let me know in the comments, but I literally do not see this stuff from light and brown skin women.  It’s just dark skin women. Occasionally I see this foolishness from time to time with dark skin dudes going on and on about colorism, but dark skin women lead the pack. Y’all kill with this foolishness.  

If you are a dark skin woman and you are offended because I prefer light and brown skin women over dark skin women, then you’re just going to have to be offended.  If you are offended because I said coming up, typically the finest chicks I saw were the light and brown skin chicks over the dark skin chicks, then you are just going to have to be all up in your feels and get over yourself.  I’m allowed to have a preference. If you told me you prefer dark skin dudes, you think I’m about to be up here crying talking about “YOU ARE BEING DISRESPECTFUL TO US LIGHT BRIGHTS! HOW DARE YOU! SOUND THE COLORISM ALARM!” No. I’ll just be like, ok…cool.  You like what you like. And there is nothing wrong with liking what you like. Even if you purposely went out of your way to diss light skin men as you declared your love for dark skin men, I’m still not going to get in my feels. Why? Because life has shown me that it’s plenty of black women who prefer that light skindeded love.  

I just don’t understand why dark skin people just stay in their feels all of the time. Well, I do understand. Like I’ve said before, most of you didn’t grow up in a house where your parents taught you to love and appreciate your dark skin, so now here you are taking out your frustrations on being dark skin with the rest of the world on social media.  Well, that ain’t my problem. If you are a grown person still crying about colorism, then you need to seek the services of a mental health specialist because truth be told, nobody can really help you deal with your insecurities about your dark skin at that point. I’m sorry. It is what it is. Regardless of all that, if I hop on here and say I prefer light skin and brown skin women over dark skin women, then deal with.  It is what it is. I have a right to my preference as you have a right to yours. Difference between me and the rest of the colorism cry babies out there is I’m not about to get in my feels over your preference and honestly pretend like your preference is somehow a diss to me. I could careless about who you desire based on skin tone.

Your favorite mulatto.
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