Dating Advice for Dudes Struggling with the Ladies

When it comes to giving dating advice, honestly, I’ve never been the best person to ask on this subject and the reason why is because, I honestly cannot relate to dudes when they get to telling me about how they have been rejected or chicks don’t find them attractive or whatever.  I’m not trying to brag or sound conceited, but that’s one area in my life where I’ve never really struggled. To keep it all the way 100 with you all, damn near every chick I’ve ever been involved with in some form or fashion has always approached me first to the point where I could literally pick and choose.  It was like in that high school, college and my early days in the military prior to meeting my wife. When it came to my wife, I approached her first, but once I got her to smile, it was a done deal for her.

But seriously, I’ve never really had these struggles.  Pretty much damn near any chick I showed interest in, I got them for the most part and if I didn’t get them, I never really took it as a loss because I knew for a fact that I could get another just as fine if not finer.  And the reason I was able to do this wasn’t because I always had money, the main reason I believe this was possible was because women could sense this air of confidence I had in me. I was never one of those dudes who was intimidated to talk to women.  Why? Well, like I said earlier I was used to chicks trying to get at me. Believe it or not, but ever since I was about 14 or 15, I’ve had legally grown women trying to holla at me or at the very minimum, showing me extra attention they knew damn well they shouldn’t have been showing me.  As a matter of fact, the second chick I ever slept with when I was 16, this chick was like 25 and she knew I was a minor. I remember when I first met her when I was working the cash register at Burger King of all places. She just kept staring me after I took her order, so in my mind that was cue to go see what’s up.  Well, that turned into phone numbers being exchanged followed by me digging her out to where those encounters actually transformed into her teaching me pretty much everything I know about sex to this day. The point is, I’ve never had these struggles that so many dudes out there complain about. Me getting big booty hood rats all the way up to boogie educated working chicks, I just treated them all the same in terms of me presenting this strong sense of confidence about myself to where I guess I gave off the vibe that if you ain’t into me, the next chick will be.

So what I’m saying is, I’m probably the absolute wrong dude to ever seek advice on how to get women because teaching somebody to have self confidence, honestly, I don’t know how to do that and I’m not even sure it can be taught.  I believe it’s either something you are born with or you have to go through some possible traumatic experience to develop it or whatever, I don’t know. Me being overly confident has always been a trait I possessed ever since I was little kid.  So for all of you dudes out there who are struggling to get women, here’s the thing, you can get your paper up, you can go to the gym and turn into the latest man crush Monday on Instagram, you can get the fly car, the fly house, the fly clothes all of that; but if you don’t have any legit self-confidence about you, none of that stuff is going to matter because a woman will see right through it to where she’ll either dismiss you or attempt to use you in some manner.  You can’t hide your lack of self-confidence behind materialistic stuff. Your true legit self-confidence when it comes to dealing with a woman has to be on full display from the jump and if it’s not there, the struggle will be real for you. Oh sure the money, the muscles and the rest of those nigga trinkets will help you skate by for a while and it will more than likely help you get some booty, but like I said, none of that stuff can hide your insecurities from a woman. Most women can sniff that shit out a mile away and it’ll lead to only a few scenarios:  she’ll just flat out dismiss you, she’ll attempt to use you for your money, or she won’t ever have any respect for you as a man. Those are really the only three results that can come from the lack of self confidence, especially the lack of self confidence when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. And don’t go out there trying to present some fake self confidence either. Women can spot that too. Your shit has to be genuine to the point where these chicks honestly get the vibe from you that you are that nigga out on these streets regardless of how you look. For all of you physically attractive-challenged brothas out there, I wish I could say I feel your pain but I’d be lying because I’ve never had to deal with that struggle either. To overcome that, once again, all roads lead back to self-confidence.

The moral of the story is, if you don’t confidence, you will forever struggle with women in some form or fashion.  All the money, nice looks and nigga trinkets in the world can’t mask the lack of self-confidence. Sure you’ll be able to pull chicks in various ways, but the deep down desire most women have to look at a man and get that natural vibe from that man that that nigga is actually the shit to where that vibe just automatically gets the panties wet, only true self-confidence naturally oozing out of a man’s pores can produce that reaction from a woman.  And once you are able to get a woman to react that way, the world is yours my dude.

Your favorite mulatto.
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