Emmanuel Aranda: A Black Incel

We have to talk about these incels roaming around and if you don’t know what an incel is, it stands for involuntary celibates. Basically it means a bunch of dudes who can’t get women at all.  Now I know we’ve been having the Pookie vs the educated lame debate for quite a few days, but when you hear people out there talking about how educated lames can’t get any women, they are really talking about black incels; it’s just that the name black incel hasn’t really caught on.  When most people think of an incel, they automatically think of these crazy deranged white dudes who are harming people because they can’t get any women. What people probably fail to realize is that there are a lot of black incels in the black community as well. It’s just when it comes to black vernacular, black incels tend to get lumped into the educated lame category.  I think it’s about time to really go ahead and make a clear distinction to the same degree that we’ve successfully managed to categorize Pookie and Ray Ray.

We all know the stereotypical traits of characteristics of what defines a Pookie and Ray Ray.  Typically they are your local neighborhood savages who run around selling dope, robbing people, shooting up people, and jail niggas just doing any and everything they can to uphold the worst of the worst black of black stereotypes.  Then we have the educated lames. Sadly educated lames have been classified as a bunch of dudes who can’t get any women, but the reality is, that’s not necessarily true. There are plenty of educated lames who can get women, even top notch dime pieces. The problem is when people get to discussing Pookie and Ray Ray vs the educated lames, they tend to go out of their way to purposely misrepresent what the actual argument is about and it’s not about the ability to get women.  It’s about one group of men choosing to be destructive to the community (Pookie) and the other group of men choosing to either be upstanding law abiding citizens who work and pay their taxes (educated lames) in addition to the sub-argument of whether or not the educated lame should be held responsible for not coming back to the community to help others who can’t get out. That’s what the real Pookie and Ray Ray vs the educated lame debate is about.

Now if you want to get into the argument of who can and can’t get women, then you have to separate the educated lames from the discussion and just focus purely on the black incels because the black incel group is the group of black men that have severe issues with Pookie and Ray Ray snatching up all of the women.  Educated lames really don’t care about Pookie’s ability to snatch all the fine hoodrats, because we already know what the more than likely outcome will be for these chicks after Pookie is done with them, plus those of us classified as educated lames can still pull top notch chicks regardless of these chicks are black, white, hispanic, Asian or whatever.  Like I said earlier, the real issue between educated lames and Pookie is over the destructive nature of Pookie vs the “let the hood fend for itself” mentality educated lames possess.

One more thing about educated lames, understand that the term educated lames is simply just a catch all phrase to categorize any black man who is not a Pookie.  Black incels are automatically tossed into that category but the educated lame category covers a wide range of dudes spanning from the legit educated lames who got all the degrees to the blue collar workers who don’t have any degrees but they are still law abiding citizens going about their business to live their lives peacefully and provide for themselves or their family in the best manner they can.  So understand that basically an educated lame is every black male who is not a local neighborhood savage by the name of Pookie and Ray Ray.

Since the Pookie and Ray Ray vs the educated lame discussion oftentimes tend to center solely on one group of men being able to get women and the other group not being able to get women, I think the discussion needs to be reframed to specifically highlight the terms black incel because that group of men is truly the only group of men in black society who has a severe issue with Pookie getting women. Truth be told they have a severe issue with everybody getting women.  These are the guys who can’t get dimes and they can’t get their female equivalent, the so called black female nerd or black female introvert of whatever because often times people tend to think that these lonely black women just should automatically link up with these lonely black men. Reality is, a lot of these black women don’t even want these black incels. These black women want the Pookies or they want they Chads & Brads or they want one of those K-Pop looking east Asian dudes. Basically these so-called female black incels don’t even want their male black incel counterpart.  How do I know this? Well, for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you would know that I have a somewhat self-proclaimed black incel who creates content for my blog by the name of H.T. H.T. has an endless array of content expressing his frustrations with the dating world. As a matter of fact, I posted an old podcast a few days ago titled The Struggles of Dating While Being a Black Nerd in which H.T. laid out all sorts of issues he has going in the dating world. So I suggest you all go take a listen to that to get a better understanding of what’s going on here.

The reason I’m bringing all of this is up is due a recent news story that took place at the Mall of American out in Bloomington, Minnesota.

So in case you all missed this story, a 24 year old black man went into the mall and threw a 5 year old white kid off of a balcony to where the child fell 40 feet cracking bones and suffering severe head trauma.  The reason this black dude did this is because he claims that he was tired of coming to the mall and being rejected by women. So he purposely set out to go to the mall with the intentions of killing someone and unfortunately that 5 year old kid became his unsuspecting victim.  The kid is still alive but from what I read he’s still in very critical condition fighting for his life. Still, this was tragic no matter how you look at it.

Here’s the thing…

I know the popular narrative on black YouTube is that Pookie and Ray Ray are nothing but untamed wild savages causing chaos and destruction to the community, which they are.  But even in light of that, I’m kind of questioning exactly who may be more dangerous: Pookie or these black incels. The reason I’m wondering this is because at least with most Pookies, these niggas are easily identifiable a mile away in most instances, but when it comes to these black incels, a lot of these niggas just blend in with everybody for the most part but they are literal ticking time bombs ready to go off due to their inability to get some loving from the ladies and when they set it off, they just set it off out of the blue causing issues for everybody who just happens to be near them at that moment.  Granted, we haven’t had a lot of stories of black incels causing causing harm to the degree that white incels are known for causing harm, but then again, I question that as well to where I wonder if there are a lot of black incels out there causing harm but because the label black incel isn’t nowhere near as popular as the term incel is for white males, then maybe we all (or at least just me) have been missing the stories and just tossing them under another category. I don’t know. What I do know is, or I am convinced of is, it’s probably way more black incels roaming around than we know of who have are just waiting to snap if they haven’t already because they are tired of being the only males in the black community who can’t get any loving from anybody.

Oh and understand, the black dude who threw that kid from the balcony, isn’t a bad looking dude and that’s another aspect I wanted to point out about these black incels.  I think we all have this idea of Steve Urkel being the epitome of what a black incel is supposed to look like. A super geeky looking black dude roaming around in Star Wars t-shirts with some thick glasses with tape on them, if not, then that is definitely the image that most people tend to believe is the epitome of what a so-called educated lame is stereotypically supposed to look like.  Honestly, I think these so-called stereotypical nerdy Stever Urkel looking dudes are probably a minority in the black incel class. It’s probably way more average to decent looking dudes who fall up in the black incel category who just can’t get a chick to save his life for whatever reason and that nigga is ready to explode in some violent manner. So that’s why I think when it comes to trying to figure out who is more dangerous, Pookie or the black incel, I think the black incel might actually be more dangerous due to his ability to blend in to look like and function like everybody else who may be considered an educated lame.  Most of us can see a Pookie a mile away and we all know how most of them tend to get down and most of do our best to avoid getting on those niggas bad side or just flat out refusing to deal with them at all, but with a black incel, unless you are up and close with one on a somewhat personal level to where you are aware of his struggles of not being able to get a chick, then you really have no idea who these dudes may be which could lead to them just setting off at any given moment because nobody can really tell who they are. They’re kind of like suicide bombers who walk around dressed like everybody else except they have a vest full of C4 strapped up under their shirt.  So in a way, I think black incels may actually potentially be more dangerous than Pookie and Ray Ray and they may actually be out there victimizing people far more frequently than we all know of except their crimes are probably not being properly categorized to the level that a white incel is typically immediately categorized. Understand I am in no way letting Pookie off of the hook for their nonstop nigga shit, but I think moving forward if we are going to have a true honest discussion about which group of men can and can’t get women and why their is so much venom in these discussions, I think we really have to properly label exactly what black men are the ones who are truly frustrated and angry with not being able to get women they believe they deserve…and it ain’t the so-called educated lames. It’s the BLACK INCELS.  But like I said, black incels just get tossed into the educated lame group because the term black incel is nowhere near as popular as a term of that of just a plain old incel in reference to a white dude. Black incels are the exact black men that people are actually talking about when people have these Pookie vs educated lame discussions when they get to talking about who can and can’t get women. I think this distinction needs to be made and brought to the forefront moving forward because Pookie and black incels damn near polar opposites of one another to a degree. They both are violent and destructive except that the black incel is more effective at blending in and masking his rage until that rage just erupts on its own while Pookie just runs around wild 24/7.

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