Difference Between Educated Lames & Blackcels

By: H.T., H.T.’s Blog

To understand what sets a black incel, or blackcel apart from a regular educated lame, you have to understand a very simple point about educated lamest in general: within the black community, as far as classes of black go, amongst the more socially maligned types of people in our community, educated lames suffer because by nature we do no harm but are seen as a problem because by contrast we show how dysfunctional things are allowed to be on the regular in the black community in certain aspects.

For myself, I’d probably fall more under the educated lame end of things as frankly I’ve never been ENTIRELY incompetent with women, just that for educated lame black men, what no one likes to point out is that for us, dating in the black community is hard because let’s be honest, hard working responsible men aren’t made sex symbols as far as what’s considered sexy as far as with black men. For educated lame black men, when we see ourselves shown in pop culture, either we’re shown as hyper emasculated, jesters or as the token lame amongst Pookies and Ray Rays. A few examples of this in media is how Key and Peele were and are still shown as Hollywood’s token educated lames but their show was basically educated lames making fun of black culture for white consumption. Atlanta and its portrayal of how Earn navigates life amongst his more hood relatives and even having a bit of a Pookie vibe to himself. Black-ish still portraying the son as basically a weak new age male while giving his sister an entire show to go be an educated lame and flesh herself out character wise. In short, the most common frustration of being a male educated lame is that society views you almost as a eunuch due to the fact black masculinity has not expanded in what is taken seriously in mainstream media, or rather what mainstream society will accept of black men is narrow.

Fact is, it’s shocking that in this day and age of issues of representation, the most revolutionary thing for educated lames would be if we got a show like Silicon Valley or even The Big Bang Theory; a show where educated lames could be shown as they are for mainstream society. But in my theory, the reason you don’t get shows like this, an all black cast of educated, well spoken, nerdy black people is that on a certain level for society to green light such a thing would almost be like saying the quiet part loud as far as what many soft white supremacists think of black people, particularly black men. Which, in a way, is how you create black incels. Blackcels are in a nutshell what you get when educated lames are poorly socialized and traumatized by a society that constantly tells him he’s not actually black because he doesn’t fit within a narrow paradigm of white approved blackness. Combine this with the fact that, yes, much of what we normalize in society for men is VERY misogynistic, and I’m not shocked that pseudo-counter cultures like incels and MGTOW exist.

Blackcels are different because as a society, black people, namely black men, are raised with a bit of normalized misogyny as far as how we’re raised to think about women. For black incels, it’s a situation of pure hopelessness, made in part by people who refuse to admit there even is a bit of a problem. When blackcels complain about “Tyrones” the Chads of the black community, the fact is, yes, SOME black women have a thing for shitty men. Plenty of black men see it. I’ve seen it. Plenty of black men see it day in and out and while I won’t say that the problems of the black community would be solved if we made all the black women go into some sort of “enforced monogamy”, if you want to make black incels fix themselves, the first thing you have to do is level with them and admit that on some level, they are right in what they see. Fact is, plenty of black men grow up seeing shitty men make their way through many of the women of said community. Many educated lames are the sons of men who were shitty in some capacity and plenty of men go into the dating pool of the black community and are forced to compete with outright shitty human beings because it looks as though it FEELS like when you date black women, many if not all have hybristophilia. I love my father, but even he admits when he was around my age, he had VERY big problems. Shows like Scandal and Insecure show black women falling for men who are in some capacity repugnant human beings. To this day, there are men in black culture that are still considered sex symbols despite being awful human beings, particularly towards black women. But here’s the thing: I’m aware that there are black women who are NOT like this, but for blackcel men to find such women, you do have to talk them down (or up if they’ve gone full black pill) and tell them there is hope but it’s not as simple as being a nice guy, or money, or height, or skull shape or anything like that. Fact is, there are black women that like educated lame black men, but I do believe that if they are to be made appealing, someone if not society itself has to be willing to look them in the eyes and say, “Yes, some women have shitty tastes in men, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Go clean up, get a hobby, learn to be less awkward and maybe you’ll get a girlfriend soon. And stop being so desperate. Women don’t like desperation”

As I hate to say it, this is what happens when a man who’s been given the worst possible advice about women and is thrown head first into the dating pool. Cynicism. The young man that threw someone from the escalator at his mall is not the example I will use as how bad it can get, because frankly if it got where black incels where to start committing wholesale terrorism, I’m sure the government could crush it fast and hard. When it comes to how to actually DEAL with incels in the black community, I think it requires first admitting it’s a problem and second not narrowing things down to “just buy pussy” for incels. The problem is never as simple as “I can’t get laid.” The reality is that it’s more often than not the result of a lack of intimacy. Fact is, if you’re an educated lame, you grow up in a culture that MOCKS you for getting attached to women, especially ones you don’t fuck and that alone gives you an idea where these men go crazy. These are men that might not just want to only get laid, there is a part of who they are that longs to connect and be one on some level with a woman they’re attracted to, but as a culture we MOCK men who wish to on some level connect with women. We give them every which emotional tool to be more socially viable but we tell them not to feel, and because we do this we are shocked when they don’t want to be better. The appeal of putting guys on game starts to lose its appeal when in black culture we sound no different than the PUA crowd, and believe me, I can tell you that with such people, the kinds of men black male culture worships as strong men is what scrambles our brains. Fact is, if I met Roosh V tomorrow and gave him Iceberg Slim’s memoir, I feel like Return of Kings, his site, would write up an article praising this man as the maharajah of alpha males. And that’s scary when you realize that Roosh himself gives advice to men about how to get women for sex, but not get women for dates or relationships, but at its most blunt he teaches men formulaically how to get sex with a cold indifference that at times reads like the script to American Psycho if it was rebooted for 2019. For black men, legitimate love with a woman is hard to manage when they’re surrounded by peers that say actually trying to build a bond is a sign of weakness. But when you live in a culture where the only way it views you as a man is sexual conquest, it’s not shocking when those of us that were never raised in such pathology are fish out of water.

“We don’t teach boys to care about being likable. We spend too much time telling girls that they cannot be angry or aggressive or tough, which is bad enough, but then we turn around and either praise or excuse men for the same reasons. All over the world, there are so many magazine articles and books telling women what to do, how to be and not to be, in order to attract or please men. There are far fewer guides for men about pleasing women.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Fact is, the black community makes problems LIKE blackcels because on the whole we don’t like to look at each other and point out that black person to black person, many of us have VERY toxic behaviors, and no I don’t argue this from a “pull up your pants and you won’t get stopped by the cops” perspective. It’s from the stance that just amongst ourselves, this idea that every man in our community needs to be prepared to be a player of sorts is why so many men straight up check out of the black community and live in communities unlike them. BECAUSE so many of us, particularly men, can’t function within a lot of sexual orthodoxy of the black community as less and less of us are raised where we can see things like our grandfathers and fathers due simply on the fact that the women alone in said community are leaving it behind. It’s not “bitches ain’t shit”, it’s that in a world where black women aren’t settling with just ANY man, why are you shocked that all that’s left are gutter snipe ass chicks? That’s all that’s left as far as any woman who would tolerate such bullshit. For an educated lame in this world to go full blackcel, the likely catalyst IS other black men who have shitty perspectives. Truth is, we as a culture made these people and sadly we’ll ignore them till they become a problem you can’t ignore, and in my worse case scenario we could potentially make someone as deadly or worse than say Timothy McVeigh, and as he watches the ashes of his attack smolder, there will be three sad facts: 1) thousands, if not hundreds of thousands would die for a cause less important than ideology, country or god, that being a raging abandoned libido, 2) people will STILL say all this could have been avoided if women gave him sex, and 3) this man will be canonized into pop culture’s obsession with truly terrible people and we’ll all forget truly how dangerous it is that by design and apathy, we caused this. We could stop these kinds of men from being made in our community, but we don’t. We grab these men, pull their head back, open their mouth and flood it with the same toxicity that kills so many of us, and then we wonder why they never get better. If all black men are kings with this mindset, then god save the queen.

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