Why Black Women Prefer Pookie

A comment I got on my Lauren London video from an alleged chick on YouTube by the name of Lisa Lisa…

A lot of black women are honestly under the impression that they are more desirable than they actually are.  It’s a whole bunch of black women running around these days thinking that they are legit prizes being sought after by every man regardless of whether he is a Pookie, an educated lame or a dude somewhere in the middle.  The problem with this line of thinking is that, these women are just flat out lying to themselves day in and day in order to allow for them to justify engaging in pure foolishness unchecked. The reality is, most black women who run around uplifting and praising street niggas only do so because they have no option but to do so because nobody else wants them.  Oh sure, a random educated lame will sleep with these hoodrats, but most educated lames wouldn’t dare seek anything meaningful beyond that with a chick like this who can’t put a proper sentence together despite her more than likely using a smartphone that has autocorrect on it. But these are the type of women who run around offline and online honestly under the belief that because a bunch of dudes may show sexual interest in her that she is actually truly desired beyond just sexual interest when that is clearly not the case and will never be the case.  

I’m 39 years old, back in my teens and early 20s I knew plenty of fine ass chicks who loved nothing but street niggas and wouldn’t give an educated lame the time of day. Guess what, these same dimes from back in the day, 90% of them are nothing more than a used up baby mama going through the baby mama blues pretending like she’s happy with being nothing more than a baby mama and honestly thinking she’s going to attract that square Rr. Right at any moment. Listen, I did a video some months ago where I was talking about a homeboy of mines who was notorious for only messing with chicks with kids because he knew there were 2 things guaranteed to come up out of those relationships: food and sex.  Not once did he ever settle down with any of those chicks. But this is the problem with a lot of these chicks who desire Pookie and Ray Ray, by the time they hit 30 most of these chicks are used abused and washed up and being replaced by the latest and greatest 20 year old on the block. Meanwhile, this more than likely baby mama will just venture on over to social media and discover the likes of Cynthia G and start crying and complaining about men not being shit all day long yet totally overlooking all of the bs they participated in to put them in the position to where they are now. I mean think about it, look at Cynthia G for crying out loud. Aside from probably knocking the dust off of her, what man in his right mind is honestly going to want to be with this woman? All a dude has to do is google her and see endless videos of her going off on every race man.  Being that her preference is black men, what black man in his right mind is going to want to be with her knowing that she has made countless videos saying niggas ain’t shit and to top if off shee supposedly got pregnant by the very same type of nigga she used to proclaim extra loud wasn’t shit until she recently switched by going in on so-called educated lames? What man is going to want to be with here? Twenty years from now Cynthia G is going to be making videos with a bunch of cats climbing all over her while she’s still going on and on about dusty beta males, mark my words. But real talk, what man would want to be with her? Even Pookie has enough sense to not want to be with her outside of shaking some sheets. That chick is pathetic. Women like her have to be that way in order to attempt to save face instead of just owning to the reality that they severely fucked up in life.  And this is another reason why I say if you can’t find a decent down to earth black woman preferrably with no kids that respects you, then go out there and get a woman from a different race and experience some semblance of happiness. Who cares if these black women feel some type of way. They have been feeling some type of way about black men for the last 40 years or so now. Just go ahead and give them another reason and keep it moving because statistics prove that most of these women aren’t good for anything other than just being a baby mama at the end of the day. What is the single mother birth rate these days, like 75% or higher? So what does that tell you? It tells you most of these women are only good for laying up with and putting a baby inside of.

But here’s the thing about that, it’s not the educated lames putting these babies inside of these single women. It’s mostly Pookie and Ray Ray going around doing their absolute best to increase the black population numbers.  Once again look at Cynthia G, she’s supposedly pregnant by a dude who got 5 kids by 4 other women for crying out loud. Plus remember, she was just recently on Oshay’s video talking about how educated lames can’t get women and she was going extra hard for Pookie, so we all know what category Robert Perkins falls in now.

The reason a lot of black women go so hard trying to stick up for Pookie and pretend like Pookie is the best thing going in the black community is because most of these women have no other options in life but to get a Pookie because nobody else wants them for anything other than some skin slapping.  That’s it.

Let me break this whole Pookie vs the educated lame thing down real quick and then I need for you all to help me understand why these women honestly think these dudes are better.

Who is Pookie?  Well, typically when a boy hits about the age of 12 you can already see if whether or not that child will become a Pookie or not. Once that kid hits the age of 15 and is in high school, it’s pretty much a done deal by then if he’s ventured down the Pookie path.  He’ll be the kid in school more concerned about hollering at chicks than getting good grades. He’ll be the kid with the absolute most fresh gear from head to toe all provided to him by his single mother. He’ll be the kid with ambitions of being a dope boy or getting involved in gang activities.  We all know the type. We’ve all seen them before. And yes, these are the types who often tend to attract the baddest chicks around that age. But here’s the problem, Pookie normally tends to peak at around the age of 25. And the reason they tend to peak around 25 is because most of them end up being killed or locked up.  And if they are locked up, most of them end up doing 10 year or longer bids and when they come out, they too have been replaced by a younger, stronger, more fly & more vicious set of Pookies and these knee grows effectively can’t compete. So they try to move themselves into OG status trying to impart wisdom on the young Pookies by trying to tell them to do the right thing because these knee grows often times tend to literally not have anything worth of value or substance to offer.  This can be proven as well. All you got to do is head on over to Yvette Carnell’s channel when she gets to breaking out the data to show you that the bottom half of black society is worth less than $1. Who do you all think is the overwhelming majority of the bottom half? Pookie and Bonquisha that’s who. Like I said earlier, Pookie usually hits his peak and then starts his decline at around the age of 25 in 99% of the cases. So that means, from around the age of 15 to about 25, Pookie has a 10 year run of bagging all the bad chicks and putting on a front like he’s the man out in these streets and sadly, women like this chick who left that comment and the Cynthia G’s of the world eat it up to the point where these women allow for Pookie to get them pregnant and convert them into used, abused and washed baby mamas.  Think I’m lying? What’s the average of age of black single mothers in America? Probably around the ages of 18-20. Those are the primetime years that Pookie runs his absolute wildest because he’s no longer in school and he’s legally a grown man now. So he’s deep off into hustling, banging and slanging or whatever it is that he does and yeah, he tends to scoop up the baddest of the baddest chicks in terms of their physical appearance. But like I said, after he runs through them and converts them into baby mamas, well once these chicks hit their 30s and beyond, guess what, they’re washed up and being replaced by the latest and greatest 20 year old on the block. Meanwhile this baby mama is sitting on social media crying about all black men being ain’t shit niggas instead because she’s mad Pookie made her a baby mama and she’s mad that the educated lame ain’t choosing up on her for anything other than some sex.  She just doesn’t want to be honest about it. In her mind it’s better to just carry on the lie to present this “I’M A SKRONG BLACK WOMAN” facade. As a matter of fact, who are the women that often tend to refers to themselves as “STRONG BLACK WOMEN” the most? It’s mainly single mothers who in their 30s and beyond who may have been decent looking chicks back in their teens and early 20s who were running around chasing Pookie. I’ve been married to a black woman for 13 years now, I’ve never heard my wife say “I’M A STRONG BLACK WOMAN!” Why? Because she doesn’t need to because every night she lays up with a strong black man who makes sure her every need and our kids’ needs are properly taken care of. Point is, no man wants a woman running around talking about I’M A STRONG BLACK WOMAN. OK then, go be strong and handle that future ass whooping on your own that is bound to be caught on tape and go viral or better yet, call Pookie to come save you assuming he’s not dead or in jail or is too busy trying to be a street teacher trying to tame the young Pookies he helped give life to figuratively and literally.

Now let’s look at all the dudes who aren’t Pookie and Ray Rays.  These dudes in high school pulled some chicks or they didn’t pull chicks at all, that really depended upon exactly how much of an educated lame you were.  Most black people just fall in the middle. Most of these dude didn’t devote all of their time to trying to get at chicks.  These dudes actually dedicated a lot of time to doing homework so they could prepare for life after high school because even in high school, most of these dudes knew for a fact that they couldn’t compete with the Pookies who were bagging all the chicks.  At the same time, most of these dudes knew for a fact that their future value extended well beyond the age of 25. Why? Because everybody knew a Pookie in his 20s who was either killed or locked up.  That wasn’t a secret. As a matter of fact, Pookies in high school like to run around talking about “MAN, IF I MAKE IT TO SEE 21…IT’LL BE A BLESSING!” When have you ever heard an educated lame talking about it’ll be a blessing to see the age of 21? Never. You have never heard it. Why? Because the educated lames knew after he accomplished all of his schooling that’s when life was really going to kick in for him. That’s when his career would hopefully start taking off or he would be going places and seeing different things…you know things most Pookies don’t do.  

Think about this…

People love to say that Pookie is always in the hood doing things and the educated lames leave and never come back. Well do you know why Pookie is always in the hood?  It’s because the nigga can’t leave. Most Pookies in high school were in the streets in around the neighborhood they grew up in. Once they got out of high school, these dudes never left, they just went to the streets full time in the same neighborhoods.  If they didn’t get killed but instead got locked up, where in the hell do you think they returned to after they do their time? The same streets they were in since high school in the same neigborhoods. Why because they can’t afford to go anywhere else or see different stuff, either that or their parole prohibits their travel.  So of course they are always around. They don’t have a choice in most instances. Meanwhile, the educated lame is in the military traveling the world, he’s in college in a different city or a different state meeting new people, doing different things, making new friends and connections. He’s out there interacting with different races which leads to him discovering the reality about how severely deranged so many black women are in addition to him finally realizing that him not being able to bad big booty Bonquisha may have been a blessing because it’s a whole other world of non-hoodrat chicks out there to choose from regardless of their race.  So basically, the educated lame, once he hits 25, he’s either graduated from college and is in his early phases of his career, or he’s been in the military for a few years now and been to some new places and seen some new things, or he’s a blue collar working dude who has a little bit of money and is not worried about losing big booty Bonquisha to Pookie because he knows that more likely Pookie has knocked up big booty Bonquisha and she’s now worthless to him beyond just some sex. So what I’m saying is, while most Pookies peak at 25, all the educated lames are really just beginning to kick off their lives and depending on their overall health and finances, these dudes won’t peak until they are damn near in their 60s.  Meaning, assuming everything goes right with their health and finances, they will still be desired by women till they reach their 60s in most instances. Think I’m lying? You all saw the picture of that one dude with the beard who went viral like 2 years ago, Mr. Steal Your Grandma. Dude is like in his 50s having chicks in their 20s throwing themselves at him all because he had a fresh beard and looked good in a suit. Meanwhile, what’s Pookie doing around his around 50? Just take a stroll through the hood. Every nigga you see on the corner begging for change, hanging out at the liquor store or gas station, or every old nigga you see living with his 70 or 80 year old mama, that was Pookie back in the day who was snatching all the chicks in high school and in his early 20s before he peaked around 25 and then when 30 hit he started to get replaced with the younger more swagged out Pookie.

That’s how this thing goes ladies and gentleman and you all know what I’m saying to be true.  So when you see chicks like this one who left this comment or you see chicks like Cynthia G going hard in the paint for Pookie and Ray Ray over the educated lames, just understand, they are doing that because they realize that they don’t have any other options in life but to pick from the bottom of the barrel Pookie & Ray Rays because no other man of means want to be with these type of women outside of just some sex.  The literally have no value to anyone. Once Pookie puts a baby in them, that nigga is gone and that’s proven by the 75% single mother stat. Once they give birth to Pookie’s baby, most educated lames ain’t checking for these chicks, but yet these chicks still think they can turn it around like Ciara when that is clearly not the case for 99% of them. If Ciara wasn’t famous with a little bit of talent, she would be another baby mama on the internet watching Cynthia G videos.  But that’s the reality. These women gave up their value to a nigga that only has a run that maybe lasts 10 years at most and peaks around 25 before they start declining and then they want to get on here and talk greasy to the educated lame who will more than likely have a real value that will carry him well into his senior citizen years. A value that extends well beyond just sexual attraction. A value that can put a woman in a good house and not some section 8 housing. A value that produce a decent income and possibly generate a retirement of some sorts in addition to producing a life insurance policy his woman and kids can benefit from after he passes so his woman doesn’t have to kick of a GoFundMe campaign in the event of an emergency.  Or if he isn’t an employee, his value will extend to him being a business owner and getting it popping to where he can afford to have his family live in whatever community he can afford to pay a mortgage and property taxes in.

And that brings me back to a point about Cynthia G saying “YOU NEST WITH WHITE PEOPLE!” Listen, as long as I’m paying a mortgage and property taxes, I’ll nest wherever the hell I feel like it. I don’t care who built the community, if I’m paying a property taxes then guess what, that’s my community too. But you would have to be a property owner to understand things on that level, which sadly we all know damn near all Pookies aren’t. Why because most peak at 25 with no real life skills and no real money assuming they don’t die in the streets.  Those who do some time in jail, most don’t have any real life skills or money either. Like I said, Yvette Carnell shows you all the data. The bottom 50% of black society is worth less than $1. Well, who do you think makes up that bottom 50% the most? If you guessed Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha you would be absolutely right and this is why they are the loudest on the internet for ADOS screaming “CUT THE CHECK!” They literally want a check because life is slapping them around pretty damn hard out here, especially if they are 30 and older and realize that they are no longer the young cool kids on the block.

But anyways y’all, when you see these chicks out here cosigning Pookie this hard, just understand that most of them have absolutely no choice but to take up for Pookie because nobody else wants them for anything other than sex.

Your favorite mulatto.
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