Pookie & Ray Ray Can Have the Hood

If you’re one of those people running around social media hoping and praying the black community gets it stuff together in order to fix all of the issues in the black community, I’m going to need for you to officially retire that position as of today.  Just put your RBG & Wakanda flags back the closet and just let that fantasy go. Well, let the fantasy go of running back to the hood to help the community. For those of you who have made it out just keep going and never look back. For those of you who weren’t born in the hood, remove any thoughts from your mind to ever coming back into the hood on some missionary charity style of work.  And if you want to know why I feel this way, just check out the video below.

If you are a triple digit IQ knee grow running around here who doesn’t subscribe to Pookie and Ray Ray shit, then this video should be all of the evidence you need to carry you for the rest of your life as to why the black community in terms of the hood is just beyond damaging to the point where it is literally nothing left to do but to let the savages off in there eradicate each other uninterrupted.  For all of the good people who live in the hood surrounded by the savages, I feel for you, I really do. But you need to scrape up every penny you can save with the quickness and relocate far far away as soon as possible. The hood is just a wasteland of rodents and rats at this point. There is absolutely nothing redeemable about investing in the hood other than joining the white folks to get some gentrification popping off.

On that video, they were talking about the Pookies and Ray Rays vs the educated lames and Oshay even brought on some self-proclaimed proud Pookie and Ray Rays.  Let me tell you something, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Pookie go so hard to defend being a Pookie to the level that I witnessed in that video. These Pookies were relishing in the fact that they were or are still a Pookie in attempt to make the so-called educated lames feel less than.  They kept talking about, “I’M IN THE HOOD…I’M IN THE HOOD…I’M DOING THIS, I’M DOING THAT!” One dude on there who is a self-proclaimed pimp was talking about how his career of pimping and pandering has afforded him the opportunity to donate upwards of $10K to a local school. Think about that, a nigga that makes his living off of prostituting women bragging about donating his prostitution money to a school.  And he was proud of it like it was his greatest accomplishment in life. Then another Pookie on was talking about how he’s a reformed Pookie but yet he spent every second he could making up excuses for all of the current Pookies running around the hood destroying stuff. The issue I took with this dude was the fact that he spent his teens and 20s running around being a Pookie selling dope and destroying stuff, but now he’s in his 30s & 40s a “changed man”, but yet he’s still making up excuses for the younger Pookies.  It would be one thing if he was a reformed Pookie who was out there denouncing the lil niggas doing the stuff he used to be doing, but no, he was actually on this panel defending them and making endless excuses for their behavior. So at the point, can you honestly say a nigga like him is truly a reformed Pookie? No you can’t. He’s just a retired Pookie living vicariously through the active Pookies at that point.

And then there was Cynthia G…yes she was on the panel.  I don’t know about you all, but I honestly struggle to listen to this woman talk.  I’m not saying to poke at her, I’m saying it because it is literally a struggle for me listen to the sound of her voice.  She could be making the greatest point in the world, sadly I’ll never know it because most of the time I can’t get past 5 minutes of listening to the sound of her voice.  Yet somehow I mustered up the strength to listen to her fingernail on the chalkboard voice during this livestream and she kept harping on mostly one point, and that one point was “WHAT ARE BLACK MEN BUILDING! YOU CAN’T BUILD ANYTHING!”  And it’s so funny because there was a brotha on the panel who said he wasn’t a Pookie and he wasn’t an educated lame but he just fell in the middle like most of us. This brotha was asked to tell about his experience of owning a business in the hood and the brotha basically said he opened up one business in the hood under good intentions of going to the hood to the so-called right thing, but eventually Pookie and them ran him out of the hood because they kept breaking into his spot and stealing shit.  So he said he set up shop on the white side of town and hasn’t had one headache since. Then here’s comes Cynthia G telling him, “YOU AIN’T DOING NOTHING! YOU AIN’T BUILDING NOTHING! SO WE DON’T NEED YOU!” Mind you, she’s is literally on this panel telling a black man that he can’t build anything and he won’t build anything despite this man owning 1 or 2 businesses where he actually hires and employs other black people. She literally sat there and said that. Her whole rhetoric is that black men don’t do any building and the moment one is in her face, she basically tells him he’s weak and can’t do shit.  And this is one of the reasons right here why I tell black men to not go out there and risk your lives over these random black women and I also tell black men that if you can’t find a decent down to earth black woman then proudly go out there and get a Becky, a Chun Li or an Ana Marie because even when you are doing all of the things these looney tunes chicks like Cynthia G sit up on YouTube and complain day in and day that black men aren’t doing, they still look at you like you aren’nt shit and never will be shit. So if that’s the case, take your ain’t shit having ass on over to Becky or Ana Marie and get it popping with her while women like Cynthia G sit around and become random baby mamas.  Speaking of that, she can’t even give a black man his respect and props for doing the very thing she nags about, but she apparently has no problem with joining the BBMAA (Black Baby Mama Association of America) from a dude who already inducted 4 other women into the club.

Another thing Cynthia G was saying to another brotha was, she kept saying, “YOU AIN’T BUILDING NOTHING THAT’S WHY YOU LIVE WITH WHITE PEOPLE! YOU DON’T HAVE THE SKILLS TO BUILD ANYTHING SO YOU NEST WITH WHITE PEOPLE!”  You know what I found funny about that, ALL BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA “NEST” with white people, even niggas in the hood. Niggas in the hood by and large do not own anything. For every 1 knee grow in the hood who might own a shop or a house it’s like 500 others who don’t own a damn thing.  And this kind of ties into a point about this dude Marcus who likes to jump in my comments talking “POOKIE IS OUT THERE DOING STUFF IN THE COMMUNITY! THEY OWN BUSINESSES! THEY DOING STUFF!” No they are not. Like I just said, for every 1 reformed Pookie who may get his stuff together to do better, it’s like 500 who will never get their stuff right to do better and I bet that one reformed Pookie who opened up the barbershop, as soon as that knee grow stacks enough bread his all will be moving out of the hood too.  Oh sure, he’ll keep his shop around because quite truthfully, the only businesses in the hood that get unconditional support and respect are barber shops and beauty salons, that’s it. He’ll keep his shop in the hood but let him stack enough cheese, that nigga will not be living there. I promise you that. But like I said, for every 1 reformed Pookie who finally decides to man up and stop being a burden on his community, it’s 500 who will proudly go their graves living out that Pookie life the best they can. This was proven on Oshay’s video especially towards the end when the self-proclaimed pimp dressed in a red shirt came on.  

But getting back to Cynthia G real quick…

Cynthia G stated that black men aren’t building communities and that’s why they nest with other communities.  Let me tell you all something, I’m proud to nest in other communities. Ain’t no shame in the game. My nesting has allowed for me to enjoy peace and tranquility and pretty good property values.  Nobody with good sense is trying to reside in the hood. Hell, I bet Cynthia G doesn’t even live anywhere near the hood. She wants to use that talking point to jab at black men in an attempt to call black men weak, but why would any black man want to build anything for a bunch of black women who have been telling you that you ain’t shit for the last 30 to 40 years?  I just told you about how she disrespected and shot down the one brotha who actually owned two businesses who is doing the things she cries about. So if she’s willing to disrespect a nigga who owns 2 businesses and employs black people, then the rest of you knee grows don’t stand a chance, unless of course you are a Pookie because she was on that panel heavy cosigning them which helps to further clarify her choice in men she allows to get her pregnant.

I encourage you all to go watch that video.  That video should be mandatory viewing for anybody running around chasing this fantasy of building Wakanda or for anybody who likes to hit you with the tireless line of “WHAT YOU DOING FOR THE COMMUNITY???”  When people ask you what are you doing for the community, tell them nothing but watching it rot. Then when they say to you “WELL WHY TALKING ABOUT IT AND STICKING YOUR NOSE IN IT!” Tell them because you can and ain’t a damn thang they gonna do about it.  Now if you are one of those people who feels this desire to rescue the hood, by all means handle your business. I suggest that you do it from afar if you can or you come in and dip out but you don’t stay there for extended amounts of time to where you get the stench of that Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha on your skin.  Once that stench hits you, it’s like that brain eating disease people catch from jumping into still ponds. You get that Pookie stench on you and it’ll just start eating away at your brain to the point where you will be on YouTube making videos proudly declaring yourself to be a part of the section of black society that goes above and beyond to uphold every negative stereotype and destroy any and everything that may actually be positive for people in the community.  That’s what will happen to you if you physically stay in there too long trying to help.

But anyways, y’all go watch that foolishness and then you come back over here and honestly try to convince me that I’m wrong when I say once you leave the hood don’t look back and just let it rot from the inside out on its own or you link up with some like-minded black people with some paper or some white folks and y’all participate in all of the wonderful gentrification activities that are so desperately needed in these landfills that overrun by Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha.  For all of the good folks trapped up in there, I feel for you, but you need to save up every penny you got or hit the numbers and get out with the quickness while you can and come join the rest of us who have no desire to save or be a part of that savagery and utter complete ass backwards thinking that is rampant in the hood.

Your favorite mulatto.
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