Is Blaming Everything on White Supremacy Getting Old?

I started blogging in Dec 2013.  A few months later in Feb 2014 I started podcasting.  During that time I was relentlessly going in on talking about white supremacy and white society’s bs in response to all of the police brutality videos that seemed to be popping up every other week.  As a matter of fact this was around the time I discovered black YouTube and I feel deep off into the Blackistan echo chamber because I was eager to hear other black voices expressing their frustrations over the same things I was seeing in the media all of the time.  So for those of y’all constantly complaining about my lack of content talking about white folks and their foolishness, understand I literally have a ton of written blogs and podcasts out there where I was running around with my light skin black fist pumped up in the air under the belief that I was out there giving white society the business.  Looking back almost 6 years later from where I started, I think just within the last 2 or 3 years I finally snapped up out of my trance and returned to seeing things with a clear mind like I used to before I allowed myself to be seduced by all of that good pro-black babble. And don’t act like I’m the only one. Damn near every last one of you have fell into the trance of a pro-black babbler at one point and some of you are still there. But at some point you have to wake up and begin to see things for what they truly are with these people.  The overwhelming majority of them are just full of shit looking to do and say anything to keep black people living in a constant state of fear and anger so that these babblers can monetize that fear and anger.  It is pretty much identical to how all of these black pastors can convince a bunch of people to constantly give them their hard earned money under the belief that a better life awaits them in the afterlife, yet the pastor is out there living his best life right now.  It’s the same hustle, just different names of the hustlers.

For the longest on this particular blog I’ve been beating my drum non-stop telling you all that these pro-blacks aren’t worth a damn and with the murder of Nipsey Hussle, I think maybe a few of you out there may have actually awakened from the pro-black babbling trance to realize that what I have been saying is true.  I think a few of you out there have come to realize that this whole blame everything on the white supremacy boogey man fantasy is becoming a bit played out to the point where the lengths some babblers are willing to go to blame something on white supremacy has to be signs of a legit mental disorder with some of these people. So moving forward I’m wondering if when you hear people jumping up and down screaming white supremacy on any and everything, is that really just a cry from a mediocre knee grow who just honestly refuses to accept that either he or she is currently living a subpar mediocre life due to actions and decisions they made and just want to go the easy route to blame everybody but themselves?

I have this slightly older relative who used to be notorious back in the day for blaming “da man” on everything he could think of.  It would be “DA MAN IS TRYING TO HOLD A BROTHA DOWN! DA MAN DON’T WANT TO SEE BLACK MEN COME UP AND BE GREAT! DA MAN, DA MAN, DA MAN, DA MAN!” Meanwhile, this knee grow was selling to crack but never mastered how to avoid getting caught, so he would be in and out of prison.  Never mind the fact that he had other legit skills to make money like cutting hair and being extremely good at working on cars and detailing them. He wanted to be a dope boy and when get got busted the first time, he did a few years in prison, came out, went back to slanging and went right back in.  He’s out now and he’s in his early 50s and all of that “da man” talk has pretty much gone out of the window for him to where he’s now running around here non stop on some “THESE YOUNG NIGGAS CRAZY! WHY CAN’T THEY JUST DO THE RIGHT THING!” 😂 The reason he’s like that now is because somewhere after his second stint in prison he finally came to realize that the only reason DA MAN locked his up in the first damn place was because he was out there selling dope and got caught.  It wasn’t any damn conspiracy theory designed to keep him in poverty and in prison. It was due to him choosing to be a dope boy because he wanted to shine and get all the hoes back in the day. But like I said, while he was running around constantly complaining about DA MAN, he was steadily in the kitchen converting whipping up crack and getting countless black people strung out on dope. As a matter of fact, this one chick I used to mess with back in the day, after she and I had parted ways, she ended up getting on that shit to where this relative of mines was her direct dealer and his excuse was “I’D RATHER HER GET IT FROM ME THAN FROM SOME OTHER NIGGA.”

But in regards to the particular relative of mines, I think this is what it’s like for a lot of black people who dive head first in Blackistan looking to blame whitey for any and everything and just totally ignoring all of the stuff they do to either attract the unnecessary attention from DA MAN or they ignore they stuff the do or don’t do which leads to the crappy conditions of their lives today which makes it so easy for them embrace being a pro-black who runs around blaming everything on white supremacy.  I’ve said this before, if you examine the lives of a lot of your pro-black friends online or offline, you’ll often discover that a lot of them were really just a bunch of mediocre knee grows to begin with who really didn’t have any ambitions other than just trying to be the man out on these streets with all the money and women. You rewind that clock back to high school and you’ll realize that a lot of dudes were just in class just because they had to be there. They weren’t really trying to pass anything other than trying to get in an A in who can rack up the most ass.  Then after they graduated high school (assuming they did), they went on to work these mediocre jobs or they went the Pookie and Ray Ray route and life started hitting them hard a little bit to where they fell into the trance of a pro-black babbler who came along and whispered in their ear that everything that is going wrong in their lives is by design and it’s not their fault…IT’S WHITE SUPREMACY!!! The same for these chicks. Back in high school their whole mission was to get a dope boy, have the freshest weave trying to look older than what they are so they could attract all of the R. Kelly type of niggas roaming around because “THEY WERE REAL MEN!” Fast forward a bit, a lot of these chicks successfully went on to become a baby mama, didn’t accomplish much else and then the pro-black babbler whisperer came by and here they are now in the present speaking that good ole pro-black babble.  So that’s pretty much how this goes for most people. Sure you’ll have some who come discover pro-blackness for various other reasons, but the majority are just a bunch of mediocre and failure knee grows who unsuccessfully managed to get their life right by engaging in mediocre knee grow foolishness and now they are out to blame whitey on every single thing to mask their failures in life. That’s just kind of this goes for the overwhelming majority of them out there.

This Nipsey Hussle tragedy and seeing all of the popular babblers quick to blame white supremacy, I think this was sort of their Get Out camera flash moment to awaken from the trance to where it was beyond obvious that this tragedy was just some pure unadulterated knee grow foolishness in its purest form that we’ve all been a witness to in some form or fashion quite a few times in our lives. But to see a babbler go above and beyond to call it everything except for exactly what it truly was, I think for some of these pro-blacks out there, this might have been their camera flash moment to awaken from that deep trance of blaming white people on every single damn thang.  The lengths people like The Black Alex Jones aka Tariq Nasheed have gone over the last few days to concoct these white supremacy conspiracies instead of just owning up to the fact that is just some down right pure knee grow foolishness, this might be the moment where some of these pro-blacks awaken to realize that damn near all of this white supremacy talk is just pure bs at the end of the day. That it’s really nothing more than just a bunch of inferior knee grows running around refusing to own up to their own flaws or it’s a bunch of knee grows looking to cash in on the inferiority complex of the masses of other knee grows by feeding them these never ending white supremacy boogey man stories.

Have you ever just sat around and really listened to people like Tariq Nasheed as they get to explaining the latest white supremacy tactic or conspiracy?  The way he and others talk about white supremacy codes and tactics, you would swear that Tariq has a vip pass to attend all of their meetings to where he has full access to get the latest and greatest so that he can run back to tell everybody else.  These people know so much about white supremacy that I believe legit white supremacists follow Tariq Nasheed & Jason Black so that they can learn how to be a better white supremacists. Who the hell needs Jared Taylor or Fox News when you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to be a white supremacists from black people who profess to be subject matter experts on white supremacy than actual white supremacists?  All you have to do is put some money on the next documentary and you’ll be on your way to being the best racist white supremacists you can be. But real talk, the lengths these people will go to convince millions of black people that some unknown mysterious boogey man lurking in the shadows is responsible for the way their lives are is ridiculous. And it always has to be a shadowy mysterious entity. Rarely can they ever provide a name of an actual person who is directly responsible for making black people’s lives suck. It always has to be the extremely vague term of white supremacist.

ButAnyways, I think the white supremacy cry has long since been over used and abused to the point where when I hear the words white supremacy I immediately think that this is just another knee grow looking to make up some shit about his crappy life or it’s just another knee grow looking to make excuses for why some other knee grow did some shit they probably had no business doing.  I just can’t take these people seriously anymore. Even if some legit act of racism takes place, the moment I hear somebody yell white supremacy, I’m more inclined to try to figure out if that black victim actually did some shit to initiate this stuff. Why? Because accusing literally every single thing of being an act of white supremacy has turned into the black version of the boy who cried wolf.  It’s grossly misused that you just can’t take any of it serious anymore to where you question people who may have been a legit victim of some form of racism. That’s where we are at with these days thanks to the likes of the Tariq “The Black Alex Jones” Nasheed. People like him claim to be so down for the community and care about black people that they will go out of their way to avoid calling some nigga shit for what it really is just so they can have excuse to blame white people. Yet they claim to care about you.  And then when you decide to call out the nigga shit, all of a sudden you become a coon and a sambo.

Well like I told you before, I’m team coon and sambo all day long because I refuse to sit by and pretend like what I see taking place in the black community with my own two eyes isn’t what’s taking place.  I refuse to run around telling these white supremacy boogey man stories to excuse some nigga shit. I can’t do it. I refuse to do it. So if that makes me a tap dancing butter biscuit eating coon, then I’m about to rep team tap dancing butter biscuit eating coons extra hard moving forward.  I just refuse to lie about what I see taking in black society when it comes to Pookie, Ray Ray Bonquisha and all of the nigga shit they stay involved in.

Your favorite mulatto.
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