Lauren London Did Say She Loves Street Dudes…

Aiight I get I get it…y’all don’t like what I said about Kodak trying to put his bid in with Lauren London, but regardless, I’m not making any apologies or changing my position on what I said.  But I was reading through the comments on that video and I saw one person say something to the effect that Kodak is ugly and she wouldn’t want to be with him anyways. Now, I’m not going to sit up here and argue over whether or not another dude is ugly, however I will say, the type of dude Kodak portrays himself to be is the exact type of dude of Lauren London will more than likely end up with in her next relationship.

So in case you don’t know, some years ago there was this popular men’s magazine called King magazine that used to showcase nothing but “urban models”.  Urban meaning thick black women because these same type of women didn’t fit the body physique or image of what more popular magazines would consider to be model worthy material.  In the black community, most of us never really cared about what the mainstream media deemed as sexy to begin with. Anyways, some years ago King magazine had a feature on Lauren London and in this feature, they were asking Lauren London about the type of men she is attracted to. Here’s what Lauren London had to say about the type of dudes she’s into…

King Magazine:  So you want a man who’s both honest and thug?

Lauren London: An authentic gangsta…that deletes about half the rap game off your list. I love guys who are street. I won’t even give soft guys a chance. Menace II Society is my shit! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience store worker. He had me from that gunshot. He was hood, and I loved that.

Source: Twana Tells

So that’s a quote straight from Lauren London about the type of men she’s into and due to her history of dating and being one of the baby mama’s to Lil Wayne and Nipsey, well, we can all see that she wasn’t playing around about the type of dudes she’s into.  Granted, she chose to get with dudes who transitioned from street niggas to successful rap niggas, but all in all, they are or were still street niggas at heart. So all of you complaining about what Kodak said, listen, Kodak is the exact type of dude she will more than likely end up with next. She’s not about to be out there looking for a square dude even if that square dude got paper.  She wants a nigga either 10 toes down in the streets or 1 foot in and 1 foot out like Nipsey. Regardless of how it goes, at least 1 foot has to be in the streets at all times for her liking or else you ain’t about to get any play with her.  And don’t sit up here and think for a second that the passing of Nipsey Hussel is about to change her perspective on some Ciara/Russel Wilson type of shit. No it’s not. I believe Lauren London is about the life 100% of wanting nothing but street niggas.

Here’s what I don’t understand about the rest of you all who feel the need to fly around with your capes on to protect Lauren London, is this not a part of the game that she chose to voluntarily put herself in?  If you date a street nigga with either both feet in or 1 foot in and 1 foot out, isn’t this a part of the game that women like her must accept? If you date a nigga who is selling dope, you have to be willing to accept that at any moment that dude can be killed, locked up or somebody is gonna pull a kick door on your house.  If you date a nigga that’s about that gang banging life whether he’s still all the way in or half way out, you have to expect that at any moment he’ll get locked up or become a victim of the streets. These are just the rules and these rules have been in effect for thousands of years now in some shape or form. So I don’t see why everybody is getting all caught up in their feels over Kodak and I don’t understand why people are honestly shocked to the level that they are.  I get the shock over Nipsey, like I said, he was a street nigga who had transitioned into doing positive things in his life and his community, all of which was commendable, but at the same time he never fully just up and left that life completely and unfortunately, we all witnessed the end result on tape. So in regards to Lauren London, I get the sympathy aspect people have for a woman who lost her man, but I need you all to put your sympathy aside for a minute and honestly assess if whether or not she ultimately got what she asked for in a man which resulted in the ending that took place.  Like I said earlier, in her description of a man, she sat there and told you that the moment O-Dog popped the convenience store clerk, she was immediately in love. She craved that type of energy from a man. So can you all honestly sit up here and be surprised that her desire for the ultimate bad boy resulted in her bad boy going out in a similar style to that of what O-Dog did the store clerk? Are you all honestly surprised here? I’m not. Yeah I get it, it’s tragic, she’s without a man and his kids are fatherless. I get all of that, trust me I do. But what all are you to expect to happen when you purposely pursue men who are about that type of life?  That is what happens.

This is bigger than just Lauren London. This is applicable to countless black women out there who want these thugs, Pookies and Ray Rays.  You all know what you all are signing up for when you go after these type of dudes. You all know what comes with that type of relationship. It’s the same thing with women who date mobsters.  In the tv show The Sopranos I remember this one scene where Tony and his wife thought their house was about to shot or something like that. Tony’s wife caught wind of the situation and ran to the hallway and opened up this secret compartment and pulled out a chopper, cocked it and ran to the front of the house ready to get busy.  Why because despite the life of luxury and being pampered that Tony provided for her, at the end of the day she knew exactly what type of man she married, what type of business he was involved in, and the possible consequences of his business that could affect him and his family. She was under no disillusion. But sadly, a lot of black women who took Destiny Child’s advice about going to get a soldier out in the streets, well the moment their soldier gets popped by the police or another street nigga, then all of a sudden here come the crocodile tears and cries about “HOW HE WAS A GOOD MAN WHO DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO ANYBODY! HE DIDN’T DESERVE THIS! WHY!” But the whole time he was free or alive, everything was all good so as long as he was breaking you off some of that paper from his street nigga activities.

But once again, Nipsey didn’t deserve to go out like that and I’m sure Lauren is currently on a rollercoaster of emotions, but at the end of the day she wished this into her own life.  She purposely went out there to be with a dude like Nipsey who was still halfway in the streets despite his success and unfortunately, this was one of the results of choosing to be with a dude like that. That’s what she stated that she wanted.  She explicitly stated that she won’t even give a soft guy a chance. She loves street dudes. Well, that love for street dudes rarely produces happy endings for most relationships. So while I get that everybody is feeling bad for her, what I don’t get is why everybody is running around pretending to be disillusioned by the result of choosing to be with a dude who didn’t want to completely get out of the streets, especially when he didn’t have to be that close to the streets like that to where he was just way too accessible.  And don’t hop on here talking about “HE WAS JUST THERE TO HELP HIS MAN’S OUT WHO JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL AND IT WAS HIS BUSINESS!” Nipsey’s own brother has said recently that Nipsey would just venture off deep into the hood adorned in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry at any given minute. Meaning, Nipsey at his current level of success and fame was way too accessible for street niggas and like I said, we all saw how it played out in the end.

But the overall point is, when ladies are out there purposely pursuing these hood niggas, Pookies and Ray Rays, you can’t honestly sit up here and pretend like you don’t know what the more than likely outcome for you or that dude is going to be.  I’ve said it time and time again, when people get together, they know exactly what type of person they are getting with and they typically have a very good idea of how that relationship is going to progress or come to an end. There really aren’t too many surprises these days.  But regardless, Nip didn’t deserve to go out like that but in the same breath, we can’t really be shocked and we can’t all sit around here and pretend like the way he went out wasn’t a likely possibility for the type of dude Lauren London has long since professed to wanting to be with.

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