Kodak Black Put His Bid in For Lauren London

Y’all love some fake outrage on these internet streets don’t ya.  I told you all before, black people are so easy to piss off, just so easy. So anyways, Kodak Black was on social media talking about how he would give Lauren London a year to grieve before he attempted to possibly put his bid in with her and knee grows on Twitter ranging from random nobodies to likes of T.I., Tank and The Game are out there trying to check Kodak and put him back in his place.  As a matter of fact I saw in the comment section of T.I.s video where Kodak jumped in the comments responding to T.I. trying to figure out what’s he gonna do about it. And we all know the answer to that. T.I. ain’t about to do anything but possibly make another video to collect a bunch of hearts. That’s it.

But here’s the thing, what’s wrong with what Kodak said?  What’s wrong? Let’s be real, damn near every dude out there who proclaims to be mad and want to cancel Kodak, these knee grows are thinking the exact same thing Kodak said aloud.  Let’s just keep it real. Think about this, a nigga will holla at your girl while you are alive right in front of you face and everybody is cool with that or they make jokes about it.  As a matter of fact, that singer, August Alsina recently made a song hinting at having an affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. Remember when Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj were going through their little back and forth before finally breaking up? The Game was on social media talking about how he can’t stand Meek Mill for doing her like this and how The Game wishes he could step in to be her man.  How many songs has T.I. written about snatching other dude’s girls?

What I’m saying, what’s worse: a nigga disrespecting you while you are alive in front of your face by trying to get at your woman or a dude talking about he wants to eventually put his bid in with a chick who just lost her man?  What’s worse? In my opinion, it’s worse for a nigga to try to holla at my woman while I’m alive to witness it especially if the nigga knows she’s my woman. When I’m dead and gone, ain’t nothing I can do about who my woman chooses to get with.  People are out here talking about Lauren London lost her soul mate. Listen, Lauren London is 34 years old. If everything goes right, she’ll have more than enough time to find happiness with another dude and live her life out to the fullest.  But I get it, y’all don’t like the timing of what Kodak said about trying to get at her. I guess y’all honestly want to sit up here and pretend like niggas don’t do this type of shit everyday. You break up with your girl for just 1 hour and it’ll be 20 dudes in her inbox.  The moment you get put into a police car to be hauled off to jail, all of your homeboys will be right there to make sure that she’s being “properly taken care of”. Even if nothing bad between you and your girl happens, some dude out there that you know or he at least knows of you and your girl will still try to put his bid in to snatch her away from you.  So what I’m saying is, where is all of this fake outrage when dudes are alive and other dudes are disrespecting dudes in their face by trying to get at their girl? Where’s the fake outrage? How come we always have to reserve fake outrage for tragedies? Plus, why do you all pretend like you all don’t know damn well that it’s about to be 50leven knee grows trying to push up on Lauren London now?  Let’s just be real. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Game attempts to put his bid in with Lauren even after doing all of that howling on IG in response to Kodak. He already has a track record of publicly trying to go after another man’s woman during a rough patch in their relationship, so don’t be surprised if you see The Game typing Instagram love letters to Lauren London in the coming months, hell days.  That nigga is so lame I don’t put anything past him.

But let’s cut out all of the fake outrage over Kodak saying what damn near every man is thinking.  If Lauren hit you up talking about come by her house to console her, ain’t a nigga out there who wouldn’t drop everything and be on the first thing smoking to console her and while you are over there consoling, you are going to be hoping that consoling turns into one of those sappy love scenes from a movie where the chick and dude are sitting on the couch hugging and the chick is crying and next thing you know it turns into some Halle Berry Monster’s Ball type of action where Lauren is saying MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.  Ain’t a nigga out there expressing fake outrage over Kodak gonna honestly sit up here and pretend like they are just looking at Lauren London as just simply a woman who lost her man and they genuinely JUST want to wish her well. Y’all are lying your asses off . But I get it. She is probably going through it something serious right now and it’s a bunch of dudes out there who legit do feel for her. But let’s stop kidding ourselves like these same dudes wouldn’t immediately put their bid in if the opportunity presented itself.  They’re just mad because Kodak verbally expressed what countless dudes are already thinking. That’s it. So let’s just stop pretending and also, let’s stop pretending like you all are about to cancel Kodak over this. Kodak been gave y’all 50leven other reason to cancel him ranging from him talking about how he don’t like dark skin chicks to these current charges he’s facing, but y’all still putting money in this man’s pocket. So just stop it. Cancel culture ain’t nothing more but a bunch of knee grows looking for attention on social media. That’s it.

Just stop fronting like you all aren’t thinking what Kodak chose to say.  All of you are.

Your favorite mulatto.
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