The Conscious Community is Fake News

First off, shout out to the brotha Akitunde.  This brotha recently did a video today titled NIPSEY HUSSLE TRAGEDY EXPOSED THE CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY which I thought was just absolutely brilliant and funny.  What he was talking about was just how purely insane, irrational and delusional all of these pro-black babblers and conscious community clowns are. Now I know I’ve been going in on them, but one aspect I never really talked about was just how truly dumb these people are when it comes to these conspiracy theories and this tragedy surrounding Nipsey Hussle just exposed all of that on full display like my man Akitunde was talking about to the point where I honestly do not see how any of you can truly take these babblers seriously ever again.  You can still tune in to what they have to say, just I like I plan to keep tuning in, but there is no way in hell any moving forward should be taking anything they seriously.

So we all know it’s been endless chatter about the late Nipsey Hussle and by now I’m sure all of you have heard the conspiracy theories ranging from him being killed for trying to make a documentary about Dr. Sebi to him being setup by the cops in order to keep LA gang wars alive all the way to knee grows out there comparing his death to that of Malcolm X as a part of some larger CIA conspiracy to keep the black man down.  Like I told you in my last Nipsey video, I was watching a Tariq live stream and this clown was on there just straight up blaming white supremacists from the jump to the point where I had to turn it off. As a matter of fact, moving forward, in my opinion Tariq Nasheed is nothing more but the black version of Alex Jones. The way this dude can concoct a conspiracy theory out of thin air, this dude needs his own magic show out in Vegas. That’s just how impressive of a tin foil conspiracy theory imagination this dude has.  But today, I caught another video of Tariq and he was pretty much going in on black people for calling out this bs that black people do onto other black people. And this leads me to the point of this blog as it relates to my man Akintunde’s video.

For all of y’all out there that want to call me a coon, a sambo, a butter biscuit brigade member, I’m tapdancing or even if you want to throw in some biracial attacks against me, just understand I don’t care.  None of that bothers me. And for all of you who like to complaining about why I talk about black people so much or you like to say, “YOU AIN’T BLACK YOU ARE BIRACIAL OR YOU’RE WHITE! SO WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT US! LEAVE US ALONE!”, let me tell you knee grows something…

You are absolutely right. I am biracial. I rep team biracial all day long and I go around calling myself black.  As a matter of fact, I like to tell people that when black people are having a good day, I’m black. When niggas are out there fucking up, I’m biracial.  It is what it is, I was born with options. But the real reason I’m saying this is because no matter how you feel about me being a mulatto and me discussing black people all of the time, fact of the matter is, I grew up around black people my entire life.  So guess what, I’ll keep talking about knee grows and their bs until I feel like black people have finally gotten their stuff together as a collective. And the fact that people like Akintunde, myself and a few others are so relentless in talking about black people so much is because we all understand that the number one source of problems in the black community is caused by black people, not some random white supremacists boogey man.

Damn near every last one of you out there reading this who knows somebody who was killed, more than likely that person was killed by another black person, not some random white supremacist. Damn near every last one of you out there who has a family member or a friend strung out on drugs knows that the person who is selling this person the dope is a black person, not some random white supremacists running around forcing knee grows to shoot up dope.  Damn near every last one of you out there know way more people who get brutalized by other black people than cops. Damn near every last one of you out there know that if you could live comfortably in a predominately non-black community where it’s low crime, higher property values and good schools etc, your ass would be there with the quickness even after all of your white supremacists rhetoric you spew online everyday. You know, the same way Tariq Nasheed lives in a predominately white gated community as opposed to living in a predominately black community.  And don’t get it twisted, out in LA there are some high end predominately black communities out there, but we all see where he lives.

The point is, if you all could afford to get out of the hood if you haven’t already, you would do it to.  Why? Because you all know damn well that you don’t want to be apart of that foolishness if you have some damn sense.  But what baffles me is why so many of you are just scared to be honest and instead prefer to blame some random boogey man white supremacists every chance you get.  I’ve said it before, sure you can blame white society on a lot of stuff especially in a historical context, but you can’t blame white people on literally everything.

It’s like when people say black people don’t have planes & boats to bring drugs into the community and black people don’t make guns or drop the boxes of guns off in the hood. That is absolutely true, but white people aren’t making you sell drugs or pick up the guns to go around killing everybody in your community. That’s some individual nigga shit that you all refuse to be honest about.

But this is how it is all over the black community.  Pookie can get out there and shoot 2 niggas, slap 3 chicks in the face right before he walks in to rob a liquor store. The moment he gets caught by the cops, it’ll be a whole bunch of knee grows on the news talking “HE AIN’T DO NOTHING TO NOBODY! HE’S A GOOD MAN! FREE POOKIE!” Never mind all of the video footage of him shooting, slapping and robbing people.  It’s all just one big white supremacy conspiracy designed to keep black men incarcerated or dead and that’s what’s happening with this Nipsey Hussle story. Everybody doesn’t just want to admit that Nipsey was senselessly murdered by a Pookie who probably got all up in his feels over some bs. Things can just never be that simple and easy to explain with black people. It always has to be some next level deep conspiracy shit going on with knee grows to explain away the obvious.

But here’s the thing about these conspiracy theories that have always baffled me and even Akintunde brought this point up…

How come all of these niggas spreading all of these ridiculous conspiracy theory stories about whatever are never taken out by the white supremacists?  How come all of these popular pro-black babbling talking heads are free to roam around on social media and in real life unchecked by white supremacists? Knee grows know all of the secret hidden meanings and codes of white supremacists, they know every last conspiracy theory out there the instant something goes down with a black person, but yet, these knee grows are still running around unchecked.  If these big bad scary white supremacists were really out there orchestrating everything, then it would seem like they would immediately silence those who are the loudest out there informing all of the knee grows about these codes and conspiracy theories. Y’all are talking about Nipsey got killed over trying to make a Dr. Sebi documentary, but yet it’s like 10k Dr. Sebi videos on YouTube right now and to my knowledge none of the people who uploaded those videos have been taken out by the conspiracy powers that be. But then y’all will say “IT’S BECAUSE THEY NOT FAMOUS!” Ok fine, they only go after high profile people.

The conscious community or the pro-black babblers or whatever you want to call them, these people keep black people forever living in a state of pure delusion and fantasy instead of telling you what’s really the problem so that maybe black people could actually go about the business of fixing the problems.  Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha stay forever cutting up in the hood doing their absolute best to make life miserable for everybody around them but yet you all will still make excuses for them and try to pass the buck by blaming some random boogey man white supremacists despite you seeing with your very own eyes exactly what is taking place.  Why? Because you are afraid of being called a coon as if that name actually means a damn thing. I told you before, everybody in black society is a coon and all it takes for you to be labeled one is for someone to just simply not like what you said or did. That’s it. We’re all butter biscuit coons, sambos in the eyes of some random black person out there. Even the most bliggity black of us.  Nobody in black society is immune from being called a coon. So if that’s the case, why not just accept it and just start telling the truth. “And what’s the truth Gee Lowery?!” The truth is, you have a better chance at winning the next $500 million dollar power ball than you have of being harmed by a white supremacist. The truth is, if you live in the hood the person who shares the same skin as you is going to cause you more headaches and harm than any white person you will ever encounter.  That’s the truth. Not some scary boogey man white supremacists.

Your favorite mulatto.
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