Black Women Claim They are Tired of Black Men

I was reading some comments on a video I did a few days ago called Black Men Are Not Obligated to Protect Black Women and you know I got the usual standard set of comments from mostly black women telling me I’m weak, I’m scared, I’m this, I’m that, just a whole bunch of niggress babble.

One thing I noticed in this those comments was this theme of black women saying, “WELL IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU DON’T EXPECT BLACK WOMEN TO STEP UP AND DEFEND YOU!” I even caught a few minutes of Paris Milan’s latest live stream and she was in there saying the same thing talking about black women just remaining silent and not doing or saying anything the next time a black man becomes the victim of a cop or a white supremacist.

Here’s the thing, nobody gives a damn if you all stand up or speak out.  Seriously, nobody cares. The reason nobody cares is because none of your speaking out or going on endless protests have stopped innocent black men and black women from becoming the victims of police brutality or some form of violence from a white supremacist.  None of it. So I’m trying to figure out exactly why you all say that as if you all honestly believe that mere words you type of social media or videos you make or casual strolls you take in the streets is actually some form of a legit tangible protection that black people can actually feel and benefit from.  This is part of this psycho babble too many black women display on social media.

Let’s just go back as far as Trayvon Martin as a point of reference.  How many innocent black people have unfortunately became victims of police brutality or a white supremacist?  Since then, how many protests have black women participated in screaming and shouting to the top of their lungs? Now tell me exactly how many victims since at least Trayvon Martin have had their lives saved all due to a random black woman hoping online or marching in the streets to protest on behalf of the victim?  How many? The answer is ZERO.

None of your words, none of your marches, none of your pyscho niggress babble rants on YouTube have stopped one bullet from flying or caused one law to be changed to protect an innocent black victim.  None of them. So you all can miss me with the bs line of saying, “THE NEXT TIME SOMETHING HAPPENS TO A BLACK MAN WE’RE NOT GOING TO SPEAK UP AND DO ANYTHING!” Good. Do just that. I welcome it because that’s probably more effective than anything you all claim to have been doing in the first place.  I say this all time, but what reality do you all exist in? You think a hashtag, some YouTube videos and some marches have changed anything? No. So what makes you think threatening to take away something that has yet to demonstrate it can actually produce a real effect is about to change something now?  How ridiculous are you people? “I’M GONNA STOP MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND STOP MAKING HASHTAGS ABOUT BLACK MEN CAUSE Y’ALL DON’T WANT TO DEFEND US!” Great. Good for you. The moment you can produce some tangible proof of all of these hashtags and marches that you all claim to be holding is actually saving innocent lives, then maybe I’ll revisit my position on black men protecting random black women.  Until then, you and your random bundles of hair are on your own if you are not my woman or a female relative or friend of mines. You are on your own. Like I said in my last video, I don’t owe any protection to a random woman. Why? Because the potential consequences of offering up my protection far outweigh any benefit she may get from my protection. If I get killed or go to jail protecting some random Keisha out there, is this random Keisha going to put some money towards my legal fees, funeral fees or help my wife out on the bills my absence has now caused?  No she isn’t. If all of the random Keishas out there crying about black men not protecting black women want a black man to protect them, then all of you random Keishas need to get some act right to secure a man who would be willing to put his life on the line to protect you. You know, like my wife who I’ve been married to for 13 years. I’ll go to jail and die protecting my woman. You are absolutely right that. You know why? Because that’s my woman. That’s the mother of my children. That is the woman I have built a life with. That’s the woman with all the keys and combinations to safe.  That’s the woman my life insurance policy will be going directly to. That’s the woman who feeds our sons & me. That’s the woman who has my last name. My woman. Not some random Keisha. Here’s another thing, my woman would probably look at me like a damn fool for risking my life or freedom over a random Keisha in the first damn place. As a matter of fact, all black women with a man should be looking at their man side-eyed for even considering risking his life or freedom over a random woman. The only women caught up in their feels over random black men not protecting random black women are single women with no man, that’s it.  Any woman who has common sense and a good man in her life is not about to cosign this silly foolishness of her man risking his life and freedom over a random chick. That’s just not the game goes. Anybody telling you anything different is completely full of shit and doesn’t know anything about how to get into and maintain a long term healthy relationship.

Just be honest, if you are a black woman with a good black man on your arm whether you two have kids or not, you would be an absolute complete pyschopath to cosign the idea of your man risking his life or freedom over another woman.  If you honestly think that your man should risk his freedom or life over another black woman he doesn’t know and doesn’t have any type of connection to, then why the hell are you with that man in the first damn place? You mean to tell me that as much as you women get on social media and listen to countless single black women cry and complain about not being able to get a good black man or how black men ain’t shit that you would be cool with the idea of risking your good black man to save one of thee random broads who is more than likely one of these random broads listening to other random broads complain about no good black men or whatever?  Are you honestly going sit up here and try to sell me on this bullshit? Are you really going to do that? Well if you are, then why the hell are you with that so-called good black man if you would be cool with the idea of him risking his freedom or life over some random Keisha? Most of you all don’t even like the idea that this good black man of yours may have legit black female friends for crying out loud, but you are going to sit up and pretend that you are cool with the idea of him coming to the aid of a random black woman. Y’all are just beyond full of crap at this point. Remember, you’re reading the words of nigga that’s been with a black woman for 15 years and married to her for 13 of those 15 years.  Who the hell do you all think you are fooling out here? But I tell you what, you all keep listening to the likes of Paris Milan and Cynthia G or whoever else is out there, but while you’re listening to them, keep in the back of your mind as to why they are single or in Cynthia G’s case…a baby mama. Seriously…ask yourself how come these women and others out there like them have all of the answers about black men except for how to get one and keep one, but you’re going let some random niggress on YouTube convince you all that you should be down with the idea of sacrificing your black man to save some random black woman. 😂

My wife isn’t into this black YouTube like I’m into so I highly doubt she’s even heard of Cynthia G or Paris Milan, but I can guarantee you that if I showed her some of their videos then I asked my wife if she would be cool with the idea of me rescuing these women if they were in danger, my wife would probably drop divorce paperwork on my the next day. 🙃

But y’all keep listening to these random black women out here and you will end up with no black man first and foremost or you will lose the good black man you already have for giving him the green light to run out there and start saving random Keishas.  That nigga will save Keisha alright. He’s going to save her all the way to bedroom as he’s knocking the dust off of her coochie as a part of his thank you package she rewards him with. And let’s be honest, let’s say your man does save Keisha and everything works out to where he’s not killed and he doesn’t go to jail.  More than likely the first thing that will come out of your mouth is something like, “WHO IS THAT BITCH AND WHY ARE YOU GETTING IN HER BUSINESS?! YOU SLEEPING THIS BITCH?!” That’ll be the very first thing you all will be saying to your super knee grow when he comes home to hang up his cape.

But as I was saying earlier, you all can keep your threats of not marching for black men, not creating hashtags and not making videos. Nobody cares because it was never effective in the first damn place.  Until you can show me some tangible proof of a video, a hashtag or a march stopping an innocent black person from becoming the victim of police brutality or a hate crime, you can keep your damn videos, hashtags and protests. None of that is about to change any black man with some damn common sense position on risking his life or freedom over a random Keisha.  Elderly people and children, sure. Random full body able Keishas, you’re on your own.

And to people who want to tell me that elderly people and kids can’t contribute to legal funds or funeral expenses either, that is true. But you know what, I don’t expect them to.  The fact they are elderly or are kids means they can’t defend themselves at all in any capacity whatsoever in the first damn place. Random Keisha can. Random Keisha knows how to pick a phone and call the law on random Tyrone with the quickness.  Random Keisha knows how run fast as hell towards a store that offering 50% off for bundles. Random Keisha knows how bust windows and key up cars and tell niggas they ain’t shit 50leven times a day. So random Keisha can apply all of those random Keisha skills into her arsenal of defense tactics to prevent random Keisha from getting handed that work from random Billy Bob.  Cause random Gee Lowery is not about to risk life or freedom over random Keisha and random Gee Lowery does not give a damn about random Keisha threatening to not speak up, march or create pointless hashtags on my behalf.

Your favorite mulatto.
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