Dear Mechee X, Embrace Being a Mulatto

Y’all know who Mechee X is right?  Well in case you don’t know she’s a pro-black biracial chick associated with Dr. Boyce Watkins and she makes appearances on Tommy Sotomayor’s show. She goes so hard with her pro-blackness that a lot of people look at her side-eyed sometimes trying to figure out if she’s doing too much to justify being black, despite her being biracial.  The reason I’m mentioning this is because if you all recall I wrote a blog titled It’s Not My Fault You Weren’t Born Biracial and in that blog I was talking about that pretty much the only people who have ever given me a headache in my entire life for being biracial were black people.  Also in that blog I made mention of Mechee X where I was saying something about why is she trying so hard to sell black people on the idea that she is just as black as them when she knows damn well that the only people who constantly give her a hard time about not being fully black are nothing but black people.  Despite all of the things knee grows say about how white people reject us because we’re not full white, the only people who make mention of us being biracial on a daily basis are nothing but knee grows. I’ve yet to come across a white person in my entire life who runs around saying “I REJECT YOU YOU HALFBREED!” It just doesn’t happen.

Now the reason why I’m mentioning this is because Mechee X was recently on Tommy Sotomayor’s show where they were supposed to be discussing the latest foolishness surrounding Cardi B, but about halfway through the show Mechee and Tommy got into a heated debate as to where Mechee got all the way up in her feels because she felt like Tommy was getting on her for being biracial.  During that exchange Mechee was going on and on trying to justify her blackness to Tommy and his audience and at one point Mechee even confirmed something I said about in her in that blog. Like I said earlier, Mechee has more than likely dealt with more shit from black people for being born a mulatto than she has from white people. And in this video with Tommy, she all but admitted it.  At one point she started talking about how black people would get on her because she wore her hair in braids and how she wore big earrings. Mechee basically said it was nothing but black people getting on her to where I guess they were sort of accusing of her of culturally appropriating black culture. Then Mechee would reply back by saying she has a black mother, she grew up around mostly black people blah blah blah; it was almost like she was trying to sell non-mixed black people on how black she is.  To me it just made no sense at all.

So here’s the thing…

In case this ever reaches the eyes of Mechee X, let me share some words of encouragement with you. Mechee, just stop trying to prove how black you are to black people.  You make yourself look rather pathetic to the point where all of the black people you are constantly trying to convince aren’t about to be swayed one way or the other. Now don’t take this wrong way Mechee, you and I are very much alike, minus me being a man and you being a woman of course.

You see Mechee, I too am a mulatto just like you.  I have a black mother and biological white father just like you.  I believe you say you’re 40 years old. Guess what, I’m a year younger than you.  I’m making mention of your age because you and I are quite possibly the last generation of biracial babies who came up in an era where we didn’t have any options but to declare ourselves just black.  Meaning, checking black on forms was literally the only option available. Nowadays with these younger mulattos, a lot of them are choosing not to be confined to the bucket of blackness to where they are self-identifying as strictly mulatto or biracial.  It’s even to the point where some are trying to petition to get biracial classified as an official race and quite truthfully, I can actually see that coming to fruition in the near future considering now when I fill out forms, I see an option to check TWO RACES, as in that is what the actual option says…TWO RACES.  BUT for people like you and I when we were kids, we didn’t have those options. It was just expected that we were black and that was that. Never mind the fact that you and I both knew growing up that we weren’t black-black like the rest of relatives, but even before we had a clear understanding of racial constructs in this country, you and I both knew that we were considered to be just black.  Why? Because I’m assuming just like you, our black mothers and black relatives told us so, not some random white person out there. And this is why people in our age group and older who are mulattos run around saying we are black. Well, technically all of my life I’ve been saying I’m black and biracial, but on paper it’s always been just black for reasons I just explained and I quite sure you probably ran around saying the same thing to a degree back in the day.

But here’s what I really want to tell you, I get it that you are passionate about black people because you grew up around black people and most of your family that you associated with was black.  I get it why you are so passionate and so pro-black and I’m not knocking that aspect of you at all. Trust me, I get it. But here’s thing Mechee, no matter how passionate about black people you proclaim to be and how much of the pro-black babbling lingo you master or how much you constantly try to demand that everybody in the Blackistan view you as just simply a black woman; fact is you will never truly be seen as that way by those knee grows.  I don’t want you to view not being fully accepted as a bad thing. I actually want you to embrace it and run full steam ahead with it.


Because you need to understand that historically, biracials and mulattos have been leading the movement to get black people freedom.  I’ve done blogs on this subject discussing Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, WEB DuBois and others. Mulattos like you and I have always been at the front leading black knee grows to freedom in some shape or form.  This is just facts. I’m not saying to minimize black people or their contributions, I’m just speaking pure facts. So with that being said, you don’t have to run around YouTube declaring yourself to be nothing but bliggity black when it’s clear you are not and the vast majority of pro-blacks out there will never see you as such.  All you need to simply do is do what I do: tell knee grows that you can be identify as black one minute or identify as biracial the next minute and there is not a damn thing any non-mixed knee grow can do about it and these knee grows will listen to you when you start speaking that good ole pro-black babble. Why? Because this is the way it is and it has always been.  You don’t have to run around here proving you’re just as black as non-mixed people. Just tell knee grows you can be black today and biracial tomorrow all you want and like I said, it doesn’t matter what the hell Tommy says or any other random black person on internet say, none of them can enforce any aspect of blackness at all. Meaning, they don’t have any authority over blackness in American whatsoever.  Just because they can hop on videos and in the comments and tell you that you ain’t black or you are nothing but black or whatever, at the end of the day, none of that means anything. You, just like me, we can run around and be either-or all damn day long. These are just facts. And before anybody hops in here saying, “YEAH BUT YOU CAN’T BE WHITE!” Well, none of us want actually want to be white. But then someone out there will say, “YEAH BUT I HEARD YOU SAY YOU WANT TO BE WHITE IN ONE OF YOUR RECENT VIDEOS!” To which I did, but it wasn’t in the context of me actually wanting to be a white person.  It was in purely in the context of what Yvette Carnell says in terms of me wanting to completely on an equal playing field in terms of equality and access to resources like white people, but you would actually have to be a knee grow with a triple digit IQ to comprehend things on that level.

Back to Mechee X…

Stop running around here getting caught up all in your feels over people telling you that you’re not black.  I get called mutt and half breed probably 50lemen times a day on my social media platforms and none of it bothers me because all I have to simply say to the knee grows who love to call me a half breed is, “When it comes to the racial totem pole in this world, who’s on the very bottom, me or you?  Who’s the one who is more likely to get shot, harassed, or brutalized by the police…me or you? So if that’s the case, tell me exactly how being a full blood is more beneficial than me being a half blood?”

That’s all I really tell them at the end of the day and typically they respond back by telling me that I’m a mutt because deep down inside it stings them right in the feels because they know they I’m right.  So what I’m telling you is, stop getting caught up in your feels and embrace being a half breed and learn to put these knee grows back in their proper place when they get out of line disrespecting you because you are a mulatto.  You already pop off at the mouth extra greasy, why not add some more greasiness to your arsenal? Stand up for yourself and represent who you truly are…a mixed black person aka a mulatto. Embrace it and run with it because like I said earlier, half breeds have been leading the black community since forever now.  Right now everybody’s favorite pro-black celebrity mulatto just happens to be Colin Kaepernick for crying out loud. So if you plan to keep being about that pro-black babbling life, that’s fine, do your thing, I’ll support you. But at the same time, stop trying to sell black people on the idea that you are just simply black like the rest of them when you are clearly not and fully embrace your position as a mulatto who just happens to be pro-black and when it’s necessary, unapologetically remind knee grows about the racial totem pole and put them back in their place when they get out of line for trying to make you feel less than for being born biracial, because in reality, the entire world sees you as more than just because you were born biracial and not fully black-black.  I’m just speaking pure facts my dear, just pure facts. Take it how you want and make it do what it do, but to keep trying to appease a bunch of knee grows who will never see you as just black is a complete waste of time. You can still love black people and go hard in the paint for them, but for those who get out of pocket, start truly checking them on this world works. That’s what I do when I have to do it.

Anyways…be easy.

Your favorite mulatto.

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