Not All Black Wimmenz

Y’all know the last couple of days has been pretty wild out on these black social media streets ranging from ole girl in Dallas being assaulted by that white dude to Cardi B snitching on herself about seducing dudes, drugging them and robbing them.  But you know what I noticed about these two incidents that really got me shaking my head at black women? What I noticed is it’s a whole bunch of black women running around demanding that black men protect black women but at the same time it’s a whole bunch of black women cosigning this Cardi B foolishness.  And yes I know…NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN, but I’ve seen more than enough on social media.

Think about that for a second, a bunch of black women out here crying and complaining about black men not protecting black women, but then just a few days later they are all online making excuses for Cardi Cosby actions, but then when the next video pops up about showing a black woman being handed that work from a Billy Bob, these very same Cardi Cosby supporters will be demanding that black men defend black women. I swear, the overwhelming majority of black women out there just absolutely do not make any sense whatsoever.  It’s just unreal how these women process information to help them formulate their worldview.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m sure there are plenty of intelligent black women out there who can clearly think in a logical manner, but the dumb ones out there are just outshining all of the good ones unfortunately. I can hear you all now saying, “THE SAME CAN BE SAID ABOUT THE DUMB NIGGAS OUT THERE!” Yeah, you are right so I’m not even going to disagree with you on that point, but regardless, my point still stands.

So just think about that fellas, black women want you to defend them at all costs all while cosigning chicks who run around seducing, drugging, and robbing dudes.  But when a dude like me says that no black man should be throwing his cape on to save random black women in distress, all of a sudden I’m the bad guy. This is just how idiotic so many women are these days.  I’m leaning towards maybe this is just a generational thing with young black women running around feeling like it’s ok to drug and rob dudes all while demanding that black men defend them at all costs or maybe this is a result of a bunch single mothers raising kids on their own or maybe this is hoodrat values run amuck in black society, but I honestly can’t just put this all on young black women because I see the same foolish mentality coming from women around my age.  This is just all around sad and pathetic if you ask me.

This is part of the reason why I’m glad I’m married and I met my wife in my mid 20s and decided to lock it down with her.  With the way black women portray themselves online these days, I told you all before but if my wife and I ever divorced, I’m hopping the fence and going to get me a Becky or an Ana Marie.  I’m not sticking my toes back in these shark infested waters of highly unrealistic expectations and delusions of grandeur that has plagued so many black women these days. I just can’t do it. At my age and this far in my life with all I got going, I don’t want those headaches.

And before Bitter Butthurt Broads of America hop into my comments talking about, “THAT’S WHY YOU’RE WEAK! BLACK WOMEN DON’T NEED BLACK MEN! WE’LL BE FINE WITH OUT YOU ALL! Y’ALL AIN’T SHIT ANYWAYS!”, understand that I don’t give a damn about any of that.  Y’all be leaving those comments on my videos when I talk about you all as if you all honestly believe most black men care about any of that. Here’s a little secret, we don’t. At least I don’t. Anyways, I just wanted to point out that fascinating aspect I noticed over the past couple of days of black women getting all up in their feels because they don’t see super knee grows flying around on patrol every night to save random black women at o’dark 30 in the morning to now black women are running around here caping for Cardi B drugging and robbing dudes.  Just help me make it make sense. Why would a black guy want to help a random black woman who’s being assaulted by a random dude when it’s a whole bunch of black women out here giving Cardi B the thumbs up to victimize dudes? And let’s not play stupid, we all know that more than likely the race of the dudes Cardi B was victimizing were more than likely nothing but black dudes. But yeah, help me make it make sense.

Why would a rational black man want to come to aid of a random black woman when it’s countless random black women out here cosigning Cardi B victimizing random dudes?  I’m just trying to figure some things out.

Your favorite mulatto.
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