Cardi B Should Lose Her Endorsement Deals

I don’t really engage in too much celebrity gossip, even though I probably should because that would cause my YouTube subscribers, views & Adsense to jump astronomically…but whatever.  However I do find this Cardi B story interesting concerning her admitting to drugging and robbing dudes back in the day because according to her “she had to survive.”

We’ve seen all kinds of dudes get hemmed up and accused over the last year or so concerning taking advantage of women, but I think this might be the first time we’ve heard of a woman taking advantage of a dude in this era of #MeToo, or at least it’s the first time I’ve heard about it.  If somebody else out there knows of another incident, feel free to let me know.

So in case you missed it, Cardi was doing a live stream to where she admitted to drugging and robbing dudes back in the day, then she started crying some fake sympathy tears and we all pretty much know how the rest of the story went..a bunch of women were telling her stuff like, “IT’S OK GIRL! YOU DID WHAT YOU HAD TO DO! BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

What’s fascinating is that a few years ago rapper Rick Ross had a lyric saying he put molly all up in a girl’s champagne and she ain’t even know…took her home and enjoyed that…she ain’t even know it.  That line cost him his Reebok deal. But as far as we know, that line was just a line made for a rap song. Meanwhile, Cardi B is out here giving personal testimonies about committing 2 crimes: drugging dudes and robbing dudes.  So it makes you wonder exactly what is going to happen to her career or her endorsements? More than likely nothing will happen to her career and more than likely nothing will happen to her endorsements. And the reason nothing won’t happen is because nobody is going to make a big fuss about it, especially women.  And the reason why is because Cardi B probably has a whole bunch of fans out there who identify with that type of lifestyle.

We all live in an era where women can just accuse men of anything with absolutely no consequences whatsoever and we have all been conditioned to believe that these women are telling the truth no matter what.  Women are out here just having the time of their lives destroying men’s reputation and livelihood. These women feel they deserve this and have the right to do these things to men even if the stuff they say isn’t true.  Meanwhile, men are just expected to shut up and take it even if what these women say is complete b.s. Why? Because we’re men. More specifically, we’re toxic men who eat, sleep and breathe rape culture; at least that’s the narrative that is constantly being pushed.  Yet no one wants to call out this culture of toxic femininity. The same toxic femininity that allowed for Cardi B to go around drugging dudes and robbing them all under the false justification of her claiming to have to “survive”. I was listening to Star Torrain’s YouTube channel earlier and a dude had called in to his show talking about how he started a hashtag called #MenToo about a year ago, but it has failed to pick up steam.  Basically the hashtag is the men’s version of #MeToo to highlight all of the bs that women do onto men but yet they stay getting away with it and nobody ever really talks about it. This one brotha who started the #MenToo hashtag said that he hopes whoever the guys are that Cardi B drugged and robbed, he hopes they come forward and press charges or at the very least, hire one of those money chasing lawyers like Gloria Allred to drag Cardi B’s name and bank account through the mud in the very same manner Gloria Allred is quick to rush out in front of a camera and accuse some random male celebrity of some wrongdoing without any proof other than the words of the woman.  That’s what I would like to see happen in this case. I would like to see some equal “justice” applied because we all know if some male rapper had of went live and said they were drugging and robbing women, this knee grow would have had the cops banging on his door the minute that livestream ended and then about 100 women would have emerged claiming to be one of the victims with Gloria Allred right there smiling. But it’s not. It’s a woman and we all know how this is going to go. She’ll keep her endorsements and even if a dude does come out and say he was one of the dudes that was drugged and robbed, nobody will believe him or they will clown him into oblivion.  That’s how it would go.

But regardless, I think it’s about time for a female celebrity to feel the heat the same way these male celebrities have been feeling the heat and if Cardi loses endorsements, so be it. She’s still married to ole buddy from the Migos, so she’ll be alright.  Whoever these dudes are that were victims of Cardi B drugging and robbing them, I think they should come forward to tell their stories so we can officially kick off the #MenToo hashtag in the year 2019.

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