Black Men are Not Obligated to Protect Black Women

I don’t even know why this is a discussion.  It just seems like pure common sense, but then I have to remind myself that everybody is not blessed with common sense in this world.  So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about this ridiculous notion that too many black women have in thinking that black men are somehow obligated to come to their rescue when they are in danger.  I don’t know who started this foolish narrative but I’m leaning towards all of these babbling chicks on YouTube looking to generate views and Adsense off of their YouTube videos for calling out black men whenever a black woman is attacked by a non-black man.  Every time a video hits the internet showing a black woman being attacked by a white guy, an Asian guy or some other random non-black man, black women spend more time creating content going in on black men than they do creating content going in on the actual perpetrator.  They’ll drop one video talking about the incident followed up with about 10 more videos talking about how black men ain’t worth a damn. It’s just absolutely insane to me the things these women will say on YouTube just to get some views and to keep this narrative alive that black men and black women are forever at war.

Amazingly what you never hear these women talking about is telling black women to take self-defense classes, get firearms training and get a license to carry.  The only people you hear addressing that aspect are black men when these incidents pop up. That’s it. But then when we turn around and say that black women need to learn self defense and look into getting a firearm for protection, black women then respond back by saying, “Y’ALL AIN’T SHIT! Y’ALL ARE WEAK! THIS IS WHY Y’ALL ARE BETAS! WHITE MEN PROTECT THEY’RE WOMEN!” And just on and on and on they go with their illogical overly emotional bs.

Like I’ve stated countless times and shall continue to say, black men are not obligated to protect random black women. Period.  The only women black men are obligated to protect are the women in their lives, whether they are significant others, family members or friends. That’s it.  A random Keisha getting hemmed up by a random Billy Bob, I’m not obligated at all to intervene if I don’t want to and guess what, I’m not about to be shamed either.  The temporary benefits this random woman gets for me stepping in to protect her do not outweigh the potential issues that may result on my end if me jumping in to help her causes me to be killed or thrown in jail.  If either scenario happened, that random black woman I rescued would not be there to contribute to any legal fees or funeral expenses or whatever. More than likely she’ll just go about her merry little life living carefree. So I don’t even understand why this is even a discussion and why black women pretend to get caught up all in their feels over this subject.

Let’s keep it real, if black women want protection from random dudes out there, then guess what, you need to go get a man and walk around with him everywhere you go.  That’s it. If you can’t do that, then you need to take up a self-defense class and go get a weapon. Those are you’re only options. Making endless videos crying about black men not protecting black women is not about to make any black man with common sense risk his life or freedom over protecting your random stranger ass.  That’s not reality. Having a shared skin color is not a pre-requisite for assuming that all black men are all black women’s secret service. Now if a nigga wants to help you if you are in distress, good for him. But if a nigga doesn’t want to help you because he isn’t trying to add any additional issues to his life, then it is what it is and all of your black girl magic tears is not about to change any of that.

Here’s another thing to think about, why would any of you expect that to change in the first place?  Every other day y’all call black men beta male coons, dusty, trifling, ignorant, ain’t shit, dominated by white men, weak, all we want are Becky’s; but then you all turn right around and demand that black men jump out of the bushes and do barrel rolls to defend you from dudes from another race?  How does that even make sense? In what world would I want to protect a woman who constantly runs around telling me I ain’t shit and that I’m weak? Why would any black man want to do that for a woman he has no connection to at all other than a shared skin color? What in the hell are you women actually thinking out there?  It’s already a bunch of niggas out there dealing with major issues with black women in their lives now that they don’t want to deal with concerning things like child support to having black women threaten to call the cops etc, and thse are the women this black man actually knows and has some sort of relationship with. So what in the hell makes you think that if a nigga doesn’t want to put up with the bs from the black women that he knows in real life that he’s supposed to just run to the aid of a complete stranger who just happens to be a black woman?  What world are y’all living in? What is seriously going on in your brains when you all decide to upload these YouTube videos? Well, we all know why you do it. Views and Adsense of course, but even still, the ridiculousness of the message that you all put out there as if you all honestly don’t know why a random black man is not about to come to the aid of a random black woman in most instances is just retarded at this point in the game.

Moving forward, if you black women who create content on YouTube actually care about the safety and well being of black women, then it would seem logical that you all would be using your platforms to educate black women on how to defend themselves especially considering you all have a gazillion videos out there complaining about black men not protecting you.  So it would make sense for you to create content educating black women on how to protect themselves instead of dropping endless videos crying about why black men are not about to come to the aid of random black women. But here’s the thing, you would actually have to care about black women in the first damn place to begin making videos talking about self-defense. And reality is, most of you black women crying about black men not protecting black women don’t actually care about these black women who get victimized.  You all just care about creating content to paint black men as a bunch of ain’t shit niggas just because that is what makes your views and Adsense spike. The moment you all start dropping self-defense videos, black women who tune into your channels are not about to check for that content. Even those women don’t even care about these black women who are victimized. All that the content creator and her fans care about is making endless videos going in on black men because some super knee grow’s Spidey senses didn’t go off in time for him to roll up to the scene and Hulk smash some random non-black dude victimizing a black woman.   That’s all black women care about on these YouTube streets.

So you’re fake tears and your fake concerns are not fooling anybody around these parts.  Like I said earlier, it’s way too many knee grows out there dealing with serious crap from black women in their own lives that they don’t want to deal with, but yet you all think that these very same knee grows are about to just potentially complicate their life even further by coming to the aid of a complete stranger who just happens to be a black woman.  Get real.

Your favorite mulatto.
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