T.I. Calls Out All Pookies & Ray Rays in Dallas

You all know how I feel about Pookie & Ray Ray, it’s no secret.  But if there was ever a time Pookie & Ray Ray could prove themselves to be useful, it would be to defend all of these random innocent black people who are out there being brutalized by all of these other groups of people.  Think about all of the videos we’ve seen of these Asian hair care stores brutalizing black women in their shops. Let’s reflect back to that Walmart incident that took place in Florida to where the pregnant black woman got into with the white dude in the parking lot and the random black guy came out to intervene; mind you that black guy wasn’t a Pookie and Ray Ray or else that incident would have gone down a whole lot different. Then there was the other incident in Clearwater, Florida where the black dude lost his life confronting the white dude who was going in on his girlfriend in the parking lot.

If I really wanted to, I could just go on & on & on with these examples right…but I think you all get the picture.

Everybody’s favorite trap star/blacktivist by the name of T.I. recently did a video calling out of the Pookies and Ray Rays of Dallas trying to figure out what they are doing and where they are at in response to that black woman who was recently viciously beat by that white dude in the parking lot, and although I’ve been rather critical over T.I. as it directly relates to his new profound blacktivism calling in life, I will say in regards to this situation, I have to absolutely agree with T.I.  

All of you Pookies & Ray Rays who live in Dallas who proudly go above and beyond to live out that Pookie and Ray Ray lifestyle to where you stay constantly trying to flex on other black people and running around terrorizing your own communities, where are y’all at when the white folks come around and brutalizing black people? This calling out could be applicable to any black community anywhere in America. Like T.I. said in his video, a nigga will act like you just threatened his life by accidentally stepping on his shoes or looking at him in a manner that he deems offensive, but let a white dude roll up and do something, these same Pookie and Ray Rays are nowhere to be found.

I’m specifically mentioning Pookie and Ray Ray because after all, this group of people proudly proclaims to be about that life unapologetically.  You all heard the audio I played of one Pookie who got all in his feels over my commentary about ADOS and reparations. That knee grow stated in his video that he would pull up on me just because he didn’t like my commentary.  But here’s the thing, you honestly think he would pull up on that white boy who viciously beat that black woman in the parking lot? George Zimmerman is still roaming around Central Florida, you honestly think Pookie is about to run up on Zimmerman with the same energy he had for me over simple words expressed on YouTube?  NO.

So it begs the question one: what purpose do Pookie & Ray Ray serve and why are so many of you out there quick to defend these people?  They serve absolutely no legitimate purpose in black society at all other than to cause chaos and destruction amongst only other black people.  That’s it. Their entire existence is wreck havoc on black people in some form or fashion. I heard some YouTubers say that Pookie and Ray Ray would be the first line of defense if a race war ever kicked off or some foolishness like that. That’s a damn lie.  Pookie and Ray Ray would probably join the other side if a race war kicked off. They have yet to demonstrate that they can protect the black community in any capacity whatsoever, but they have mastered the art of terrorizing and causing chaos amongst black people in the black community.  They are certified subject matter experts in that field but yet, every other black person who is not a Pookie and Ray Ray will still defend these idiots at all costs despite them providing absolutely no value whatsoever to the black community.

You think all those Pookies and Ray Rays out in Dallas are going to do anything to avenge that black woman?  Hell no. You think they care about what T.I. is talking about? Hell no. But here’s the thing, had T.I. got on that video calling out another rapper or some random black man and T.I. was talking about how that brotha needs to be found and dealt with, Pookie & Ray Ray would answer the call with the quickness as if the Pookie and Ray Ray Batman symbol was just shot up in the sky.  Think about it, J. Prince who started Rap-a-Lot records recently just put out a call to find all the dudes who beat up his artist YBN Almight Jay. J. Prince was all on social media tagging well known rappers from NY to find the dudes responsible for beating up that rapper but more importantly, J. Prince was really just concerned about getting his Rap-a-Lot chain back. But have you ever heard J. Prince put out a call to deal with some of these people involved in racial attacks against black people?  I haven’t. Have you? Let’s not forget who J. Prince is now. J. Prince is considered to be a real G out on these streets by a lot of people in and out of the industry, but when have you ever heard of J. Prince using his money, power and influence to get Pookie and Ray Ray to handle some business on behalf of an innocent black person who was attacked by a person from another race? You haven’t heard of it, but he’ll be quick to try to mobilize Pookie and Ray Ray to go after another black man.

So once again, what purpose do Pookie and Ray Ray serve?  What value do they add the black community? Why are so many of you out there defending these people and making excuses for their existence?  They serve no purpose that is beneficial to black society at all in any capacity period point blank. None. If these clowns were out here legit going to bat for innocent black people who have been victimized from other groups of people, then I probably wouldn’t have much to say about Pookie and Ray Ray because I would be like, well, I don’t really agree with their lifestyle BUT they are doing at least something constructive towards protecting and defending the black community. But they’re not doing that at all.

You can’t be all up on social media and in real life constantly running around portraying yourself to be about that life, but never display you are about that life when somebody from another group comes in and victimizes an innocent member of the black community.  You are not about that life if that’s the case. You are just a waste of skin and bones who serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever at all for the black community. So why are you here? Why are the rest of you out there defending these clowns? Why? These clowns are not about to use their Pookie and Ray Ray skills to defend you from racial attacks at all.  They are not about to avenge you. What they will do however is sell you dope, put a random baby in you, and threaten your life if you mistakenly do something that they don’t like. But let Bubba run up and smack you, you would be a damn fool to think to that Pookie and Ray Ray will defend you. They will more than likely whip out their cellphones and record Bubba smacking you just so they can have some footage that may potentially go viral.  That’s what they will do for you ladies and gentleman.

So T.I. calling out the Dallas/Ft. Worth Pookies and Ray Rays is all good, but even T.I. knows damn well that Pookie and Ray Ray aren’t about to shit whatsoever because he knows that they are useless.  The only thing Pookie and Ray Ray are effective at is causing harm, destruction and chaos amongst only black people, that’s it. Other than that, they have no reason for existing plain and simple.

Your favorite mulatto.
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