It’s Not My Fault You Weren’t Born Biracial

I want to give this one YouTuber by the name of Subzero Coffey a shoutout because he recently made a video titled Black YouTubers and the Black Community Hate Biracial Black People.

In this video this brotha was talking about his experiences growing up as a mixed race black man and how the overwhelming majority of the crap he had to deal with because of him being mixed race came from black people, not white people. He also talked about how black women pretty much saw him purely as a “pretty baby maker” due to his mixed genes as opposed to seeing him as just simply a potential mate.  He talked about how he dealt with a lot of crap from non-mixed black men because some of these non-mixed black women were choosing up on him. And finally, he talked about how mainly non-mixed black men would go out of their way to try to belittle biracial and mixed race black men, but then turn right around and be the first ones caking up on biracial and mixed race women to try to get some ass. The reason I’m bringing this is up is because everything he said is true, for the most part. There were a few things here and there he said I have a difference of opinion on like where he said non-mixed black women didn’t really want to be with him outside of him potentially giving them a pretty baby. Some of that I can agree with on the larger scale, but in my personal life, I’ve never had that issue. I’ve always had black women of all colors, light to dark, choosing up on a playa.  But other than that, everything else he said for the most part was pretty spot on because I’ve dealt with a lot of the same shit from black people.

I may have told you all this before but the group of people who have caused me the biggest headache in life for being biracial are non-mixed black people, in particular, ADOS black people since we are officially in the era of ADOS.  Not Africans, not Caribbeans, not white people, but ADOS people. They have been the number one source of migraines in life over me being born biracial. Whether they are trying to one-drop rule me to death or running around calling me all kinds of biracial slurs and telling me I’m not black enough or I’m not black at all, this has been an ongoing thing from these knee grows since forever now.

Now as a kid, I’ll admit, I used to feel some type of way about it.  Imagine growing up around mostly nothing but black people and having to deal with knee grows on a regular basis who are picking on you cause you’re not full black.  So yeah, I’ve entertained a lot of fights growing up. Some fights I lost and some fights I had to give niggas the business. As a matter of fact, my 9th grade year in high school I got expelled from school my last 2 weeks of school for beating a niggas ass who took issue with me being biracial.  My parents had to get a lawyer and fight the school board and all of that shit to allow for me to take my exams so I could pass and go on to the tenth grade. But that’s just how serious some of this stuff was for me at one point with having to deal with non-mixed niggas.

Reflecting back, some of it was my fault I’ll admit.  The way I display an air of arrogance, cockiness and conceit, I’ll admit, I’ve been like this pretty much my entire life.  I was quick to remind knee grows back in the day that I was better at them in something especially if I knew I actually was and I was also quick to let niggas know that I was about the light skindeded life unapologetically. 😎  But the thing is, I had to be like that. I didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t like when I grew up there were a whole bunch of mixed kids around me to where we could clique up and run around with our tan bandanas hanging out our back pockets repping that biracial gang life.  Often times, I was the only mixed kid around. So I had to check niggas when they tried me. I didn’t have an option. And this is part of the reason why I have have no sympathy for the colorism cry babies of the world. Y’all are sitting on here crying about being dark skin in your 20s and beyond, meanwhile, it’s plenty of light skin, biracials, mulattos, and light skin mixed race people who have been forced to deal with shit for years from non-mixed black people but it was just expected that we remain silent and deal with our shit because the belief was that you non-mixed knee grows had it worse.  And to some extent I can agree with that when you start putting things in the context of racism and white supremacy. Yeah, you non-mixed knee grows do have it worse than us mixed light brights. But guess what, I don’t give a shit. I really don’t give a much of a damn about your struggles for being black. And the reason why is because, the moment a lot of light skin and biracials try to stick up for a lot of you all, way too many of you are quick to turn on us and say, “YOU AIN’T BLACK! WHY YOU SPEAKING FOR BLACK PEOPLE?!” Meanwhile, I’m like damn nigga. In a world where you honestly believe everybody is out to get you because of the color of your skin, you would at least show solidarity with a nigga who is actually trying to be on your side and defend you. But no. A lot of you can’t even do that.  So I’m like, what’s the point? Why am I wasting energy trying to defend a group of people from wrongdoings only for that same group of people to turn around and treat me like I’m the enemy too? It makes no sense.

Case in point…Yvette Carnell, the cofounder of the ADOS hashtag and movement.  She’s a high yellow woman just about as light as me. She’s been going hard in the paint for a few years now trying to get the message out about ADOS and reparations. And yes, I know Dr. Claud Anderson is the true originator, but in the context of the acronym ADOS that everybody is using, she and Antonio Moore came up with that acronym and are directly responsible for the reparations discussions current popularity.  Yet, people are getting on her because she’s light skin. On my website about 3 years ago I wrote a blog about the mulatto actor/activist Jessie Williams and how he received a lot of backlash from non-mixed black when he went on the BET awards talking about police brutality that mainly affects non-mixed black people. Knee grows on social media were giving him hell because they were appalled at a biracial man having the audacity to speak up for the struggles of black people on BET. I mean, how dare this mulatto celebrity who gets a lot of attention use his platform to speak on behalf of mostly non-mixed black people to highlight all of the shit that mainly happens to non-mixed black people. How dare he do that. 🙃

But this type of stuff just goes on & on & on with non-mixed black people.  One minute we’re black, the next we’re not. If we say we are black, they’ll be quick to tell us we aren’t.  If we say we’re not black, they’ll be quick to say we are nothing but black, which isn’t true by the way.  In my almost 39 years of life, the only people who tell me I’m just black are black people. Every other race assumes I’m hispanic, arabic (if my beard is fully grown out) or they just straight up ask me what I’m mixed with.  Rarely if ever do people just assume I’m just black. That’s just not how it works. Those of you who believe that are just projecting because you can’t be seen as anything but black but hey, it is what it is…deal with it.

But here’s the thing…

I think it’s long overdue for mixed race and biracials to stop making excuses for non-mixed black people, to stop caping for them and to stop trying to lower yourself in order to gain their acceptance because it’s clear that a lot of them have severe problems with us and we all know why that is. It’s because a lot of them are just flat out jealous that they weren’t born light skin and mixed.  It’s just facts. I’m not saying it to be mean, I’m saying it because it’s just pure facts. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, so please miss me with the NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE foolishness. For those knee grows who do take severe issue with us being born biracial or mixed race as if we had a say in the process, these knee grows are just flat out jealous because we’re not at the very bottom of the racial totem pole like they are and yes, we do have some privileges that they don’t.  I’m not gonna lie. I know for a fact that my light skin and biracial ass is seen and treated differently in society and I’m not about to feel bad for it being that way. I’m just not. I told you all before, the moment the government tells me that I can declare myself to be full white on paper and be treated as such, I’m checking the damn box so I can go out there and soak up every bit of white privilege I can get my hands on. I’m sorry (not really), I’m just going to do it and not feel shame for it.  It is what it is. I’ve been claiming my black half all my life and so far it hasn’t gotten me anywhere near to the level of what I could possibly be doing by fully claiming my white half. 😂 I need all the benefits, not just half. It is what it is. Y’all can get mad at me all you want like this one YouTuber by the name of The Fuhrer TV who recently had some words to say about me….

You know what’s funny about this Fuhrer dude, he’s what I would refer to as a super duper pro-black.  He’s one of those knee grows who is tucked deep off in the woods of Blackistan. This dude actually runs around calling himself Adolph or the Black Hitler.  I saw a recent livestream of his and he tells knee grows to type double lightening bolts in the chat. For those of you who don’t know, double lightening bolts is a symbol of the Nazi SS soldiers.  I even heard this dude say that in his room where he livestreams from he claims to have a bunch of Nazi flags and Nazi paraphernalia around laying around. Think about how much of a super duper pro-black you have to be for you to literally idolize probably the most infamous white supremacists in all of history. Just think about for a second.

Anyways, he’s just one example of countless out there who cry about racism and the struggles of being a black man in America all day long but will turn around declare biracials his enemy who may actually want to help him (not me of course).  Take for instance the YouTuber by the name of Mechee X, a biracial chick who is affiliated with Dr. Boyce Watkins. This chick makes endless videos speaking on racism and white supremacy knowing full damn well that she isn’t being affected by any of that shit to degree damn near her entire non-mixed audience is dealing with it. Yet, she continues to make video after video speaking on behalf of non-mixed black people only for a bunch of these very same people to belittle her being a biracial. It’s just pure idiotic.  How ass backwards are some of these pro-blacks out here who stay crying all day long about how white supremacy is whooping their ass and nobody listens to black people only for them to turn around and belittle and make an enemy of a biracial who is actually trying to shine light to issues that affect mostly non-mixed black people. How dumb are these knee grows? This is just absolutely foolishness. That’s why sometimes I look at Mechee X and wonder why is she wasting her time. Why? As pro-black as she proclaims to be and how much she wants to be down with the struggle, she knows damn well she gets more venom and animosity thrown at her from non-mixed black people than she does from white people. She knows this. She absolutely knows this. I doubt she’ll ever admit it though.

But getting back to my man Subzero Coffey. The things he said in his video are absolutely true in regards to a lot of these pro-black babblers who make YouTube videos.  These people absolutely despise us because they can’t be us. Don’t let them sit here and try to run game on you by telling you that they are proud to be black and not mixed. That’s a damn lie because if they were, they wouldn’t put so much damn energy into us.  But then some of y’all will say, “B-B-BUT YOU TALK ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!” You damn right I do. You know why? It’s because I’m half black idiot. You think just because I’m half black that I’m not allowed to talk about my black side. If we’re going to play that game, then you shouldn’t be allowed to talk about white people because you’re not white. 🙃

Here’s the thing…

For all of you biracial and mixed race content creators out there, stop feeling you like you have to restrict how you may really feel about the foolishness you deal with from non-mixed black people.  Just stop. Just be honest about the crap. Just be honest and tell the truth that the majority of you biracials out there have probably dealt with way more crap from black people for being born biracial than you have from any other group of people out there.  Just be honest about it. Don’t lie or sugar coat it. This is a part of the black experience too. Dealing with a bunch of people who are severely jealous of us or hate us because of how we were born even though those of us who grew up around mostly black people, we spent most of our lives defending and taking up for these very same knee grows who despise us.  Just be honest about this stuff. If it makes them mad, so be it. The faster we all can be honest, the faster we all can hopefully reach a resolution towards moving forward from this mixed vs. non-mixed foolishness.

But until then, stop allowing them to belittle you and make you feel less than because of how you were born and how society treats you in comparison to them.  Just stop it. Unapologetically embrace who you are and all that comes with it. Why in the world should you spend the rest of your life trying to downplay who you are to make others feel better.  Fuck all that. Nobody has time for that. If they want to treat you like the enemy for being a biracial or a light skin mixed race person, then you need to go all out and remind them of their proper place at the very bottom.  That’s what you need to do and don’t feel sorry for doing so.

Your favorite mulatto.
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