We Wuz Kangz & Quanz

Got an interesting comment today from the pro-black babbling peanut gallery today.  This comment was left on my video titled ADOS, Is This About a Check or the Future of Black Society?

Person who left this comment goes by the name of good land is everything on youtube.  This person said:

“Listen you ignorant ass black man. Every behavior, attitude, mentality, high class low class and any other negative stereotype of black people is cause and effect, so shut the fuck up and let ADOS leaders and organizers sort it out. All that black people have been labeled, white people were labeled it first. So all the Ray Rays and boo boos you’re talking about, whites were worse off than they are. We were queens and kings, royal priesthood before them fuckers came along. So shut your dumb ass up.”YouTuber by the name of Good LandIsEverything

The most interesting thing about this comment that actually caught my attention was this person hitting me with the classic “WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS” line.  I read it and I immediately thought about how white people mock black people with that line. Then I thought about how so many black people love to go around informing everybody that they come into contact that WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS AND SHIT.

So now I’m sitting here wondering why do black people love to say that line?  Some say it’s to remind black people that black people were once more than just slaves, and I get it; it’s a pride thing for most.  For others, some take it to heart and hold on to it with every fiber of their being.

Now, I was sitting around wondering how come I never hear any other race of people running around saying WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS.  Have you ever heard any other race of people saying that? It’s not like Africa was the only place with kings and queens.  There were plenty of kings and queens throughout Europe. Plenty of kings and queens throughout Latin America. Plenty of kings of queens throughout Asia, and plenty of kings and queens through the Mideast.  Yet, I never hear any of these people running around talking about WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS. Now that I think about it, I don’t even think I’ve heard an African or a Caribbean knee grow saying that.  Maybe I have and I just forgot, who knows. What I’m saying is, the only group of people I ever hear saying WE WERE KINGS AND QUEENS are American blacks. That’s it. Nobody else says that but ADOS people. And like I said, I get it.  For some it’s probably just simply a term of endearment, but for others, it’s much more deeper than that. It’s like they’re trying to make it come off as their lost identity of sorts that they are legit trying to reclaim in the present. It’s like those hoteps who worship the hell out of ancient Egypt as if the glory from over 5000 years ago is about to somehow manifest itself into the present.

Knee grows love to say, “WE BUILT THIS WORLD! WE CREATED THE SCIENCES! WE TAUGHT DA WHITE MAN EVERYTHING HE KNOWS!”  Meanwhile, I’m like you didn’t do any of that shit. The ancients did that. Stop trying to culture vulture the ancients.  But for real though, what’s really sad is how black people will spend so much time in the past glorifying kings and queens and all of the marvels they were able to accomplish, but present day knee grows can’t seem to have that same energy towards building for the future.  Meaning, a random WE WUZ KINGS knee grow can sit around and marvel for hours on the ancients abilities to create and master mathematics and sciences which allowed for the ancients to erect monuments that have been around for thousands of years, but you can’t get these same knee grows of today to crack open a book in some STEM field which could possibly equip them with the knowledge to build future moments of sorts.

What good is all of this WE WERE KINGS AND QUEENS talk doing for black people now other than giving you a temporary self-esteem boost?  What good is it doing? Back in 2002 when I was 22 years old when I joined the Army, I was in extremely good shape. I had a 6 pack, I was a lot leaner and way more toned that I am now.  I could run 2 miles in 13 minutes flat. I was jumping out of airplanes. I was just an all around man beast. In the year 2019, I’m nowhere near in good as shape as I once was. My 6 pack is sitting in my closet somewhere. My knees and my back hurt thanks to me jumping out of airplanes and my once upon a time man-beast status has magically transformed into a middle aged dad status who discovers a new strand of gray hair damn near every single day.

Now I imagine me running around saying every chance I get, “WHEN I WAS 22 I WAS A MAN BEAST!”  It’s cool to reminisce every now and then, but to keep saying it over and over like I’m about to transform completely back into my 22 year old self again is rather ridiculous.  That’s what I see happening with a lot of these WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS knee grows who feel it is their life’s mission to inform every breathing soul that black people were once kings and queens.  I get it, but guess what, technically everybody was once kings and queens because every civilization on the planet had some kings and queens in their past (some still in the present). So the concept of kings and queens is nothing new or unique.  The problem is, knee grows stuck in the past about being kings and queens are just that…stuck in the past. None of that WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS talk is about to change your situation in the present. None of it.

But if it helps you sleep better at night, then hey…WE WUZ KINGS AND QUEENS AND SHEEIT.

Your favorite mulatto.
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