Colorism Cry Babies are the Worst in Black Society

You know who gets on my nerves the absolute worst out of all the different types of people in black society?  It’s the colorism cry babies. These people are absolutely annoying. Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time now are probably under the impression that either the pro-black babblers or Pookie and Rays Ray annoy me the most based upon the amount of content I’ve created about them. Well, you would be wrong my friend.  The colorism cry babies annoy the hell out of me the absolute most and this is probably why I don’t really make a lot of colorism blogs because I just can’t stand these people and their fake dark skin tears. And yes, I said dark skin tears b/c the colorism cry babies are damn near comprised of nothing but mainly dark skin knee grows crying online all day every single day about how they feel they are being mistreated by light skin people or they aren’t getting enough love from their dark skin male or female counterparts or how some colorism cry babies like to run around and champion that dark skin women be the standard for what constitutes black beauty. And oh yeah, here’s the latest I heard which I failed to mention in my previous blog about ADOS, I’ve even seen colorism cry babies crying about colorism in regards to this ADOS reparations discussion. And yes, the person giving the ADOS colorism commentary is a dark skin woman by the name of Chrissie who apparently leads the colorism cry babies out on these YouTube streets.  

The lengths these people go through to inject some dark skin tears into a discussion is amazing. We could all be standing in a room with no windows and it could be completely pitch black up in there, the colorism cry babies will find a way to add some colorism to the mix by crying about how the light skin person still gets more attention than the dark skin person; despite both of them standing in a room that is completely pitch black. It’s just truly amazing at times how the dark skin tears mafia can pull out a colorism argument from thin air on the drop of a dime. What’s even more amazing is how they will go out of their way to point the finger at everybody else for their supposed dark skin self-esteem issues by crying about being picked on a kid or adolescent, but neverB do you hear these people point the finger at who is truly responsible for their shitty disposition on life and the person or persons who should take all the blame would be their parents or whoever raised them.

Like I’ve said before and shall continue to keep saying, if you are a dark skin person in your 20s and beyond and you are still running around feeling some type of way about being dark skin because you think the world is out hold you back for being dark skin, you need to: A) get over that shit and develop some self love for the skin you’re in that your parents failed to instill in you, or B) you need to go seek the services of a mental health specialists.  Once you are grown out in this world, you gets no love for crying about colorism. I don’t feel sorry for you at all. Little kids getting picked on, I feel for them. But once that kid gets older and if that kid’s parents didn’t reinforce a sense of self-love and pride in one’s skin into that kid, then once that kid is an adult, that former kid now colorism cry baby gets absolutely no love from me when the dark skin tears start falling down everywhere.  Deal with it nigga. There are plenty of dark skin people walking around everyday in love with their dark skin as they should be. How come the colorism cry babies can’t be like the rest of these proud dark skin people.

Anyways, let me get to what I want to actually talk about real quick in relation to this topic of colorism.

So in case you all missed it, Will Smith is out there catching some heat from the colorism cry babies over a movie he has been cast to do.  So there is a film in the works called King Richard which is about the father of Serena & Venus Williams and Will Smith has been selected to portray Richard Williams, their father.  Now the problem is, Richard Williams is clearly a dark skin man and Will Smith is clearly not a dark skin man. Will ain’t light skin, although people these days tend to say that anybody who isn’t clearly dark skin is light skin…but whatever.  So the colorism cry babies are out in full force on these social media streets swimming in dark skin tears wondering why a dark skin actor wasn’t cast to play Richard Williams, and you know what, I get it. I really do. Personally, I never really understood why Hollywood would cast a black actor to play a real life black person and that actor not be damn near the same skin tone of the black person they were playing, so I get it.

But let’s not act like that this is something brand new shall we.  Let’s not sit up here and pretend that dark skin actors haven’t been cast to play light skin people shall we.  Let’s not do that ladies and gentleman.

Let’s not act like Malcolm X was a fairly light skin dude who just happened to be played by a fairly dark skin dude by the name of Denzel Washington shall we.

Let’s not act like the first black Supreme Court Justice by the name of Thurgood Marshall wasn’t a light skin man who recently just had a movie made about him in 2017 called Marshall and the person playing Thurgood Marshall was Chadwick Boseman aka the Black Panther. Let’s not act like that shall we.

Let’s not act like a light skin man by the name of Eugene Allen had a movie made about him called The Butler back in 2013 and the actor playing Eugene Allen was Forest Whitaker. Let’s not act like that shall we.

Let’s not act like singer Tina Turner, a clearly non-dark skin black woman didn’t have a movie made about her life called What’s Love Got To Do With It back in 1993 and the actress who played her was the gorgeous, yet dark skin Angela Bassett. Let’s not act like that shall we.

Let’s not act like everybody’s favorite brown skin hip hop diva from the 90s by the name of Lil Kim wasn’t portrayed by the sexy dark skin Naturi Naughton in the 2009 film Notorious. Let’s not act like that shall we.

I got one more and this is quite possibly my favorite….

Let’s not act like that great mulatto who is CLEARLY not a dark skin black man by the name of President Barack Obama didn’t have a movie made about him back in 2016 called Southside With You to where his character was played by a dark skin dude named Parker Sawyers. I mean c’mon son…really….let’s not act like that shall we.

I’m sure if I dig hard enough I could find other examples of dark skin people playing the role of people who are clearly not dark skin and I’m sure you can find more examples of light skin people playing the role of dark skin people like that Nina Simone where light skin Zoe Saldana was cast to play her. We can probably go tic for tac with this subject all day long.

But here’s the problem…

Where were all the light skin tears when all of these dark skin actors were being cast to play non dark skin people? Where?

How come nobody sent out the light skin and brown skin memo to inform all of us non-dark skin people to commence Operation Tear Drop every single time a dark skin person was cast as one of us?  Why?

I feel like I am owed some fake social media sympathy for missing my opportunity to shed light skin tears. Give me my light skin tears reparations damn it! I want to feel angry at something just for the sake of being angry so I can get my likes, followers, donations & Adsense up!  This isn’t fair! I demand answers from all of my light skin and brown skin brothas and sistas! I demand an explanation for why we never hit these social media streets crying about dark skin actors taking roles meant for light skin people! I want justice and I want it now! I want to create useless hashtags!  I want to create pointles colorism YouTube videos about light skin and brown skin people losing opportunities and not getting any shine! I want to kick off some fake colorism boycott until Hollywood stops casting dark skin knee grows to play roles meant for brown and light skin knee grows! I’m tired of it! I want to cry my light skin colorism tears too damn it!

But you know what, I’m not about to do any of that.  I’d rather talk about pro-black babblers and Pookie.

Your favorite mulatto.