ADOS Can’t Even Get Black People On Code

I was actually convincing myself that black people were finally about to reach a point of where black Americans of all backgrounds could potentially agree on an ideology about how to effectively go about improving the state of black society and I thought this ADOS thing was going to potentially be the key to making that happen, but now, I’m not so sure anymore.  Here’s the thing, somebody left a comment on my Talib Kweli video saying “what legit reason could anybody have to oppose ADOS” and I thought to myself…yeah, that is a valid question. Seriously. What honest reason could people of any background, nationality or racial makeup have to oppose reparations? Quite truthfully, there isn’t one, or there shouldn’t be one.

But as the message of ADOS has continued to get bigger, we’re seeing all of the reasons people are conjuring up.  You got the pan-Africanists versus ADOS, the pro-black babblers trying to rebrand ADOS under the name of Foundational Black Americans, and the other pro-black babblers talking about how ADOS is just a front for the LGBT movement.  There are people out there saying ADOS is the new Black Lives Matter & you got mainstream media bougie knee grows calling ADOS Russian bots. It’s just chaos out in these social media streets surrounding this ADOS reparations discussion. You would think black Americans who descended from slaves would ALL be in 100% agreement on some form of reparations being paid out. You would think that would be a complete no-brainer.  Apparently it’s not. And for that, you all can just add another check mark in the category for why black society will more than likely never get along to move forward. And you can also check off the category that black society is just doomed to be an utter failure overall.

Niggas can’t get along for shit.

So now the question that must be asked is, amongst all of this fighting taking place out on these black social media streets, what’s next?

What’s next is what I’ve always been telling you.  You have to do for self. You don’t have a choice. If you are honestly sitting up here relying on black society to get itself together, you may as well just go dig up a grave right now and just lay down in it.  Black society as a collective, I really have damn near zero faith in black people. On an individual level, I got faith in a lot of you especially those of you who finally decide to wake up and get your shit right, like this one dude I was chopping it up with yesterday.

So where I work, a whole bunch of renovations are going on to make the building all modern and fancy schmancy.  So I was outside and this one brotha who installs concrete walls asking me what I do for a living.  I told I work in IT. He started asking me about the type of money that could be made, how does he get into IT and just a whole bunch of questions.  I answered everything I could for the brotha and he seemed somewhat inspired. Now what he does with that information I gave him is totally on him, but if he never heard anybody talk to him about IT before to inform him on how he could totally change his career if he wanted and be on a path to earning 6 figures in about 5-10 years, well I did my job of giving another black man some real life useful tangible knowledge he could apply immediately if he wanted to.  I didn’t sit around and talk his ears off about reparations and ADOS to get his emotions running on high for something that might not ever happen. The reason I didn’t is because, let’s say I started talking to him about reparations and then he decided to run to social media to research more about it, this brotha would be slapped smack in the face with all of this foolishness I was talking about earlier to where he would potentially just throw his hands in the air and say, “Fuck it! Black people are done! Niggas can’t even get along over an imaginary check! I might as well just go back to slapping up concrete walls!”

This is how this whole reparations thing is starting to evolve now.  Just a bunch of niggas fighting over pro-black ideologies to the point where niggas can’t even get along for the sake of daydreaming about a damn imaginary check.  This is so sad when you think about it, just so sad. If the pursuit of reparations can’t even unite American black people, then what will? Remember, reparations is currently being by touted some of your biggest pro-black babblers online as the method for finally getting black people on code.  And at one point when this conversation first started developing steam, I was like…well, damn…maybe this is what will cause black people to finally get on code so that every pro-black babbler can finally march up and down these social media streets in a pro-black ticker tape parade.  But nah B. Things are never that simple with black people.

This is why I also say the idea of pan-Africanism is complete bullshit.  For those of you who don’t know exactly what pan-Africanism is by definition, well, pan-Africanism is the principle or advocacy of the political union of all the indigenous inhabitants of Africa.  Or another way to put it, it’s a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent. Basically, it’s just an ideology to unite knee grows under the flag of mainly skin color, that’s it.  Like I said in my video about Talib, history, borders, language, cultures, lineage, none of that matters to a pan-Africanist. It’s all about “we both black, we supposed to be united.” That’s the concept. Well, if that’s the case, it seems a bit of an oxymoron to be a pan-Africanist who wants to unite all black people under the banner of shared skin color but then vehemently oppose these skinfolks who fly their ADOS banner in the sky.  I mean, it just doesn’t even make sense to me when it comes to people like Talib Kweli.

Regardless, this is just another reason as to why black society as a whole sucks.  Niggas who descended from American slaves can’t even come together in unison to pursue reparations.  My goodness. Just pathetic. This is why you have no choice but to go out there and do what you have to do to get your life in the best position you possibly can.  You don’t have a choice. Like I said, if you are honestly going to be sitting around hoping and wishing black people finally come together to unite like Voltron, your life is about to continuing sucking more than it probably is now.  You have to go out there and get it how you live and not depend on black people to provide aid, regardless of if that aid is financial or just in spirit. This is just sad all the way around.

But you know who I feel sorry for the most in all of this?  Pookie. 😂 Pookie is sitting around with his eyes wide open seeing reparation checks falling out of the sky right now.  He’s so caught up in the dream of cashing a reparations check that he can’t see all of the chaos going on around him in these discussions.  Once he finally snaps up out of his trance of magical checks falling out of the sky, Pookie might need to go on suicide watch after a great bout of depression seeps into him to realize that the Pookie-lifestyle is not about to pay off with a free check at the end of the day and that Pookie should have gave up his Pookie-isms and adopted the mindset of the triple digit IQ knee grows running around who got their education and learned a valuable in demand skill that could possibly help elevate them out the shitty situations they may be stuck in now.  That’s who I feel sorry for at the end of day…Pookie. His hopes are just too sky high right now under the belief that Pookie-ism is about to finally pay off any day now.

Your favorite mulatto.
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