Black People are Too Emotional to Be Taken Seriously

Black people are so easy to mess with and get upset. It doesn’t matter how many pictures of white people wearing blackface come out, or how many fashion designers designing suspect racist clothes, or how many random white people calling the cops over trivial b.s. videos come out, or how many random white people do some culture vulture stuff; black people react the exact same way each and every single time like clockwork.  Literally, each and every single time something “new” makes the rounds on social media, it’s like an automatic switch goes off in black people’s brains to cause them to uncontrollably react the exact same way each and time. Black people’s reactions are so predictable that it’s gotten to the point that I think white people are just legit trolling black people just to get a rise out of watching black people fly off the hinges every single day. What else could it be at this point? It reminds me of that one bully in school who keeps picking on that one kid every single day because that one kid never defends himself and just runs off to cry. At that point, the bully doesn’t even have to be physically abusive to the kid.  The bully could just walk up the kid and say BOO and the kid will run off uncontrollably crying because he’s been trained to do so. This is pretty much what’s taking place amongst black people these days on social media. White people are probably sitting around getting drunk and say, “HEY BUD! HOW MUCH YOU WANNA BET WE CAN GO VIRAL AND PISS BLACK PEOPLE OFF AT THE SAME!!” And like clockwork, black people’s feels fly all over the place. Another thing is, a lot of you all are under the belief that you think causing white people to go viral is going to permanently hurt them. No it’s not. If it was, then white people wouldn’t continue to do this stuff, but they do because there is a legit enjoyment in trolling black people in America because black people literally react the same way each and every time as if what they are seeing is the first time they have ever saw this thing.

But this predictable reaction isn’t just reserved for racist troll shit that white people do. This same overly emotional predictable reaction happens amongst black people too, especially in relation to this ADOS/reparations topic.

So you all know that ADOS & reparations have been lighting up black social media for about a month and some change now to the point where the convos are reaching the ears of people running for President. The very same predictable overly emotional reaction that white people can bring out of black people every other day is taking place even amongst these ADOS/reparations discussions.  I was watching Oshay’s latest sunday rumble where the lead off was Xanatos Clutch and the title of the show was called THE FUTURE IS NOT #ADOS but #MULATTO.

As I’m watching his show, it’s comment after comment of over emotional knee grows crying about who should and shouldn’t be counted as ADOS, who should and shouldn’t get reparations, and just a whole bunch of crying.  And what I found funny is, knee grows are literally getting super emotional to the point where knee grows want to end friendships and fight or “pull up” on people like Pookie said he would do to me over a subject that hasn’t even been approved by lawmakers to kick off an official study. Knee grows are crying about who gets a check and who isn’t ADOS, but there hasn’t even been a piece of legislation passed to initiate an official study on the subject in the first damn place. And for those of you thinking, “MAN YOU WAS CRYING TOO ABOUT WHO CAN AND CAN’T GET REPARATIONS!”, technically I was, you would be correct. But I’m honestly not sitting up here placing all of my hopes and prayers into any form of reparations being granted AT ALL. So my so-called “crying” doesn’t even matter because I don’t see ANY OF US getting reparations period.  But for those of you so strong-minded under the belief that reparations WILL HAPPEN in your lifetime and you all are running around social media crying over who can’t get it or who can’t claim ADOS, this shit is mad hilarious B. It’s hilarious because once again, this subject has black people flying over the edge off of just a discussion. Black people are all up online deleting all of their African and Caribbean Facebook friends and throwing away their jerk chicken and Bob Marley CDs.

What’s even funnier is how white people will eventually join in to troll black people even more.  What I mean is, you’ll probably have a whole bunch of white people in the coming months talking about reparations and some of them might even say that they support it, but don’t expect them to actually vote for it.  Then you’ll have some white people talking about reparations and hinting at the possibility of black people possibly getting them just to see black people run back to social media and lose their damn minds. That’s kind of what I see taking place in the coming months. White folks are going to start trolling these reparation topics by talking about how and why black people should get it, followed by endless reasons of why black people won’t get it just so that they can see black people lose their shit on social media as if this is another picture of a white person posing in black face that’s gone viral.  And like clockwork, black people’s switch in the brain will be flicked on and boom, it’ll be the same ole same ole. That’s what I think is going to happen as this ADOS and reparations thing gets bigger. Hell, I even predict Africans and Caribbean knee grows joining the trolling festivities just to watch American blacks predictably lose their shit. Seriously, black people are just way too overly emotional to the point where there’s not much room for logic to kick in to help a black person analyze something to see what may really be going on and how to appropriately react if a reaction is even warranted.

Your favorite mulatto.
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