The Desire to Save Pookie & Ray Ray

When a black person is accused of cooning, black people have no problem with immediately cutting that person off (or that’s what they pretend to do online).  But when you get to talking about how black society should cut Pookie and Ray Ray off, knee grows immediately run into the closest broom closet and emerge with their super knee grow tights on with their capes flapping hard in the wind to save these people.  Why? Why do black people love Pookie and Ray Ray so much?

Now I stated before that most of you adore Pookie and Ray Ray because they are your friends, family, significant others, baby mama, baby daddy or you actually are Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha.  But I find that so ironic considering that all of these so-called coons you all are quick to banish are pretty much the same people. They are your friends, family, significant others, baby mama, baby daddy or they are you.  What’s crazy is, black people at least have a clear understanding of who Pookie and Ray Ray are when people say those names, but when it comes to calling other black people a coon, well, there is no clear description for one because literally at any minute over the slightest disagreement with another black person, one of those black people could be labeled a coon in an instance.  BTo be labeled a Pookie and Ray Ray, a black person usually has to put in a significant amount of years of Pookie and Ray Ray-esque work meaning, it’s not about how you dress or how you talk, it’s really about your overall demeanor and outlook on life which can take years to develop. Some would say that could be applicable to a coon, but in this day and age I beg to differ. I’ve said this numerous times, if 2 black people are arguing over if whether peanut butter tastes better than jelly, that could result in a black person immediately being labeled a coon. That’s just how silly the coon-calling is these days.  To be labeled a Pookie and Ray Ray, that label comes about after years of a person demonstrating in their life that they really aren’t about shit and have very little plans of becoming something other than that.

Regardless, I just find it amazing how black people will throw on the capes to fly around the hood making excuses for every Pookie and Ray Ray they see when somebody like me gets to talking about them because these super knee grows have somehow convinced themselves that these ain’t shit Pookies and Ray Rays are legit going to get their lives together one day when everyday you can run into 50leven old ass Pookies and Ray Rays who were once young Pookies and Ray Rays which completely destroys the argument about holding out faith for some random and Pookie and Ray Ray to get their lives together.  It’s just truly amazing to witness at times.

Here’s the reality for why so many black people cape for Pookie and Ray Ray and are quick to label other coons, and this is probably more accurate than the familial or social relationship that people may have with a Pookie or Ray Ray.  The reason so many black people are quick to cape for Pookie and Ray Ray is because the majority of these people flapping their capes in the wind are broke, or if they are not broke-broke, they are just 1 or 2 paychecks away from having to resort to a Pookie and Ray Ray lifestyle.

In my reparations lottery blog, I made mention of how when people play the lottery they get to fantasizing about all of the stuff they are going to buy, the places they are going to visit and I also stated how every black person who gets caught up in lottery fever always say this one line in particular. Every black person who has dreams of hitting the Powerball are always quick to fantasize about packing up their shit and moving clean the hell away from niggas.  And for black people who do actually win the lottery, what’s the very first thing they do? They pack their shit up and head for the hills to be around all of those big bad scary white supremacist they cry about online all day. Y’all know I’m telling the truth. As much as you all want to deny it, let some life changing money fall into your lap one day, the very first thing 99% of you are going to do is get as far away from niggas as you possibly can. Sure, you’ll come back to visit, but you’ll be damned if you live amongst these knee grows and guess what, it doesn’t even matter if you live in a bad or good community that is predominately black. Damn near every last one of you will drop everything to be on the first thing smoking to get away from other black people as soon as some life changing money comes into your possession and all of this caping for Pookie and Ray Ray will go right out the window.  That’s what’s going to happen. As much as you want to deny what I’m saying to be true to save face, that’s fine I guess, but reality is, that is what is more than likely going to happen. So, you can jump in the comments defending Pookie and Ray Ray all you want because chances are you have no choice but to defend them because you are just 1 or 2 paychecks away from resorting to living out that Pookie and Ray Ray lifestyle that you so desperately don’t want to be a part of, but let a life changing check hit that bank account, your days of emerging from broom closets to flap your super knee grow cape in the wind will officially be over. You will be right up in the whitest community you can afford kicking back talking about, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM NIGGAS! HOW COME THEY CAN’T GET THEIR LIVES STRAIGHT! WHY THEY GOTS TA BLAME EVERYTHING ON THE WHITE MAN ALL OF THE TIME!” That is who you will become.

Anyway, I just wanted to share those quick thoughts with you all before you head out on your mission to fly around the hood looking for a Pookie, Ray Ray or Bonquisha who is in distress.

Your favorite mulatto.
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