Black Women’s Rivalry with Latinas

By:  Black Conservative (@BlackConservative93)

The Grapevine has a religious viewing on YouTube as I see millennials define blackness. Often times I disagree with their message as black men are allowed to be blamed for colorism, sexism and patriarchy. The problem is their casting as it is overpopulated with black women who identify as the stereotypical black feminists. They do not believe in gender roles meanwhile moan about how the community is broken at the same time.

So of course, I am cursing at my screen on why no black women sees conservatism as an option. Black women put themselves into many social battles, which at the end of the day does not even benefit them. Time and time again their tokenism has led to their downfall & erasure of the movement.

Anyways, I saw my notification on my phone to see this week’s topic on the relationship between the Latinx and black communities. Ironically, I got in an argument a week prior with a Puerto Rican co-worker. Honestly, I assumed she was a regular black girl because that was what most men saw her as, in addition she has a genetic Anglo-Saxon name, so I did not understand why she was so offended in calling her black. In glaring at her Facebook photos, I did see resemblance of her Latin ethnicity. I let the argument go, it felt inconclusive to even debate her lineage when I am solely judging based off of perspective. Whether she is just a Latina or Afro-Latina did not really matter because with her community they take pride in cultural appropriation of African American culture, yet are very offended with being confused as a black. Their self-esteem is measured by their beauty over black people. They are the acceptable people of color with silky hair, fair skin and their vast Latin and Native American heritage.

Her denial of blackness bothered me more as she did her best to attract black women. Oh, the irony because despite her lightly brown skin, broad nose and thick lips may have turned off many white Latinas. I saw through her fake wokeness and love for black people as a result to exile from her community. I realized that calling that out was pointless. Why does a Latin lesbian need to be on my team for black liberation when she sees black people’s untamed sexuality as a conquest, yet fails to understand the racism myself and other black men go through. This is where our so-called allies fail.

The lesson is that some nationalities are too far gone. Second generation Americans whose parents are from the Caribbean are born into a self-hating/anti-black family. My half brother is Afro-Latino, he is fair-skinned and has a god-complex thinking that he is better than African Americans. He brags about how he is attracted to black women and takes joy in surprising his friends on how much he despises them, while parading around white women, yet he is not in the position to talk shit when he is really just looking for women to leech off of in their house.

Being allies, yet alone having relatives who are Afro-Latinos is a headache. You have to put up with their mixed race as a bragging right as being dark-skinned and African descent is shunned. Despite both of my parents being black, my father did tell me recently that he was not my mother’s ideal type as she preferred Hispanic men, hence the birth of my half-brother. I could even recall my mother bragging about how her lineage expanded to Venezuela. I never really cared for my non-black relatives because I never saw them nor did they even reached out to me.

The Latinx community is complex and undefined as dark-skinned members can also deny their blackness, yet are surprised when their fair-skinned relatives treat them differently. The thing that the black community lacks in getting foreign POC into our circles is that we are cultureless. In grade school black students are taught Spanish as a way to get out more and see the world that they cannot explore. Latin literature, history and geography are held in high regards, meanwhile black history is still too controversial to be a part of the curriculum.

Pro-blacks are left confused as to why black people who have low self-esteem are quick to coon or sell themselves out of the community. The simple answer is that greatness cannot be spoken out of existence. Yes, we can debate that the ancient Egyptians were black, but what does that do for the unconscious black youth? Nothing. The greatest of Africa has expired and black people literally have to make up their own happiness through inaccurate visions of Africa or some melanated kingdom untouched by white people. So of course, the self-hate is going to fester into appearance, hence why my half-brother can see more beauty in a white women, yet not too long ago he was a pro-black telling me that white people are the devil.

This is where I have my problems with black men’s lust for Latinas as discussed on The Grapevine. Asking a black man what’s his type of woman is opening a can filled with self-hate and colorism for the most part. He wants a light-skinned woman with a big ass or a mixed girl who is not too ghetto, yet his favorite fantasy is a Latina who knows her place as a woman, meaning giving stereotypical Latin spice and attitude. I will not go as far to say that black men cater to these women more as in relation to the Cyn Montana controversy. It is just that black men value them more sexually because of the isolation of the black community. How lucky does the project kid have to be to get a chance at going to Brazil or Dominican Republic? These women are rare and black women are shocked they are losing in the dating game when black men see black women everyday.

The greatest edge that Latinas have is their love for men and their culture. This is new for black men as they are leaving their mother’s homes with a bad taste believing that they are not wanted by black women. It is bad enough that black women have the loudest mouth in the world and do not submit to men or think that being nice is for ‘weak-minded white women’, yet come to social media in tears on why they are getting no matches on eHarmony or Tinder….

The average profile on dating apps by black women are lazy and thoughtless. It is mostly two pictures from a poor quality camera phone with no words for the bio. Even for me, matching with black girls is a hassle as they show little interest in holding a conversation. They care more about gaining a Snapchat or Instagram following. I am even running into girls who use dating apps for a plug (buy drugs). So spare me the “I am rejected by my own men because I am dark-skinned” fake woke jive.

Loving a black woman is a social experiment. Black women are coming from a house that is poverty-stricken and men are coming in and out that house. I been through the mental breakdowns from black women and the rollercoaster of a ride that I have to go through to love them. My ex was a testimony to that as she was a sadden girl who was molested as a child and raped. She never loved and stabs men in the back. Black women are so used to leading the “I am unloved” conversations that they always ignore the frustrations that black men go through. When blerds were creating forums about their rejection, black women “female-splained” the conversation as an anti-black woman attack.

Latinas are smart in playing the dating game as they too are aware of the gender riffs in the black community. In retrospect, I would call this “throwaway dating culture” as rejected classes of the Latinx and black communities are dating each other for social acceptance. I do not know what black women consider as catering, but black men are not going to be hopeless romantics for black women who want to be matriarchal.

The bigger picture is not that black women are losing black male celebrities to Latinas and white women, rather it is their own narcissism that keeps black women single and forever unhappy. When black women cannot see black men for the most part dating and marrying black women in the majority, despite their attitudes and poor reciprocation to submission then at least be grateful. But no, not even the black women on The Grapevine were satisfied with that as the panel believed that most of the women in that statistic were self-identified as black women and maybe Afro-latinas or other women of color. I am done.

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