Do Black People Just Simply Want a Reparations Check?

I don’t want to keep beating this subject into the ground, but I just have to find out what the true motivations are for a lot of these people who have hopped on the ADOS bandwagon out of the blue.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to reparations and I don’t have any problems with Yvette Carnell or Tone Talks when they present their case for reparations. My problem resides with the followers of Yvette & Tone.  I’ve already talked about the possibility of the most ignorant becoming the face of ADOS as this movement potentially gets bigger & bigger and I’ve already talked about if whether or not Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha even deserve to get reparations in the first.  And for those of you pretending like you don’t who Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha are representatives of when people say those names…just stop playing dumb. It’s either you are playing dumb or you are not an ADOS in the first place. Every ADOS knows damn well who people are referring to when black people say Pookie, Ray Ray and some random ghetto fabulous name for a hood rat chick.  So let’s just stop acting brand new.

What I want to talk about now in reference to ADOS is whether or not black people who are overly emotional about this subject these days really care about the intended purpose of reparations being paid or are they more fascinated about the possibility of money falling out of the sky.  In my last ADOS article, I briefly explained that the purpose is to help close the racial wealth gap and to use those resources to help black people establish generational wealth so that future generations could benefit, not necessarily you.  That is the true purpose of reparations. What I’m wondering now is if black people even care about the true purpose in the first place? Oh sure, ADOS people will declare that they do care and some of you legitimately may actually care. But what I also see in my comments on my YouTube channel about this subject is a bunch of you telling me that “YOU NEED TO STOP POCKET WATCHING! WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHO CAN’T AND CAN’T GET A CHECK! WHO ARE YOU TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY CAN AND CAN’T DO WITH THEIR MONEY!”  My last 2 ADOS videos are flooded with those kinds of comments which leads me to believe that these people are more than likely under the belief that reparations will actually be paid in the form of a check in the first place. I could see if they were arguing me down about saying, “WHO ARE YOU DECIDE WHO CAN AND CAN’T GET ACCESS TO THESE REPARATION RESOURCES!” because that would lead me to believe that they are of the mindset that they aren’t actually expecting reparations to be paid in the form of a check, but more than likely they are expecting it to be paid in the form of a social or systemic program like black people being allowed to attend any tech school or college they get accepted into for free.  I could see if they were saying that in reference to me when I was going on about Pookie and Ray Ray, but no…that’s not what most did who took offense to my video. The majority of them all up in their feels specifically made mention of money and checks despite me saying repeatedly that more than likely reparations wouldn’t be paid in the form of a check. But then they’ll probably say, “WELL YOU KEPT MENTIONING MONEY!”, too which I did, but I was simply expounding upon the Dave Chappelle skit in some ways to point out what would more than likely happen. I wasn’t being literal in thinking that black people would receive a check.

But regardless of that, here’s what I’m curious to know: would black people prefer an actual check over systemic benefits?  If the government said tomorrow that all ADOS people can go to college or tech school for free for the next 300 years as the official reparations payment, how many black people would be pissed off and not take advantage because they would prefer to see a check?  What if the government said, for the next 300 years ADOS people do not have to pay taxes, how many black people would be pissed off because they would prefer to see a check? What if the government said starting tomorrow, every ADOS person will automatically qualify for a $100k loan that doesn’t have to be paid back so that you can use that loan to start a business or buy a house, how many black people would be pissed off because they didn’t receive a check?  Do you all see where I’m going with this?

Is the current popularity about the ADOS movement really about making America pay to right the wrongs inflicted upon American slaves or is this really about the descendants of American slaves hoping they win the reparations lottery?  When I see people seriously catching feels when I start talking about a check, it makes me wonder how many people are truly in support of ADOS because they are currently sitting around their house fantasizing about all of the things they could buy if the Publisher’s Clearing House guy showed up to their front door to present to them a big ass reparations check.  You know how when the Powerball creeps up to around $300 to $500 million and everybody and their mama hits the corner store to buy a ticket and then everybody and their mama spends the next day or so before the drawing talking about all of the stuff they are going to buy, places they are going to go and how they are going to pack their stuff and leave every broke raggedy knee grow behind? We all do that.  That is exactly what I imagine taking place when people in the comments get excited over the possibility of reparations. The number of people I see getting excited over the possibility of free education, being exempt from paying taxes or getting a free housing or business loan that doesn’t have to be paid back or any other form of social/systemic reparations fails miserably in comparison to the number of people I see getting excited over the possibility of a literal check being deposited into their bank accounts.

And you know what, this can actually be proven.

I don’t know if they do this in your state, but at least down here in Florida they do this. There is some type of program out there targeted towards low income people to where these people are given free tuition of sorts to attend a tech school to learn some type of trade and as part of this program, the student gets a stipend.  I’ve had a relative or 2 do this, so I know this is true. What ends up happening in a lot of instances is that these students will show up for the first week or so of class and then drop out. The reason they would drop out is because the full stipend would be paid all at once within the first week or so of class. So people would literally just sign up to go to class just to collect that $1000 or so stipend.  Now I keep saying “people” on purpose because the program is open to all races, but best believe the majority of the people attending and dropping out were of the knee grow persuasion. But here’s the problem, if these people had of just attended the class and got their certification, they would probably get hired at a job where they could possibly be making more than over the long term than quick $1000 bucks or so they came up off of. But the other problem is, these knee grows don’t have long term vision.  It’s kind of like that math problem we were told in middle school where the teacher says, you have an option of getting $50K in cash right now or I’ll pay you a penny doubled everyday for 30 days. Instead of a middle school kid doing the quick math to see that a penny doubled everyday for 30 days comes out to be over $5M, all they see is a penny at the beginning being compared up against $50K in cash. The same mentality prevails for these people who sign up for these classes only to drop out after the first week or 2 once that stipend is paid out.

So it makes me wonder how many people are looking at reparations in the same manner of the penny being doubled everyday for 30 days or are they looking at it from the $50K angle of reparations coming in the form of a check?  Are knee grows who claim to be so passionate about the ADOS movement really passionate about reparations being used to help make right the wrongs done onto black society which has kept black society socioeconomically in dire straits, or are knee grows simply passionate about what a reparations check could do for their lives right now if a check was bestowed upon them?

Your favorite mulatto.
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