Should Pookie & Ray Ray Get Reparations?

So apparently I made a lot of ADOS people mad in regards to my commentary on my last ADOS video where I was talking about if whether or not Pookie & Ray Ray will become the face of the ADOS movement.  I got all of the stereotypical responses from being called a coon, to a sellout, to people telling that I’m not black etc., but here’s the thing, all of that name calling doesn’t even bother me.  What truly bothers me is the amount of excuses black people will come up with to cape for Pookie and Ray Ray in addition to black people feeling as if they have to drag these Pookies and Ray Rays along in life. What I mean is, there were quite a few people in my comments talking about how Pookie and Ray Ray deserve reparations because they are the result of decades long abuse from white supremacy (to which I call b.s. on).  But here’s the thing, never once in that video did I ever say that Pookie and Ray Ray DON’T deserve reparations. I never even made mention of that. All I said is, as the ADOS movement gets bigger and more mainstream, don’t be surprised if Pookie and Ray Ray somehow become the face of ADOS as opposed to people like Yvette Carnell, Tone Talks, Dr. Claud Anderson or other ADOS people who can fully articulate the ideology behind the movement.  And the reason Pookie and Ray could become the face is because once Pookie and Ray Ray realize they can get some tv time or go viral on social media off a video they upload to where they are talking in the most ignorant and inarticulate manner about ADOS, well what will more than likely happen is, their face and words will be plastered all over the place to where those on the outside of ADOS looking in will see this as nothing but a mockery. That is already somewhat taking place right now with black journalists going on tv calling ADOS a bunch of bots.  So what makes you think this sort of thing won’t happen once Pookie and Ray Ray catch wind of ADOS and decide that they want to voice their inarticulate opinions on the subject?

Regardless of if Pookie and Ray Ray inadvertently become the face of ADOS, my question to you all is, why do so many black people continually cape for and continually try to drag Pookie & Ray Ray along as if you all honestly believe that your stereotypical Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha are going to finally wake up and get their shit together?  Why?

Some dude in my comments told me that Pookie and Ray Ray aren’t men yet, but once they grow up to become men, they will abandon their Pookie and Ray Ray mentality and get on with the business of being meaningful contributors to the black community.  I responded back to this dude and told him that Pookie and Ray Ray never grow up. Hardly any of them ever escape the Pookie and Ray Ray mentality. Most of them will go to their grave living out the the life of a stereotypical Pookie and Ray Ray.  And the thing that irks me about this is that, you all know this to be true. Damn near every last of you has a Pookie and Ray Ray in your family and that nigga has been on some Pookie and Ray Ray shit for years. That person has never demonstrated that he or she is about anything in life other than engaging in some hood nigga activities.  You all know this stuff. If these Pookies and Ray Rays are about 16 years old, chances are you will watch grow up to become an old version of a Pookie and Ray Ray. As a matter of fact, a lot of you have some old ass Pookies, Ray Rays and Bonquishas in your family who are in their 40s, 50s & beyond who have been engaged in the same hoodrat stuff since they were teens. But yet in your mind, too many of you honestly believe that these people will change and become an asset to the progression of black society.  No the hell they are not. For every 1 Pookie and Ray Ray who does decide to get his life together, you’ll have about 5000 Pookies and Ray Rays behind him who decide they are going to ride this Pookie and Ray Ray thing out to the very end. And stop acting like I’m lying. You can drive through any predominately black community anywhere in America and you will see this taking place in real time.

The problem is, too many of you grew up around Pookie, Ray Ray, and Bonquisha and they are your friends, family, you dated them or you have children with them so you feel that you must drag these people along even if they all out refuse to get their lives together.  Trust me, I have a few of them in my own family and I once upon a time was that dude holding out hope that some of these knee grows would get their shit together. But the difference between you and me is that I’m not afraid to cut them loose. I’m just not. I’ll speak to them and visit them every now and then but I’m not about waste unnecessary time trying to get them to give up their Pookie and Ray Ray lifestyle when I know damn well they don’t want to regardless of what I can teach them or show to where they don’t have to be engaged in that hoodrat shit.  But far too many of you out there feel like you have to keep holding out faith in these people when you know damn well you are wasting your energy and you could be putting that energy into something or somebody more constructive….like yourself.

So now I want to revisit this whole reparations thing where people assumed that I was saying that Pookie and Ray Ray shouldn’t get reparations when I clearly never said that…well, here’s the thing…

Exactly who do Pookie and Ray Ray need reparations? Why?

I already know most of you out there are going to say, “BECAUSE THEY’S BLACK AND THEY’S DESCENDED FROM SLAVES…THEY’S NEED REPARATIONS TOO!”  OK. But why them? And the reason I’m asking this is because you all know damn well what they are going to do with reparations (assuming that reparations comes in the form of a check, which it’s not).  But let’s just assume reparations did come in the form of check, let me ask you all this: exactly what is the purpose of reparations in the first damn place? Some of you will say to collect payment for all of the forced free labor our enslaved ancestors endured, to which is partially correct.  But the other main reason for reparations is to use access to these “funds” to close the wealth gap. This check or the money put into specific programs to benefit those of us who descended from American slaves should be utilized to help begin the process to establishing generational wealth which would help to elevate ADOS to being on a closer playing field with white society and everybody in the socioeconomic game.  Now, let me ask you all this: exactly what is generational wealth?

Generational wealth by definition is an aspect of financial planning that is geared toward passing down stable, significant resources to future generations.  

That means, a man or a woman essentially spends his or her life working to either build something, create something or invest in something that can produce a significant monetary value that can be PASSED ON to FUTURE GENERATIONS.  Take for instance Paris Hilton, the heiress of the Hilton Hotel empire. Paris Hilton has a net worth of around $300M and ever since she was a baby she hasn’t had to do a damn thing in her life. Why? Because somebody in her family decided to start a hotel business that went on to become one of the biggest hotel companies in the world and generated so much damn money that generations later, people like Paris could be set for life.  Now granted, her example is an extreme, but you can even apply to this people who live in the suburbs who pass down properties to their kids to where the kids turn those properties in rental properties or sell them for profit to where those funds could be used to pay off college debts for their kids etc.

I say all of that to say this in reference to Pookie and Ray Ray in regards to reparations as it directly relates to establishing generational wealth: do you honestly think Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha are thinking about some damn generational wealth?  Do you? No they are not. To prove it, there are people in the comments section on my last ADOS video talking about how I shouldn’t be pocket watching and that Pookie and Ray Ray can do whatever they want with their money. While it is true that they can do whatever they want with their money, why would you want to give them access to reparations to where they COULD do whatever they wanted when you know damn well what they are more than likely going to do and it has absolutely nothing to do with establishing generational wealth or trying to close the racial wealth gap?  If you are truly one of these knee grows running around on social media pretending to be pro-black and care about the forward progression of black society, then why in the hell would you advocate for the worst of black society to get access tp reparations when you know damn well nothing good is going to be of that money, and once again, this all under the assumption that reparations would come in the form of a check..which it more than likely won’t by the way. Still, why would you advocate for them knowing damn well that that money is going to be tricked off on some nigga trinkets.


You know what, we need more people like me to tell they can’t.  We need more people like me to tell Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha to hop their asses up out of the reparations line and turn that “check” over to a black person who is more mentally and financially responsible to manage that “money” for the overall benefit and progression of black society.  We nee way more people thinking like me than we need of people who think like you all who are just cool with letting these potential reparations get tossed in the air at the strip club or on some rims and weave bundles. That’s what we need. We need more black people kicking Pookie and Ray Ray to the side and telling them to shut the hell up and let grown folks talk so that grown folks can go about the business of getting black society in order and on a progressive track because way too many of you have been caping for Pookie and Ray Ray for so damn long now that you all just blindly accept the foolishness they add to black culture.  So yeah, you all can call me an elitist…fine, I’ll be all of that. As a matter of fact, I think it’s time black society officially revisits bringing back the Talented Tenth to separate the single digit IQ knee grows from the triple digit IQ knee grows. I think it’s time to start drawing lines in the sand even amongst ADOS people to separate the Pookies, Ray Rays and Bonquishas from the intelligent, thinking knee grows running around who don’t place all of their self worth into nigga trinkets and weave bundles. And if they ever do pass out a reparations check, I don’t think any knee grow who possesses a Pookie or Ray Ray mentality or lifestyle should get a check at all.

The only form of reparations Pookie, Ray Ray or Bonquisha should get is a voucher allowing them to attend a tech school to learn a valuable in-demand trade to where they can possibly learn something so that they can become a legit asset to black society moving forward instead of just continuing to remain a drag that way too many of you out there feel need to dragged along for the ride.

But like I said, if reparations are ever paid, it’s not coming in the form of a check in the first damn place, so I guess we actually won’t have to worry about Pookie tossing his reparations money up in the air or posing for money phone pictures.  Regardless of all of that, Pookie and Ray Ray are essentially dead weight that black society as a whole is just continuing to drag along. Cut them loose and let them fend for themselves and you get to the business of being a productive member of black society with a skill set that black society can benefit from and then get to the business of moving black society forward.  Let Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha continue to roam around hoodratville doing whatever they hell they do up in there. Stop trying to cape for and save these people when it’s beyond clear that they add no value to the progression of black society at all.

Your favorite mulatto.
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