Is There a War on Straight Alpha Black Men?

I wrote a blog a while ago titled Tough Online, Weak Offline where I was talking about how pro-blacks love to go out of their way to instill irrational fears into black people to make it seem like some boogie man white supremacists is coming to get you at in minute.  Well, I want to show you an example of these irrational fears.

If for some chance you have no idea as to who Phil of the Advise Show is, he’s probably the biggest black YouTuber in the YouTube negrosphere meaning, he probably has the most followers (over 1 million) in regards to the pro-black content he creates.  I say that because there are other black YouTubers bigger than him, but chances are they aren’t talking about pro-black stuff. So for him to hit 1 million subs off of pro-black content is rather impressive. But regardless, this tweet is just a glaring example of a pro-black attempting to instill irrational fears into black people.

First of all, he says “THIS IS WHAT WHITE SUPREMACY WANTS FOR BLACK MEN.  THE WAR ON STRAIGHT ALPHA BLACK MEN IS TO DESTROY US AS A PEOPLE.” Now, as much pro-black babble as I have been listening to over the years, I could have sworn that according to pro-black babblers, white supremacy simply just wanted to eradicate all black people at the end of the day.  I didn’t realize that white supremacy was out there promoting desires for black men to wear dresses somehow surpassed the belief that white supremacy simply wanted all black men to just vanish from the face of the earth. Maybe I missed the memo on that one…who knows.

As far as this being a war on straight alpha black men, according to all of the pro-black babble I’ve entertained over the years, this dude Billy Porter wouldn’t even be considered an alpha black man in the first place because let the babblers tell it, all gay men are considered to be beta.  Now, I have no clue who Billy Porter is nor do I know his sexuality, but I’m just going to assume he’s playing for the other team by way of him wearing this dress concoction…but I could be wrong, but then again, I have no real desire to investigate beyond this picture. Regardless of all that, most pro-blacks consider gay men to be beta males anyway. So I fail to see how the image of a so-called beta male is somehow initiating a war against so-called straight alpha black men.

Next Phil says Bill Clinton and the Democratic crime bill caused fatherless households, which is true to a degree because niggas were getting locked up left and right over some rather trivial offenses.  But here’s the problem, we’re damn near a whole generation removed from that era and while the effects of that era still linger, you can’t fully contribute the high rate of fatherless households in the present to something that took place damn near a generation ago.  In the present there are still a bunch of knee grows running around knocking up black women all willy nilly with no intentions of being in the lives of these women or the kids they helped to create. The out of wedlock birthrate is still above 70% in the black community.  The percent of single black mothers is around 65%. So you mean to tell me that just within the last 20 years that every kid born in 1999 and beyond to where the out of wedlock birth rate is above 70% and the single black mother rate is around 65% is a result of the crime bill locking niggas up all willy nilly?  No. Just within the last 20 years it’s probably way more knee grows who got these chicks pregnant and bounced for whatever reason. About a month ago I wrote a blog talking about YouTuber Robert Perkins and lack of penis control to where he’s running around with 4 baby mamas and 5 kids with a 6th kid on the way from his soon to be 5th baby mama by the name of Cynthia G. So no, you can’t run around talking about how the crime bill is the reason why it’s so many fatherless households in black society.  You can possibly lay partial blame to that, but just within the last 20 years, it’s probably been way more knee grows pollinated chicks carelessly and not being around which created these fatherless homes than there have been of niggas getting locked up and involuntarily removed from their households.

Then Phil mentions integration to which I find rather funny coming from him of all people considering he’s married to a non-black woman.  How are you going to be up on these YouTube & Twitter streets preaching non-stop pro-black babble and talking about how integration is a cause for the destruction of straight alpha black men when you lay down and wake up next to a non-black woman every single day?  Now get it twisted, I don’t have any issues with interracial relationships or integration at all, but I do find it extremely hypocritical for probably the biggest pro-black YouTuber who goes on and on about white supremacy and keeping black families in tact etc. to be married to a non-black woman.  I find that aspect somewhat funny coming from a person like him.

Then Phil mentions GMOs which for those of you who don’t know what a GMO is, it stands for genetically modified organism.  Basically what happens is, scientists engineer the DNA of vegetables to make the vegetables resistant to diseases, droughts and attacks from bugs etc. The reason why this is done is because you knee grows gotta eat or you will die.  Meaning, when these farmers out in the midwest are growing crops, these crops are always under attack from mother nature somehow, whether mother nature is sending droughts to wipe these crops out, or whether it’s bugs coming to feast on these crops before you do, or whether it’s some type of disease infecting these crops or whatever. I’m not a scientist, that’s just my basic understanding of why GMOs exist in the first place.  GMOs exist to make sure that humans have a damn food supply at the end of the day so that you can enjoy your lettuce, tomatoes & pickles on your hamburger from Burger King. Are these modifications good for the human body over the long term? Once again, I’m not a scientist, so I have no idea. But so far, I see plenty of obese people walking around stuffing their faces who end up suffering from heart disease or diabetes.  Regardless of that, there are options to avoid GMOs that people can participate in. You can choose to eat strictly organic food which is sold in damn near every grocery store in America. One of the arguments against organic food is that it is pricey, which it could be if you are shopping from Whole Foods or some other high end organic grocery store. But even if you go to your local Kroger, Food Lion or whatever major supermarket is in your area, chances are they sell organic stuff and it’s priced around the same price as everything else.  I just bought some organic peanut butter about a week ago just to try it out and it was about the same price as every other brand of peanut butter. But let’s say that you live in a food desert where you don’t have access grocery stores like that, guess what, you can still engage in eating organic food by learning how to start a vegetable garden in your own backyard, or if you live in an apartment, you can do the same thing by learning how to start what they call a vertical vegetable garden. Basically, growing your own veggies…you can’t get more organic than that.  And guess what, there are a gazillion YouTube videos and blogs out there teaching you all how to do this stuff.

“B-B-BUT…if you live in a food desert, how you gonna get the supplies and seeds to grow your own food?!” SIMPLE…Amazon. Chances are if you live in a food desert, you still have access to the internet and chances are Amazon delivers in your area.  You can even order groceries from Amazon and they will deliver to milk and eggs to your house. You can hop on Amazon and find seeds etc and get your green thumb on till your heart’s content.  So I say all of that to say, you have options if you really want them. You are not pinned down to suffer at the fate of some mysterious boogey man white supremacist who wants you to consume an endless diet of GMOs.

But let’s get back to this dress thing real quick…

Phil purposely posted this picture to bring up the “black man in a dress” narrative that runs wild in Blackistan because apparently in Blackistan, a black man’s kryptonite is a damn dress. 😂  I’ll be 39 years old in a few weeks. In my almost 39 years of existence, I can honestly say that I have never had a desire to wear a dress and I can honestly say that imagery of other black men wearing dresses has never once influenced me to go out and find a dress to wear.  NOT ONCE. As a matter of fact, the first time I remember seeing a man in a dress that I was consciously aware of was probably RuPaul back in the early 90s when he first came out. Back then I was a pre-teen and his song Supermodel was all over the damn radio when it first came out.  You couldn’t avoid that song nor could you avoid seeing that music video nor could you avoid seeing his image on tv and magazines back then. Not once did I say to young 10 or 11 year old self that “MAN I CAN’T WAIT TILL I’M OLD ENOUGH TO WEAR A DRESS!” Not once. As a matter of fact, how many of you black men out there have ever been felt like you were being manipulated by the media to go out and wear a dress because some black male celebrity or entertainer was wearing one?  I don’t know of a single straight black man who has ever been influenced to wear a dress on account of the media showing a black man wearing a dress. I don’t even know of any young black boys who are influenced by this. So I fail to see how the image of a black man wearing a dress is causing potential chaos and destruction amongst black men in America.

But then some of you will be like, “THIS IS THE IMAGE THEY WANT TO PROMOTE WORLDWIDE TO HELP EMASCULATE BLACK MEN!” Then I’m like, for every one black male celebrity or entertainer you see wearing a dress, how many other black male celebrities or entertainers who stay in the media do you see wearing dresses?  It’s probably 1000 black male entertainers who don’t wear dresses for every 1 that you may see. Further, if you honestly believe that a black man wearing a dress is helping to destroy black manhood and black society, then black society was weak as hell in the first damn place.

At the end of the day nothing sends a pro-black babbler over the edge to pretend like black manhood and black society as a whole has reached extinction level event status than an image of some random black male entertainer popping up in a dress.  Cops killing black people, black men and women swirling…none of that compares to the destruction inflicted by a nigga wearing a dress. 😂

Your favorite mulatto.
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