Will Pookie & Ray Ray Become the Face of ADOS?

I was thinking about this whole ADOS movement that Yvette Carnell & Tone Talks have started and for those of you unfamiliar with what ADOS stands for, it stands for American Descendants of Slaves. The purpose of the movement is put together a justice claim in order for black Americans who descended from American slaves to be paid reparations.  The claim to get reparations is not so that black people can ball out of control, the claim is because essentially black Americans who descended from slaves are getting their asses kick socioeconomically from every angle. This butt kicking even includes Africans and Caribbean knee grows who immigrate over here kicking native black Americans butts to a degree, especially those Nigerians.  So in a nutshell, the whole movement is about getting monies owed to the ancestors of a group of people who were forced to work for free and their work literally caused the wheels to be put into motion to make America the richest country in the world. Of course you’ll have people saying “B-B-BUT…YOU DIDN’T PICK ANY COTTON, WHY SHOULD YOU GET PAID!” Yet meanwhile these very same people (mostly white people) are currently benefitting off of the economy, systems, benefits and generational wealth that was established for their white ancestors off the backs of black Americans’ ancestors.  I’m not about to give a whole lesson on this, Yvette does a pretty phenomenal job at laying out the reasons why, so go sub to her YouTube channel to get all of the details.

What I want to talk about in relation to the ADOS movement is if this movement will actually be taken seriously beyond the walls of black social media.  The reason I’m inquiring is not because of the black intellectuals who have been working tirelessly over the last few years or so to get this movement to where it currently is. I’m more concerned about the followers of the movement possibly causing the movement to not taken seriously.  What I mean is, once Pookie, Ray Ray & Bonquisha get hip to the ADOS movement, exactly what are they going to do? Are they going to fully immerse themselves into the issue to thoroughly learn the ins and outs so that they can possibly articulate it in an intelligible manner as to why the ADOS movement is in existence or are they going to hop on social media talking about “WHITEY NEEDS TA CUT ME A CHECK FOR SLAVERY!”

I’m wondering if there is going to be a Pookie or a Bonquisha out there who is going to hop on social media and began talking about reparations in the most ignorant of ways to where that ignorant ass delivery is what may potentially go viral and that ignorant ass Pookie or Bonquisha inadvertently becoming the face of the ADOS.  Sort of like how all of the extra ignorant niggas who jumped on the Black Lives Matter hashtag outshined the legit people to a degree. Just imagine ADOS becoming as big as Black Lives Matter in the coming years, then imagine a Fox news reporter running up to the first Pookie or Bonquisha they see to get their opinion on ADOS and reparations.  Now imagine Pookie or Bonquisha on the news saying something like “YEAH…UMMM….WE NEEDS REPARATIONS B/C UMMMM…WE TIRED OF BEING BROKE AND WHITEY NEED TO PAY US BECAUSE MY GREAT GREAT GRANDMA AND NEM WAS PICKING COTTON AND SHIT! I NEEDS TO GET MY CHECK! I GOT BILLS TO PAY NIGGA!” Then imagine that video running on Fox news in front of tens of millions of people only to be viewed hundreds of millions more times online once the internet gets a hold of it.  

That’s one of my concerns about ADOS, is damn Pookie, Ray Ray and Bonquisha turning it into a mockery whether they do it on purpose or not.  Once these types of movements are seen as a mockery due to either a few videos of a few degenerates going viral or a whole bunch of degenerates who start speaking on this issue without any in-depth understanding combined with the ability to articulate the argument, well, who’s going to take the movement seriously?  White folks already don’t want to give reparations to black people, so when they see Pookie & Ray Ray, it’s just going to further reinforce their belief that black people don’t deserve reparations. When some black people who are not of the Pookie and Ray Ray ilk but they aren’t really up on this ADOS thing either see Pookie and Ray Ray splainin’ ADOS before they ever discover Yvette Carnell, those black people are going to be turned off because they are not going to want to be associated with anything that they believe Pookie and Ray Ray are putting together.

I know Yvette Carnell and Tone Talks are out there telling Dr. Boyce Watkins to stay out of ADOS business because they see him as just an opportunist looking to ride the ADOS wave after he talked cold cash shit about them before the ADOS movement started to blow up some. I also know Yvette & Tone are going in on some of these black journalists, politicians and political talking heads who are accusing them of being twitter bots. But I think the biggest hurdle for ADOS to be taken seriously by the masses will be from within the ranks of ADOS itself as ADOS attracts more Pookies and Ray Rays who are simply just dreaming about the day a check falls into their lap so that they can go on a nigga trinket shopping spree.  That’s where I see ADOS biggest problem coming from and who may potentially cause more damage to the message than any black talking head or journalist could do. If I’m out here trying to build an ADOS army to fight for reparations but the most ignorant of my army is constantly running their mouths about the movement in the most ignorant and inarticulate way to where their ignorance is possibly attracting more attention than the brightest of the movement who can thoroughly articulate the movement, then at that point, what does this movement begin to look like to those on the outside looking in? It begins to look like a movement full of a bunch of hoodrats and hood niggas begging for a check so they can go on a hoodrat and hood nigga shopping spree.  Once they become the face of the movement by way of the media purposely highlighting them to be the face or by Pookie & Ray Ray using their social media to unintelligently talk about ADOS which results in their social medias getting a lot of attention, then ADOS runs the risk of not being taken seriously at all. Once you get the stain of Pookie and Ray Ray on you, it’s hard to wash that off.

I think those who are serious about ADOS being taken seriously in the fight to get reparations need to seriously consider the possible effects of Pookie & Ray Ray inadvertently becoming the face of ADOS once a Pookie and Ray Ray video talking about ADOS goes viral or a random media company purposely finds a Pookie and Ray Ray to put on national tv to explain the purpose of ADOS.

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