The Great Colorism War Within the Black Community

I think at this point that a lot of you all just refuse to be honest about how this world gets down for fear of trying to save face for whatever little bit of pride you may have.  But then again, I think a lot of you all honestly love this type of discussion because these types of discussions allow for you to feel and pretend to be seen as something online that you are clearly not seen as in real life.

So on my last video I was talking about Pookie and Ray Ray possibly becoming the face of ADOS and a chick named Rhonda Ryder decided to kick off some colorism beef with me.  So Rhonda’s first comment to me was…

She says “kind of like a mulatto becoming a leader within the black sector”….ummm Rhonda Ryder, I don’t know where you have been since you were aware of your own existence in life, but mulattos have been the leaders in the black community since forever now.  I already wrote a blog titled Biracial is the New Black where I ran down a long ass list of historical biracials, mixed race and mulattos all the way to the present who have been leading black society.  Everybody from Frederick Douglass to Booker T. Washington to WEB DuBois to the all of the mulattos who were known as the “FIRST BLACK” doctors, governors, politicians, etc, all the way up to everybody’s favorite mulatto by the name of Colin Kaepernick. It truly amuses me how non-mixed black people love to hop into my comments from time to time and honestly pretend like black society would not be where it currently is today with a whole bunch of biracials & mulattos putting in work for y’all black asses.  What the hell are you talking about when you say “BECOME A LEADER”? We have been leading. Everything from politics to entertainment. As a matter of fact, shout out to the YouTube commenter by the name of Father Elder. He summed it up perfectly. Father Elder said…

“You know if you took us “light skins” out of the equation black history month would be black history DAY.  You’d have like 3 niggas left in your whole pantheon. ”

And you know what, Father Elder is spitting pure facts. I tell you all this all of the time, but if you all despise us biracials and mulattos so much, then stop claiming my people.  Stop claiming everybody that I named in that Biracial is the New Black blog. Go out there and put your own people up. I’m sure it’s more than MLK, Malcolm X, Nat Turner, & Harriet Tubman. Go out there and compile a list of non-mixed black movers and shakers who legitimately pushed black people forward in a significant way. Till then, how dare you have the audacity to tell me that mulattos aren’t leaders.😂 We have been leading you all and guess what, you all have been voluntarily following us.

But guess what ladies and gentleman her foolishness doesn’t stop there. Her next comment to me just showed me that when it comes to this hotepery thing that there are truly some levels to foolishness.  This chick in my opinion is quite possible a 10th degree black belt in pro-black babbling folks.

I’ve had my fair share of back and forths with dark skin knee grows in the never ending colorism wars that take place in black society, but this right here is a first for me.  A light skin person who just happens to have 2 black parents telling a light skin mulatto like myself that I can’t claim light skin.😂 What in the hell kind of foolishness is this?  Who’s raising these niggas?

As of today I’m drawing another line in the sand now.  At first I had my line drawn for light skin knee grows versus dark skin knee grows since it’s quite a few YouTubers out there like Sarge Willie Pete and Chrissie who constantly make videos crying about light skin people and they always lump non-mixed light skin blacks & biracials together because they want to create a dark skin Wakanda.  But now, I see I may have to draw yet another line separating biracials from non-mixed light skin niggas. So it looks like 2019 might officially be the year where it’s a full blown colorism knee grow war with 3 groups fighting for dominance: the biracials versus the non-mixed light brights vs the dark skins. But here’s the thing, at the end of the day, us biracials will still come out on top because we’re still seen as more privileged even when you compare us to non-mixed light brights, and this is not me saying this to toot my horn. This is stuff I’ve actually heard pro-black babblers say themselves.  We all know the reason why people say this is because those of us who are mulattos have a biological white parent therefore those who say that honestly believe that some of that white privilege kind of rubs off on us by default. Now that may or may not be true, I don’t know, but if it is true, then guess what…my squad will come out victorious in this knee grow version of the Game of Thrones. Let’s just be honest. These days when I fill out paperwork and I get down to a portion that asks me what my race is, I actually have multiple options to pick from now.😬 Meaning I can select black or I can select a category that says “2 RACES”.  Now I never saw this category growing up, but now I see it everywhere and not too long I was wondering why that category even existed. I’m not sure why it exists, but let a pro-black babbler tell it, it’s a new category designed to separate us biracials from the knee grow population in the coming years, to which I can somewhat agree with that logic I suppose…who knows.

Regardless of all that right, if there is going to be a new war of mulattos vs non-mixed light skin people then guess what, those of us on team mulatto are just gonna have to lay the smack down on y’all like we’ve been doing to team dark skin. I don’t want to, but I will if I have to in order to let you all know who holds what position on America’s racial totem pole. I just think we have to get to a point of being completely honest about how things work in this world. But I still love y’all…some of you. 🙃

Your favorite mulatto.
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