I Don’t Care About You Being Gay

I recently did a piece titled “Are Gay Black Men the White Women of Black People?” and I got an interesting comment in response to that piece…

So Trentaye says I sound like a white republican who is down playing racism.  Now I will admit, I have a lot of political ideologies that do fall in line with the republican party such as: I’m pro military, I’m pro lower taxes, I’m pro getting rid of illegal aliens, I’m pro guns, I don’t support abortion, & I’m a fan of capitalism. So in those regards it would be fair to say that I actually do sound like a white republican.  In regards to me allegedly down playing racism, well, I specifically recall pointing out racism in my last piece where I was discussing how white women have been the main reason for literally tons of racial violence being inflicted upon black people but, all this dude heard was me saying the word GAY and his spirit fingers went on a rampage in the comment section.  

Next he said that straight black men want privilege not equality.  Well, what’s wrong with privilege? Sure we all want equality, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with getting privilege as well.  People tell me all the time that since I’m light skin, I get light skin privilege. Well, you think I’m about to give up this so called privilege so I can experience life with those who don’t have privilege?  Nope. If I can get some more privilege, best believe I’m taking it. So when it comes straight black men in general, I see absolutely nothing wrong with them wanting privilege, it’s the American way. If he could get some privilege for being a gay black man, he wouldn’t sit up here and pretend like he wouldn’t be in these comments shaking his pom poms bragging his ass off about how much privilege he was given.  He would probably be posting videos of himself twerking on social media to celebrate. Then he goes on to say that he hates straight black men and that straight black men are public #1 globally and he hopes more prisons are built to lock straight black men up etc. Well, here’s the thing about that, he can hate straight black men all he wants, but chances are, most straight black me don’t give a damn. We really don’t at the end of the day.  Then he says that straight black men are public enemy #1 globally, to which I call bullshit. Black people in general are believed to be public enemy #1. He can be gay first all he wants, but no matter where he goes in the world, people are going to see him as a black man first. I don’t care if he gets the rainbow flag tattooed smack in the middle of his forehead, when people first lay eyes upon him, they are going to see a black man first, not a gay black man.  So, he can attempt to use his sexuality to separate himself from the rest of the knee grows out there who are clearly black, but at the end of the day…he’s still a nigga. Now as far as prison goes, it’s gay black dudes locked up prison too. So if he ever get in trouble with the law, I’m pretty sure the judge will be saying “lock his black ass up” as opposed to saying “lock his gay ass up”.

And finally Trentaye says something about black people in the macro fight against and hate both racism and homosexuality.  Well yeah, black people pretty much don’t have an option but to fight against racism considering damn near every form of racism is directed towards black people specifically.  Now as far as black people fighting against homosexuality, well it is what it is. He’s not about to change the mentality a lot of black people have in regards to homosexuality.  I think black people are way more tolerant of homosexuality than they ever have been before, but just because they are tolerant of it doesn’t mean they have to be accepting of it. But here’s the thing…nobody is thinking about gay people like that.  I don’t know of one single black person in real life running around trying to figure out ways to make a gay black man suffer in life. Not a single one. We’re too busy out here paying bills and getting coochie to worry about who’s balls gay people are jingling at night.

But anyways, that was from Trentaye ladies and gentlemen.

Listen, you can be as gay as all out doors as you want to be, I don’t give a damn.  I have a lesbian first cousin who stays on Facebook making videos talking about how she loves to eat coochie.  I just shake my head & scroll past when her videos hit they my timeline, but hey…she’s my cousin. Regardless, the average black man in America isn’t thinking about gay dudes period.  How gay dudes get down in the bedroom is none of my business. When I see the flamboyant ones out in public acting extra feminine, I’ve yet to see any straight black dudes running up to them to say anything to these people about them being gay.  Nobody is thinking about gay people at all like that. If it wasn’t Jussie out here making up shit, nobody would be out here talking about gay people. The black gay population isn’t that important in terms of conversation being had to figure out what the heterosexual black population needs to do about them. Nobody is having these conversations.  Nobody cares about gay dudes laying on their stomachs with their legs crossed in the air as they doodle their man crush Monday’s name on a piece of paper. Nobody cares. The only time straight black men actually give a damn to make mention of gay dudes is when they like try to demand that we all accept their sexuality or when they all try to make it seem like they all are out there being hunted like prey when they’re not.  Point is, nobody gives a damn about gay people being gay. But the real reason people like Trentaye are angry is because straight black men don’t give a damn about his sexuality. 😂 Way too many gay people like to go out of their way to let people know that they’re gay even if them being gay is beyond obvious. I used to work with lesbian once upon a time and I couldn’t even hold a simple conversation with her without her slipping in something in reference to her being gay.  We could be talking about the wonders of watching paint dry and she would be like, “YEAH WATCHING PAINT DRY IS FUN, BUT NOT AS FUN AS ME MUNCHING ON CARPET!” It would always be some out of the blue shit like that. But yeah, way too many gay people do the absolute most to inform everybody that they are gay as if they are begging for us to acknowledge their sexuality and just roll with it. I don’t have to acknowledge a damn thing nor do I have to accept it. However gay people choose to get down at the end of the day isn’t my damn business anyway and the overwhelming majority of black men feel the exact same way.

Your favorite mulatto.
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