Jussie Smollett’s Career is Over

So the cops believe Jussie Smollett paid those 2 Nigerian dudes to assault him, and I for one believe the cops.  The day this story broke, while every celebrity and random knee grow was on social media flapping their capes for Jussie, I was all over Twitter and Facebook calling this story pure b.s.  The alleged crime was just too damn perfect. TOO PERFECT. Think about it, Jussie claims to have gotten beat up, had bleach poured on him, a noose put around his neck at 2 in the morning in Chicago during the time where it was record breaking freezing temperatures in the city that time of day AND all of this just happened to take place in a part of the downtown area where it’s like a gazillion cameras everywhere but somehow no video footage emerged of the assault.  Really. 😕 In case you all don’t know, but it’s 30K cameras in Chicago. This crime was just too perfect to be true. Two random black dudes (whom we were all initially lead to believe were white) ran up on Jussie and did all of that stuff and then topped off the assault by yelling THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY. MAGA COUNTRY? IN CHICAGO? I could have sworn that Chicago was one of the most liberal cities in the country. As a matter of fact, when Trump was running for office, he was supposed to go to Chicago to hold a rally but instead he cancelled because it was literally hundreds if not thousands of protesters outside of the convention area he was to hold his rally.  So how in the hell is Chicago of all places considered MAGA COUNTRY? It just never made any sense from the get go. A gay black man being attacked at 2 in the morning in the freezing cold being called the N word, the F word, having bleach poured on him and a noose tied around his neck. 🤔 Let’s not forget that he walked home with the so-called noose around his neck and supposedly didn’t take it off until like 40 minutes later. Here’s another thing, remember that photo of him in the hospital bed with that minor cut under his eye? Well think about this, if somebody put a damn rope around your neck in an effort to assault or possibly kill you, wouldn’t there be some signs of rope burn on the person’s neck in addition to some form of scratches on the person’s next as a result of the victim trying to free himself from the noose?  Now, I’ve never had a rope put around my neck, but I imagine a person’s natural instinct would be to immediately start clawing away to get his neck out of that noose. It just seems like the natural thing to do which would more than likely leave scratches on his neck.

Initially when I heard the story, I thought Jussie was out there patrolling for some street meat and things somehow may have gone wrong in his quest for some street meat which caused him to get possibly punched in the face leaving that scratch under his eye.  Then I thought, well why would he go through those lengths to make up a story about being the victim of a hate crime when everybody already knows that he is gay in the first damn place? So it wouldn’t be a career ending move considering he’s been on plenty of episodes of Empire ripping dudes shirts off and slobbing them down.  I believe we can officially toss the street meat angle out the window somewhat. But now this leaves me trying to figure out why would he possibly hire 2 dudes to assault him and then try to make it seem like this was a Trump inspired attack?

Well, I heard about a day or so ago that Jussie is possibly being written off the show.  I don’t know if you all watch Empire, but I do, I’m not even going to lie. All season Empire has been showing a scene of Lucious sitting in a church or a funeral home in front of a casket and the show has also been hinting at one of the Lyon’s family members being killed.  So maybe Jussie’s character is being killed off the show and somehow Jussie decided to come up with this bogus ass hate crime as a way to keep his name in the media to possibly get the executives at Fox to keep him on the show. Maybe Jussie thought this fake hate crime would become a script in the show sort of like how Law & Order SUV occasionally does a series titled “Ripped From the Headlines” where they recreate stories in the media.  Maybe this was Jussie’s failed attempt at trying to keep his character on the show while throwing shade at the Trump administration at the same time…who knows.

Regardless of all that, if it is proven that Jussie paid these 2 dudes to attack him and make it seem like this was attack was inspired by the Trump administration, you better believe that his career is over.  White people, black people and gay people are about to disown him. As much shit as gay people and black people have to deal with in regards to real homophobia & racism, for this dude to make a mockery out of that, nobody is going to be rocking him.  Fox is going to drop him from the show and nobody in Hollywood is going to be fucking with him especially after all of those celebrities immediately hopped on social media taking his side when the story first broke. This dude’s career is about to over.  I won’t say he’ll go broke because his sister is still in the industry doing things here and there, so he’ll have her money to keep him from working at a fast food joint. but other than that, his career is about to over. Also, if it’s proven to be true that he orchestrated this whole thing, I think they should lock his ass up and give him at least half the time the alleged suspects would have been facing if they really did legitimately attack him.

But yeah man, this is what’s popping out here with this dude Jussie Smollett.  This has got to be one of the strangest things that I can recall a celebrity doing in a long time that just didn’t make any damn sense at all.  But whatever, his career is about to officially come to an end.

Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to add, Jussie Smollett hired Michael Cohen’s defense attorney.  For those of you who don’t know who Michael Cohen is, Michael Cohen just happened to be Donald Trump’s former lawyer.  So think about that, Jussie hired the defense attorney who represented Donald Trump’s former lawyer. Now, if Jussie is truly innocent and victim, then why in the hell is he out there hiring a defense attorney?  Now correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve never been threatened with going to jail to where I needed a lawyer or anything, but I thought that people only hired defense attorneys if they person was being accused of committing a crime? 🤔

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