Are Gay Black Men the White Women of Black People?

If you all recall about a year and a half ago, Damon Young from the website Very Smart Brothas penned a piece called Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People and that article went viral all over the damn place.  In case you never read that piece, basically that article was talking about how straight black men run around the black community exuding toxic masculinity, they’re trying to enforce patriarchy onto black women, they’re dehumanizing and degrading black women and black people in the LGBT crowd; basically black men were accused of simply acting like white men onto every black person who was not a straight black man. Now when we start looking at this Jussie Smollett foolishness going on and all of the lies that Jussie is apparently out her telling to cover up the story of him allegedly paying these 2 Nigerian dudes to beat him up in an effort to make it seem like he was attacked by some Trump supporters (whom we were all initially lead to believe were white dudes btw) for being a gay black man, it makes you want to step back and look at some of these gay black men and seriously evaluate if they really are the white women of black people.

If you were to just look at the last few hundred years of American history, white women have been smack dab in the middle of a lot of controversies that have caused countless black men, women and children to be harmed and/or killed by simply opening their mouths to tell a lie.  Think of the Rosewood massacre, the bombing of Black Wall Street, and the death of Emmet Till; all 3 of those tragedies were started by white women literally lying about being sexually assaulted or raped by black males. Go back and watch the movie 12 Years a Slave and there’s a scene showing massa’s wife being abusive to Lupita Nyong’o character because massa was raping Lupita. Now I could just go on and on with finding example after example of white women going out of their way to just flat out lie and make up shit which unfortunately resulted in the harm or death of another person (especially if that person was black).  Even when you fast forward to modern times with the #MeToo era we’re in, white women are out there wrecking havoc on men’s lives. A few months ago I posted a video on Twitter that went viral of a white female reporter telling a bold face lie about Morgan Freeman looking her up and down in a sexual manner. This chick was all over the news with no shame in the game just flat out lying. Fortunately to my present knowledge nothing happened to Morgan Freeman, but it’s plenty of dudes out there getting caught up in this #MeToo thing with accusations that can’t be verified.

So now here we are with Jussie running around allegedly making false claims about being the victim of a hate crime and it makes me wonder if this is about to become the new trend amongst black men in the LGBTQ crowd.  Because no matter where you are online, everyday there is somebody going above & beyond to do their best to make it seem like black gay & trans people (in particular gay & trans black men) are out there being bullied, harassed, assaulted and killed every single time they step out of their houses.  What’s so crazy about this narrative is that I see gay and trans women/men damn near every day and nobody is fucking with these people at all. They seem to be living their lives like everybody else for the most part, but when you hop online, it’s never ending doom and gloom being presented to us about a gay or trans black man being harmed or killed.  In the online world, it’s extremely easy to maximize the minimum. You can find one or two stories of a gay or trans black man being harmed and blow that story up to make it seem like all gay & trans black men are being preyed upon every time they walk out of their houses when in reality, that is just simply not the case. It’s unfortunate when it does happen, but it’s not the norm to where alarms and sirens need to be set off as if this is some extinction level event taking place with that demographic.

Now that Jussie is out here apparently making up stories in the exact same way white women have been known to make up stories all throughout time about being harmed, it just makes me wonder if this kind of rhetoric from gay and trans black men is going to increase even more to shine light on this so-called problem of gay and trans black men being harmed every other day when in reality, they probably get harmed at about the same rate as any of other demographic of people?  I actually heard Tommy Sotomayor say on his recent live stream that he believes Jussie won’t do any jail time and he’ll more than likely end up getting a slap on the wrist and if anybody out there attempts to call Jussie out on his bullshit in regards to this scenario, that person is going to hit the label of being racist and/or homophobe because essentially, gay black men are trying to position themselves to be like black women to a degree. Meaning, if you run around the negrosphere on social media, you will notice that black women can pretty much say and do what they want and if you call them out, you are labeled a hater, a misogynist, you have toxic masculinity, you hate black women, you hate your mama…just all kind of fuck shit right.  Well as of lately, gay black men have been following black women’s lead in running around being the forever-victim who can do no wrong and if you call them out then you are homophobic etc. But now gay & trans black men might have an extra added layer of protection to add to their armor where now thanks to Jussie, they can possible start going out there and just flat out making up shit about be assaulted in some manner like how white women have been known to do over the decades, and if you call them out on it, then you will either be labeled as a racist or a homophobe which will then give these so-called gay & trans black male victims power like white women.

So yeah, that’s kind of where I see this potentially heading in the future with more and more gay & trans black men coming out the woodwork claiming that they have been harmed in some way and when that happens the general public will automatically believe them without even questioning anything in the same way women (especially white women) are often just believed without question when they accuse somebody of doing something to them.  To prove this point, remember when this Jussie’s story first broke and it was celebrity after celebrity and random knee grow after random knee grow all over social media saying how they support and stand with Jussie and then these same people were running around saying how those of us who thought Jussie’s story was bullshit from the jump were fools considering a week later that audio of Liam Neeson came out to where he was talking about how back in the day he went on a mission hunting for a random black man to kill in response to his friend (a white chick mind you) being allegedly raped? Y’all remember that?  Well, where are these people now? All of those capes that were flapping extra hard in the wind for Jussie; it appears to be dead ass silence now. And if it is proven that Jussie did set this whole thing up, don’t expect any of those people to hop on social media to call him out or even discuss how lying about stuff like this is just flat out wrong. If it turns out that Jussie is telling the truth (which I highly doubt), do expect these very same knee grows to spend the rest of the calendar year rolling into the year 2020 beating your eardrums and eyeballs to death about how Jussie is just one of hundreds of thousands of black LGBTQ victims out there who need to be heard and believed because it’s a damn genocide taking place amongst the black male gay & trans population.  

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