How Should ADOS Be Paid Reparations

When it comes to the subject of American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) getting reparations, I’m in favor of reparations but at the same time I’m also not going to sit back and place all of my faith into reparations ever being handed out to DOS people.  I’ve watched a lot of Yvette Carnell videos on this subject & I also read Ta-Nehisi Coates The Case for Reparations article, so I believe I have a fairly decent understanding of why American descendants of slaves deserve reparations. I’m not an expert in the subject but for the most part, I’m pretty much up to speed on where I need to be.  Now before some of you jump into my comments talking saying that me being biracial should exclude me from talking about this or how I won’t be getting a check, let me tell you niggas something: if I’m alive to see reparations be given out to American descendants of slaves, you better expect to see my lightskinded biracial ass standing right in line next to your black ass. I’m not even about to entertain this half breed vs full blood shit.  My mother is as black as they come. My maternal side of the family comes straight up out South Carolina not too far from where all of the Geechee knee grows reside. For those of you who don’t know what a Geechee is, they’re pretty much a culture of black people who reside in and around the Charleston SC area for the most part who are probably about as close to an original African as you are going to get outside of an African who immigrates over here.  Where my maternal side of the family originates from, the descendants of the slave masters who owned my maternal side are still running around in that area. That’s how deep my DOS claim goes. So when it’s time to collect a reparations check, I’ll be right there with the rest of you knee grows standing in line with a box of Popeyes waiting for my name to be called and guess what, there isn’t a damn thang any of you are going to do about it.  But moving on…

I believe that reparations should be paid but I’m not going to be one of those people placing my bets on reparations being paid in my lifetime or my kids’ lifetime.  I believe until reparations are paid, DOS people need to step their shit up to become more competitive in society so that DOS people can possibly move up the socioeconomic ladder. Whatever you have to do to make that happen (preferably legally), do what you have to do I suppose.

When it actually comes to reparations being paid, I don’t believe that reparations should be paid in the form of a check.  I believe reparations should be paid in the form of a social service of sorts that has a real cash value affixed to it. Here are a few ideas of what I mean:  I think DOS people should be allowed to attend any college or tech school they get accepted into for free, I think DOS people should be given free healthcare, I think DOS people should be given a loan worth like $150K-300K to buy a house and they don’t have to pay back that loan or the loan is interest free, and I think DOS people shouldn’t have to pay taxes.  Things like that are what I believe would be a great starting point for DOS people because some of those things like free college and loans to buy houses are exactly what helped to create the middle class in America and helped get a lot of white people on the road to creating generational wealth. That form of reparations has real value that can actually produce real results in the long run for future generations as opposed to niggas being handed a check because we all have seen the Dave Chappelle skit and we all know what is more than likely to happen if black people get broke off checks to cash in.

Now some of you are of the mindset that you just want your check and you want it now and people shouldn’t worry about how you go about spending your money. Yeah, I guess you would be right to tell me to not worry about how you spend your money, but can we at least be honest here about what’s going to happen to the money?

Here let me put this another way for you all to understand….

White people giving black people reparations would be the best thing ever to happen to white people (and you include it being the best thing to happen to Asians and arabs as well).  The reason why is because damn near 90% of the American DOS knee grow population is going to take check, cash it and give all of that money right back to white people. Only about 10% of the DOS population (your Talented Tenth) are going to actually do something of genuine substance with that money to possibly go about creating real generational wealth.  The rest of the 90% are going to burn through that money on nigga trinkets just like your average lottery winner. When you think about it, it’s in white people’s best interest to literally cut a check instead of sending knee grows to college for free or giving knee grows free or interest free loans to buy house. Give your average knee grow money and niggas will be side by side with Floyd Mayweather to buy out the Gucci store.  Just imagine what the strip clubs are going to look like. Chicks will literally be drowning in 1 dollar bills. Asian hair suppliers won’t be able to keep enough bundles coming in. It’s going to be rims, Jordans, weaves, & money phones galore for the next 5 years or so. And that would be a good thing for white society because all of those nigga trinket products are not being produced by niggas anyway.

Sure, people will be all up on social media getting their pro-black & black economic empowerment babble on but when that check is deposited or cashed in, we already know what’s going to take place with 90% of you out there.  That money will be gone so fast on white owned materialistic stuff that you are going to end up right back in the very same position you are in now. Why, because most people simply don’t have common sense when it comes to money, and that’s applicable to all races to be honest.  How many of you knee grows have actually mastered how to handle the money you currently have now? Do you have at least $1000 in a savings account somewhere as emergency fund money? Don’t sit here and lie saying you do, because statistics say it’s only about 40% of all Americans have $1000 in the bank at any time to cover an emergency. We can only imagine how much lower that stat is for black Americans.  My point is, if you are a grown ass adult and you haven’t figured out how to save $1000 for an emergency, what in the hell makes you think you are going to all of a sudden become financially literate to understand what to do with a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars? Fact is, you won’t know what to do with it other than run down to the local mall, car dealership, rim shop and weave spot. Very few of you will actually have the intelligence to properly manage a reparations check to make it benefit the rest of your life and your kids lives.  These are just facts b. Put it this way, niggas don’t even know how to type proper English in the comments section on YouTube or on Facebook (young and old people), but you honestly think they are going to be able to master managing a reparations check to enhance their lives in terms of establishing generational wealth? Are you all serious? I think black people just love to get on social media and hype black people up well above the realistic expectations of the average knee grow out there just for likes and retweets. It’s like that one bum ass relative we all have who’s been in and out of jail his entire life and abuses drugs left and right, but his momma or grandma is still holding out faith that one day he’s going to completely turn his life around and become a success.  That’s how black act when we get on social media. Instead of just being honest about how black people are going act because we see how knee grows act every single day, we get on social media and just lie to make it seem like the overwhelming majority of us are going to get it right and keep it right just because we are saying it online. It’s that whole “if you build it they will come” foolishness. Truth of the matter is, we all know what’s going to happen with a reparations check and we all know who actually stands to truly benefit from a reparations check, and it’s not black people.

This is why I’m in favor of reparations being handed out in the form of some type of social service or program that has a real value affixed to it, like interest-free loans to buy a house, free college, 100% free healthcare and some other stuff.  To me, that will be way more beneficial than cutting a nigga a check and sending him or her on their merry little way.

Your favorite mulatto.
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