Steve Harvey vs. Mo’Nique: Integrity or Money?

This Steve Harvey versus Mo’Nique debate is just another example of anybody from the peanut gallery pretend to be anything they want to be on social media.  There are knee grows all up and down social media declaring to stand with Mo’Nique in addition to stating how much of a coon Steve Harvey is, but the reality is, damn near every last one of these people who are on the “INTEGRITY IS MO’ IMPORTANT THAN MONEY” bandwagon are full of crap.  You all are sitting up here caping for a chick who literally takes private conversations amongst her friends and makes them public for the world to hear in order to drum up sympathy for why she isn’t getting paid what she believes she should be paid instead of owning up to the fact that she isn’t popping like she once was 15 to 20 years ago.  Mo’Nique is out there literally telling some of the most influential black people in entertainment to suck her imaginary dick, then she has the nerve to run around acting all confused as to why nobody wants to fuck with her anymore. This is who you all are caping for as if she is some authority on morality & righteousness; a has been comedian (who was never really funny in my opinion) who refuses to own up to the fact that at this present moment in her career, she isn’t worth more than the $500K Netflix offered to pay her.  Honestly, she isn’t even worth that much. Hell, Lee Daniels only paid her like $50K for that role in Precious, but this is who you all are caping for. 😕

On the flip side, you all want to get on Steve Harvey because Steve said he’s not about to let all he’s worked for & the people he’s responsible for taking care of whether they be family or employees suffer in order for him to keep his integrity in check.  Listen, damn near all of you out there do the exact same thing right now. All of you out there who work a job (a job a white man more than likely employs you to do) are not about to sacrifice your paychecks in order to maintain your so-called integrity. And you all know what I’m saying to be true.  Sure, if your integrity comes into question in the realm of doing something well beyond out of your character like, if you are straight dude and you have to make a decision between not being able to pay your rent or selling some ass for some cash to pay your rent, I imagine the majority of you out there would not sell ass. But then again, in this day & age, I honestly can’t say that most of you wouldn’t because we currently live in an era where stuff like that is tolerated and celebrated.  Look at Cardi B for crying out loud. She is currently the biggest female rapper out right now that everybody is constantly checking for in some type of capacity, yet she is also the same rapper who’s has been on plenty of stages telling young women that it’s ok to sell ass for cash…as in literally. When it comes to dudes out there, there is an entire music industry of knee grows who are celebrated for “doing what they got to do” to get put on, as in the case of Bobby Shmurda a few years ago when that knee grow was literally hopping on tables to dance and rap in front of a room full of white people in order to get a record deal.  Even if you move away from the entertainment industry to just regular knee grows in general, on Instagram it’s literally thousands of chicks posting booty pics everyday with contact info in their bio, and that contact info isn’t because they want to receive fan mail from you. That contact info is for you to solicit some ass for cash.

Need more proof?  Every trap nigga you know around the way with dreams of becoming the next Big Meech or transitioning to the next rap star, these niggas stay slanging dope to any and everybody with absolutely no integrity at all but yet when they are called out for poisoning their community and voluntarily contributing to the chaos of the black community, the excuses given to these knee grows is that “THEY JUST DOING WHAT THEY GOT TO DO!”  So it’s ok for a nigga to trap or a chick to sell ass on IG because “THEY’S JUST DOING WHAT THEY GOTS TA DO!” but, it’s cooning for Steve Harvey to not sacrifice his livelihood and earning potential because he doesn’t agree with Mo’Nique running around telling everybody to suck her imaginary wee-wee? This is just how ass backwards black people are in everything in life.

Knee grows literally take the worst of us and put them on top of a pedestal when they are out doing everything wrong in life, but then chastise and demonize those of us who do the right things, and then knee grows want to hop on social media and declare “I’M HOLIER THAN THOU AND I DO ALL OF THE RIGHT THINGS IN LIFE AND I WILL NEVER SACRIFICE MY INTEGRITY FOR MONEY!” Bullshit. That is complete bullshit for damn near every last one of you out there.

Black society has literally been preaching to put money over integrity for at least the last 30-40 years now at the bare minimum.  We have an entire music industry full of black musicians who make song after song celebrating getting money by any means necessary.  We have an entire generation of social media strippers who either want to become porn stars or reality tv stars or they just simply want to bust it open to highest bidder online.  We have entire groups of knee grows online right now who will hop on social media to say and do anything to go viral so that they can possibly cash in somehow.  But y’all are honestly going to sit up here and pretend you all place integrity over money. Get real. It’s probably about 40% of you all out there right now who claim other people’s kids on your income taxes every single year so your refund check can be bigger.  Black society as a whole worships money over integrity in damn near every facet of our lives. Everybody from your pro-blacks to the black church and everything in between. So don’t tell me that you all put integrity over money. You all are lying your asses off and you know it.

The reason why it’s so easy for you all to say that you side with Mo’Nique and call Steve Harvey a coon is because for damn near every last one of you, nobody is running around trying to pay you anything significant in life above what you are currently making on the job or what you may be getting from hustling or selling ass or whatever.  Nobody is coming up to you all to offer you $500k. The overwhelming majority of you all aren’t even getting offers for $50k. So it’s easy to say what you will or will not do when nobody is offering you anything. It’s like how people love to say “MAN IF HAD $10M I’D NEVER DO THIS THAT AND THIRD WITH MY MONEY!” The problem is, you don’t have $10M, so you can’t honestly sit up here and say what you will or won’t do until you actually have that type of money in your possession.  All of you in the “I PUT INTEGRITY OVER MONEY” crowd, once again, it’s easy to say that until somebody runs up to put some potential life changing money in your hands. We all know a bunch of holier than thou chicks online who will say that they’ll never do some type of sexual act for money, but let a nigga with real money come to her and put that indecent proposal in her lap; it will not be too many women turning down some real cheese in order to uphold their values and integrity…same with dudes.  A nigga can get online and say “I’LL NEVER DO THIS AND THAT! I’LL NEVER COON!” Let some life changing coondalini coins be presented to this knee grow and that very same knee grow will be all up and down the street tap dancing like Mr. Bojangles.

My point is, it’s easy to take the high road and be the moral compass when you are broke. Everybody can do that because everybody isn’t getting offered real money to challenge their integrity. Look at damn near every black NFL player in the league. These knee grows probably wholeheartedly support Kaepernick, but those NFL checks are doing wonders to their lives at the moment and they are not about to show public support for Kap when they could go down to the car lot and cop the latest coupe.  It’s the same way with Mo’Nique. If Netflix paid Mo’Nique what she believes she was worth, do you honestly think Mo’Nique would be sitting on Steve Harvey’s show preaching about integrity? Hell no. She would be running around saying “I’M RICH BITCH” and stunting on you all as she waits for her next gig to collect another check. But since those checks aren’t coming in and she’s out there burning bridges and being black balled, of course it’s easy to preach about integrity. Preaching about maintaining integrity is what broke people do. People with real money or people who are trying to get real money, these are some of the most non-integrity having people in the world, especially in the black community. So quit with all of the fake social media integrity values, because the moment you all get offered some real paper to do whatever, damn near every last one of you will toss your integrity out of the window so that you can be the next person posting money phone pics to Instagram.

That’s what black people do and that’s what black people celebrate day in and day out. A bunch of nonexistent integrity people chasing money and fame by any means necessary.  You’re not fooling anybody.

Your favorite mulatto.
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