You Are the Seed of Your Father

For all of you who come to discover that I’m biracial and you all like to tell me that “YOUR RACE IS DETERMINED BY WHAT YOUR FATHER IS! SO IF YOUR FATHER IS WHITE, THEN YOU ARE WHITE!”  Let me tell you all something, I’m not one of those biracials who’s going to argue you down over my blackness, sort of like how Meechie X does on occasion when people call her out for being biracial. I’m going to simply tell you that I’ll be whatever the hell I feel like being, whether it’s me strictly identifying as black or strictly identifying as biracial.  For obvious reasons I’ve never identified as white because for 1) I can’t pass for white & 2) I honestly believe this sexy golden skin tone I was born with combined with this good hair of mines is exactly what the world needs. The world needs more yellow knee grows like me to make this place sexier.

Regardless of all of that here’s the thing, my biological dad was white (was meaning, he died a few years ago) and no I wasn’t raised by him. To your surprise, I’ve been raised by a black man and my black mama since I was 3 years old (shocker I know).  But for all of you who like to say “YOU ARE WHAT YOUR FATHER IS”, Ok. If that’s the new rule black people are running around implementing in their minds when it comes to us biracials, let me ask you something:  exactly what would I be losing if you all were to declare me as just white simply because my bio dad is white? What exactly would I be losing? Seems to me that I would be gaining far more than people currently believe I have now.  Meaning, dark skin non-mixed black people swear up and down that us biracial light brights have light skin privilege, which we probably do, but then again, I’m not out Yelp looking for places in an attempt to cash in on my so-called light skin privileges.  Maybe these light skin privileges come to me so much that I don’t even notice sort of like how oblivious white people are in regards to white privilege, I don’t know. I honestly don’t sit around and think about it. Maybe I should. Even still, let’s say that I do get light skin privileges, ok. For those of you who are not light skin, that means you all see me as having an advantage over you simply because I’m light skin.  For those of you who consider me to be nothing but white because of my bio dad, what makes you think that that would be a bad thing in regards to somebody like me? Meaning, if I’m already winning because of these so-called light skin privileges, then if you all believe society will see me as just white, then that must mean that I just won the damn Powerball jackpot of racial privileges. The most coveted position in this world is white people right?  They got all the power, they got all the privilege. Isn’t that what white supremacy is all about at the end of the day? Whites being on top and black people being at the bottom, at least that’s how the message is taught in pro-black circles. So if that’s the case, then what makes you think that I’m going to argue and debate you when you are literally telling me that I’m a part of the group that’s out here running shit in society. 😂 Think about that.

Y’all are sitting on here telling me that I’m white as if that would be a bad thing in relation to me?  Being white in this world, especially in this country, is the ultimate jackpot but yet somehow, you all toss that “YOU WHAT YOUR FATHER IS” line out to me as if that is a bad thing.  Now I’m light, but I ain’t that damn light. Let society come up to me and say that I can declare myself to be white, I’ll check white all day long if that means I can get access to some of those good ole white benefits and privileges.  If that means I can comfortably walk out of my house every single damn day without wondering what people think of me simply because of my skin color whether it’s good or bad or if that means I can walk into a bank and whip out a big cheesy ass smile and get approved instantly for a loan or whatever, then give me my damn white privilege benefits just like my bio dad supposedly had.  I want them all. These light skin privileges aren’t doing enough to satisfy me. I need all the privileges so I can go out there and start living my best life because I ain’t going back & forth with you niggas.

If that’s the new rule that you all are going by in your minds these days then fine, I’ll be white.  At the end of the day, I’m not going to be losing. 😎

Your favorite mulatto.
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