How Come I Can’t Talk About Cynthia G’s Wig?

For everybody in my comments section telling me I’m gay, I’m less of a man or I’m trash for making mention of Cynthia G’s wig, guess what, that still doesn’t change anything in regards to that wig being a symbol of pure hypocrisy.  That wig is symbolic of more than likely how she views herself on the inside. Cynthia G’s calling card is running around screaming to the top of her lungs that black men are helpless and dominated by white supremacy as a collective.  Well on an individual level, her physical being is literally being dominated by a symbol of white supremacy…and that symbol being her hair.

For damn near every woman on the planet, especially westernized women, a woman’s hair is the most important feature on her body.  Some of you all will disagree and say a woman’s breasts, butt, thigh, vagina etc are the most important. And I’ll say no it’s not. Those body parts are deemed the most important feature TO MEN because they are viewed as signs of fertility to help a man choose a mate to procreate with, and this is even evident when you start looking at lesbian stud culture. All these studs out here who do their best to become imitation dudes, what do these studs look at when they are sizing up a chick? They size these femme chicks up in the exact same manner as a natural born heterosexual male.  They are checking out their breasts, thighs, butt and wondering what that coochie tastes like. So for any of you to disagree with me on that point you are full of shit.

When it comes to a woman (who is not a lesbian stud), the most important attribute a woman is taught to cherish since she is a toddler is her damn hair.  It doesn’t matter the race of the woman (especially a black westernized woman). Black women come out the womb with their mothers already making plans for how to perm out that head and make it look silky smooth.  I got a few black female friends who are heavy in physical fitness to where they have actually competed in female body building contest and one of them at one point was aspiring to become a personal trainer because she wanted to help other sistas get into shape.  She told me the number reason why she would struggle to get black female clients wasn’t because her rigorous exercise and nutrition program, she said it was because black women didn’t want sweat to mess up their damn hair.

Have you all every been to a pool party?  If so, 9 times out 10 what group of people are NOT playing in pool, but at most their put their feet in the water?  It’s black women. Why? Because they don’t want to mess up their hair. Go on Netflix, you’ll probably find Chris Rock’s hair documentary on there where he’s talking about how black women are dropping thousands upon thousands a dollars per year into making sure that their hair is fresh to def.  There’s another movie on Netflix staring Sanaa Lathan called Nappily Ever After where the entire storyline of the movie is how she goes above and beyond out of her way to ensure that everything she does every single day does not mess up her hair.

When a nigga is shaking some sheets with a black woman, a nigga can do damn near any freaky deaky thing he may want to do to a black woman except what?  We all know what that one thing is and that one thing is, don’t pull on her hair, even if that shit is natural. Sure some chicks will let you do it, but that rule has been in effect for so many damn years now that most dudes automatically go into some sex under the belief that he is not to mess with her hair unless she explicitly tells him to do so.  This is how black culture gets down when it comes to black women and hair. Men (and lesbian studs) don’t really give a damn a black woman’s hair as much as we place value on other body parts. Black women place heavy emphasis on their hair to the point where it can be considered their literal crown. When it comes to royal families, what’s the most important symbol of the monarchy?  It’s the crown. Whether that crown is literal in the sense of some king or queen sitting on a thrown actually wearing a crown or that crown is figurative in the sense of the word crown referring to who is in control and has the power. When a black chick is having a bad hair day or she’s in between hair styles what does the average black chick do?  She goes into hiding for the most part. The average black chick doesn’t want to be caught out in those streets with a fucked up looking head. The hair on a black chick is her source of pride that’s been instilled since birth. When black chicks fight, what’s the first thing they try to do each other? The first thing they try to do is grab ahold of the other girl’s hair and the one who is successful in grabbing her opponent’s hair, 9 times out of 10 she’s going to control the fight and eventually win.  So not only is a black woman’s hair viewed as their sense of pride, it also seen as a weakness amongst other black women. When a black chick has a fucked up hair style, what’s the first thing black women are quick to point out? Her edges. When a white chick is accused of cultural appropriation, what’s the number one offense black women bring up as a reason for this white woman being guilty of cultural appropriation? That reason is: the way the white chick’s hair is style. Every time Kim Kardashian puts cornrows in her hair, every black woman on the internet goes into a rage.  They’re not angry at the fact that Kim is dropped thousands of dollars into plastic surgery to get her body to be as curvaceous and thick as a natural black woman. Black woman may make some smart remarks here and there, but the moment Kim posts a pic to Instagram with some cornrows in her hair, every black woman in America goes on red alert status. Remember when Kendall Jenner posed for the Vogue magazine cover a few months ago where her hair was all puffed up? Damn near every black chick on social media was yelling cultural appropriation because they swear up and down that this white chick was trying to culturally appropriate an afro.  

So don’t sit here and tell me that the figurative and literal crown jewel that black women possess which helps them derive their sense of pride and self worth is not their hair.  A black woman’s hair is the most important attribute about them. Do you know how many years of courage it takes for a black woman to quick using perming products and do you know how many years it takes a black woman to develop the courage to go into a salon and get what they call the big chop?  Years of courage…years. Every bald or low caesar fade wearing black woman you see today did not just up and decide out of the blue that they were going to cut off all of their hair. That process took literal years for them to get to that point. And guess what, when a black woman does cut her hair off, what is the first thing they say to everybody? They can’t wait to tell the world they finally feel free and liberated. So don’t tell me that a the hair on a black woman is not the most important attribute to them, because it is.

Now this brings me back to Cynthia G. and all of you broads who feel like it’s gay for a man to talk about her wig.  Well guess what, I’m just gonna have to be that gay ass nigga then.

I stated on my last blog about her that her message of being so pro-black is extremely problematic when everybody looks at her wig that isn’t reflective of a black woman’s texture sitting on top of her head.  I also stated that maybe she has an illness or some sort or some sort of issue with her natural hair which is why she wears this wig (which I honestly don’t know) but if that’s the case, I stated that even with all of her “beta male coon” talk that most dudes probably wouldn’t be as offended by her message and would probably even be open to actually hearing her out if she had a wig on that represented the hair texture of a black woman.  But the fact that she doesn’t, the optics of a hyper pro-black chick wearing a non-black woman’s textured hair wig; the contrast is too great to ignore. You can’t ignore it when it’s right smack in your face when she’s on camera. You ever find yourself talking to somebody with some absolutely fucked up teeth? No matter how hard you fight to not look at their mouth as they speak, you can’t help but to look at those raggedy ass teeth. So what makes the wig on Cynthia G’s head any different?  When I watch a Cynthia G video, I am literally looking a black woman who is extremely pro-black and proud of her pro-blackness wearing the figurative and literal crown of a non-black woman. Just imagine that we all hoped into a time machine and traveled back to ancient Egypt and saw Queen Nefertiti walking around with the one of those ancient Greek leaf crowns adorned on her head. You all would look at her like she done lost her damn mind to be wearing the crown of “da white man”. But in the year 2019, your great pro-black babbling YouTube queen by the name of Cynthia G. is sitting on your screens preaching to you all about about beta male coons and black men being dominated as she wears the crown of her solemn enemy, and not just any ole enemy, but the crown of “da white woman”, whom she claims black men desire more than anything in this world.

So this brings me back to my earlier point where I stated that this wig Cynthia G. wears is more than just a wig, it’s a symbol of how she feels about herself.  In her mind, she’s a Zulu warrior or one of those Wakandan army chicks running around to where stored up in her mind is all of the ideas and values that helps to shape her worldview that she presents to you all on a daily basis. Yet literally sitting on top of all of those wonderful pro-black values and ideologies is the literal crown of who she deems to be her sworn enemy (the white woman), who is the right hand of and birth giver of the white man and this white woman is believed by her to be the prized possession of the black man.  So I guess in order for her to help her feel wanted, cherished, appreciated, loved and adored by black men (despite her endless rhetoric of telling black men that they ain’t shit), she has to adorn the crown of the white woman on her head to give her a sense of pride and importance because even though black men really don’t value hair like black women do, hair on any woman is the most important attribute about their femininity…more important than bearing children.

So for Cynthia G. to continually wear a wig that looks like the hair of white woman when I’m sure she could easily find a wig that looks like the texture of a black woman’s hair shows you that as much as Cynthia G. tries come down hard saying that black men ain’t shit and that black men are dominated by white men and black men desire white women, well, who is Cynthia G. envious of?  The white woman because is she wasn’t, she would take that white woman’s crown off her head and go find the crown of black woman to wear in order to help provide the visual aesthetics to support her cause. But she won’t because she more than likely doesn’t really believe the stuff she says because if she did, then we wouldn’t see her with a white woman’s wig on and nobody on YouTube would be making non-stop comments about her wig and how that wig is a literal symbol of her pro-black babbling hypocrisy.

Your favorite mulatto.
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