Is Robert Perkins the Epitome of a Dusty Beta Male?

I assume you all are up to date on the Cynthia G. pregnancy story correct?  If not, just look at my last blog.

Anyways, after I wrote that blog, I saw that her soon to be baby daddy by the name of Rob Perkins went live on YouTube to do some splainin’ about this whole pregnancy thing he got going on with Cynthia G.  

This dude was all up on his video talking about how he takes care of his kids, all his baby mamas get along, his kids are well kept and loved etc. I’m just listening to this foolishness thinking to myself that this nigga is literally a damn Pookie and Ray Ray type of dude. Word on the street is, he’s the same nigga that was allegedly caught bootlegging Hidden Colors.  Now, I’m not much of a fan of Tariq Nasheed beyond just the entertainment value he provides, but even I wouldn’t dare bootleg his stuff. That’s the epitome of a triffling dusty ass nigga in my opinion. Keep in mind, Cynthia G has long since unapologetically bragged countless times about how she’s donated to Tariq Nasheed’s documentary projects, but….she’s having the baby by a nigga that everybody says was out there allegedly bootlegging Hidden Colors. As the great Tommy Sotomayor would say, MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

Granted, I don’t know the dude personally and I’ve only watched like maybe 1 or 2 of his videos in the past, so everything I’m going to say is PURELY SPECULATION but this speculation is derived from people I know in real life just like him.

So the first thing I want you all to understand is that, anytime a nigga has to announce that “he’s taking care of his kids”, chances are that nigga is not taking care of his kids because real men who take care of their kids, these dudes just take care of their kids.  I’ve been married to my wife for 13 years now, we have 2 sons. In 13 years of marriage there isn’t a person alive who has ever heard me say “I TAKES CARE OF MY KIDS!” And you know why you’ll never hear me say that, it’s because I’M SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF MY KIDS. They are my damn kids.  I chose to create them with my wife. It is expected that I am to take care of my kids and my wife. There are no damn rewards for doing something that I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t get any extra pats on the back for this. At most I’m lucky if my oldest son gives me one of those “GREATEST DAD EVER” coffee mugs for my birthday or Christmas and even if I never get one (I do have one by the way), who cares.  I helped to create my kids and as a result me taking care of my kids to the best of my abilities it’s just an automatically assumed responsibility that I’m supposed to be doing as their father. For these dudes who run around saying I TAKES CARE OF MY KIDS, based upon every nigga I know in real life who says that, 99% of them don’t. Sure, they pay some child support or buy the kid some new shoes and then hop on social media looking for likes on Father’s Day, but don’t expect these niggas to take their so-called parenting beyond that level.  These niggas often times just want attention for trying to make it seem like they are responsible fathers who are in their kids lives 24/7 so they can use that as an excuse to slide up in some random chicks DMs to see if he can make her his next baby mama.

Another thing Rob Perkins said was something about how he’s on YouTube to talk about raising strong black families.  Here’s the problem with his statement: how in the hell can you raise a strong black family when you literally have to divide yourself amongst 5 separate households?  In case you guys don’t know, this dude says he already has 5 kids by 4 women and Cynthia G. is about to become the 5th baby mama. One of the talking points these pro-black babblers love to scream is “WE NEED STRONG BLACK FAMILIES!” The theory then goes that a strong black family is the start of creating a strong black community, to which I actually do agree with.  But here’s the thing, exactly how can a nigga who currently has 5 kids spread out amongst 4 women and now is expected a 5th woman to bring his 6th child into the world be remotely qualified to talk about raising a strong black family and then, how is that you knee grows out there can even entertain this foolishness from this dude? How? Just imagine that I’m out on these YouTube streets trying to inform you all on how to save and invest money and get your credit scores up but you come to find out that every week I’m tricking my money off in the strip club and I live in mother’s basement.  You all would be like, WHO IS THIS NIGGA and what makes him think that he is qualified to talk about getting one’s finances in order? And you would be 100% right in looking at me side eyed, but for some reason when it comes to a pro-black babbler, it becomes acceptable to overlook the obvious. A nigga who presently has 5 kids by 4 baby mamas with another kid on the way from a soon to be 5th baby mama is not qualified at all to talk about creating and raising a healthy black family. Not at all period point blank. All this knee grow is qualified to talk about is how to drop penis off in chicks and get them pregnant.  

You know how pro-blacks love to use the term “BED BUCK”, well that’s what this nigga Rob Perkins literally is. He is literally a bed buck. And this can be proven by way of the screenshots that have been floating around to where Cynthia G was talking about her so-called relationship with him. In one of those screenshots, she was on there talking about how when they first hooked up they didn’t use any condoms. Listen, who out there is still sleeping with chicks raw dawg these days on the first encounter? With all drippy dick diseases running rampant, especially in the black community, niggas are still out there running up in chicks raw?  Do you all not realize that according to the CDC that damn near 50% of black women have herpes? And herpes is one of those STDs that stays with you for life. But y’all are out there running up in chicks raw, getting them pregnant then have the audacity to run back to YouTube and preach this fake ass pro-black babbling bs about “raising strong black families”. Are you niggas serious? You cannot create a strong black family with multiple baby mamas. You cannot properly raise all of your kids if your time is divided amongst several households. It’s impossible.

I believe ob. Perkins said something to the effect that all of his kids are properly cared for financially,  listen, I don’t believe that shit either and this is based off of the lives I know from niggas just like him who got multiple kids by multiple women.  My wife and I have been married since 2006. We have 2 sons that were born in wedlock. My wife & I have a household income that is well over $100K a year and we don’t have that much debt, but guess what, our 2 sons stay draining money out of bank accounts to ensure that all of their needs are properly met in addition to ensuring that we can properly finance their wants.  But you all are honestly going to let a knee grow on YouTube convince you all that he is able to properly financially manage the lives of 5 kids spread out amongst 4 different women and then he has another baby on the way from a 5th woman? Are you all honestly going to sit here and fall for this bs? There is no way in hell this dude is properly handling his business financially with all of these damn kids, unless that nigga is selling dope.  The only niggas who are capable of financially handling multiple kids by multiple women are rich niggas like P. Diddy. Everybody else, child support is digging deep off in your asses if those baby mamas put you on it. But y’all will sit up here and let these YouTube pro-black babbling niggas just feed you constant bs when you know damn well niggas like him are full of shit. I don’t know what this dude does for a living, but I’m going to go out of my way and assume that he isn’t a high income earner because statistics proves that well over 50% of you knee grows out there barely earn $30K a year (and that’s if you’re lucky). But you mean to tell me that a nigga with 5 kids spread out amongst 4 different women has enough money coming in to help cover day care fees, miscellaneous activity fees, money to ensure all of his kids in these different households have food to eat and decent clothes to wear?  Are you going to honestly sit up and here and believe this bullshit? Ain’t no way in hell this dude is telling the truth. My youngest son is 4 years old and he’s day care now. Day care costs me and my wife $200/week. I don’t know how old Rob Perkins kids are, but are you all going to honestly sit up and here and believe that this dude is making enough money to properly cover all of the needs of his various children that he created with various women? Really?

But let me go ahead and get into my last point I want to address…

I’m so sick and tired of hearing black women crying and complaining about the lack of good black men.  I honestly don’t want to hear that shit anymore from you all. How is it that black women can willingly get pregnant by a nigga that already has multiple baby mamas and then these black women have the nerve to act like they are somehow going to be treated differently from the rest?  What goes on in a black woman’s mind when she sees a nigga with multiple baby mamas and she still decides that she wants to be his next baby mama? It appears that you women are just saying to yourselves, “WELL HIS DICK GAME MUST BE GOOD! HE GOT X AMOUNT OF BABY MAMAS!”  Is that how you all are approaching this? You all are making judgements about a man based on his skills in the bedroom simply due to the fact that he multiple baby mamas? W else could it be? You all know damn well 99% of these dudes with multiple baby mamas are broke and that there is no way in hell they are able to properly financially take care of all of them damn kids., but you still want to lay up with these niggas and become their next baby mamas?  What makes this even worse is that this line of thinking is all up in the pro-black circles. It’s to be expected that random Bonkwikis from the hood reserve their so-called critical thinking skills to bedroom activities, but not the conscious community. This is supposed to be the community of enlightened knee grows running around who are going to save black society by reshaping the way black people think and view themselves in a system of white supremacy.  At least that’s the line we’re constantly fed on YouTube every other day right. “WE’Z GONNA GET SOME BLACK EMPOWERMENT UP IN HERE AND BUILDS US SOME SKRONG BLACK FAMILIES…B1!!” In reality, none of that is happening. It’s just a bunch of hood niggas and hood rats trying to reinvent themselves on social media to mask their hood nigga and hood rat tendencies for some likes, followers, adsense and donations. What’s the old saying…you can take a hood booger out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of a hood booger…or some shit like that.

I mean, Cynthia G is all up and down YouTube screaming that black men are defeated and can’t overthrow white supremacy but look at her, she just voluntarily added herself to the pile of defeated knee grows she cries about.  How are you going to demand that black men overthrow white supremacy and defend black women at all costs, when you can’t even find a nigga with no kids to procreate with? If Rob Perkins had maybe 1 or 2 kids by one woman that he wasn’t with anymore and then he got with you, I could let that slide. But this dude has 5 kids spread out amongst 4 women already and Cynthia G sitting atop of her perch decided that he was the best option out of all the black men to bounce that ass on unprotected.  Why? Cause the nigga can talk a good pro-black game on YouTube but everything in his real more than likely screams the exact opposite? You pro-black chicks can’t be this gullible. I expect a slight degree of higher standards from you all in order to allow for me to properly separate you all from the everyday average common baby mama running around…but, that’s my fault for holding out hope I suppose.

To the rest of you knee grows out there, y’all are gonna soon wake up to see how phony all of this pro-black babbling is.  Don’t get me wrong, I used to be like you all banging away talking about racism and white supremacy non-stop, how black people need to do this, that and the third.  I was one of you which is why I can properly speak on the things these people talk about. I’m 38 years old. I’ve been exposed to pro-black babblers since the early 90s long before social media was a thing.  I went to an HBCU back in 98-2002. We had them on campus there too. So, I’m not new to this thing. I’ve always been somewhat leery of the shit they say, but I never really cared much to address them. It wasn’t until after Trayvon Martin was killed and all of the following deaths that were caught on video that came up that I really started to pay attention to their messages to the point where I actually began to internalize the shit they were saying more, but then I had to snap myself up out of that trance to remember that at the end of the day, the overwhelming vast majority of these knee grows are just a bunch of hood niggas and hood rats that are trying to reinvent themselves for social media fame and profit.  Very few of them actually practice what they preach and very few of them are even remotely qualified to talk about the things they preach about. Case in point…a nigga with 5 kids by 4 different women trying to tell you all about the value of raising a strong black family and a chick who cries runs around calling black men beta male coons every 5 minutes, getting pregnant by a pro-black babbling beta male coon who just happens to already have 5 kids by 4 other women, but they have been propped up as some of your pro-black babbling YouTube leaders that you all should be actually taking serious beyond just strictly ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.

Your favorite mulatto.
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