Is Cynthia G. Pregnant by a Dusty Beta Male?

I need you guys to start paying attention to something.  I want you all to take notice that every time the months of November through January roll around, there will always be some major significant event taking place in black YouTube.  It’s been happening every year like clockwork for at least the last 2 or 3 years now. Rewind the clock back to December 2016 when Tariq exposed Dr. Umar Johnson. Rewind the clock to December 2017, Dr. Boyce Watkins was exposed with that whole Charles Wu connection and I believe that was the same month Tariq ran up on Tommy Sotomayor out in LA.  I want to say either in October or November of 2018, Phil from the Advise Show was exposed for being married to a non-black woman after running around YouTube preaching non-stop pro-black babble. Now here we are in January 2019 and Cynthia G’s number just got called and out of all the black YouTube drama that keeps us all tuning in and making content, this one right here is my personal favorite because she takes her hypocrisy to another level.

We all know how hypocritical she is when she’s making endless videos talking about racism and white supremacy yet she lives in Seattle Washington where it’s like an 8% population of black people living in that area, meaning she’s surrounded by damn near nothing but white people all day every day.  How is she so extra extra pro-black but live in one of possibly the whitest cities in America? Then the other more popular reason people call her out on her hypocrisy has to do with that wig she’s been rocking for quite a few years now that looks like straight up white women’s hair. She’ll get angry and try to call dudes gay for talking about her wig, but none of that matters because the fact of the matter is, for somebody like her to go so extra hard in the pro-black babbling department then have the audacity to wear a wig that looks like it belongs on the head of Becky, but she wants to talk black this, black that, black men ain’t doing this black men ain’t doing that…but….look at her hair.  She literally has her pro-black brain covered up by a wig that does not reflect the hair of a black woman. Then she honestly wants to get on her videos and pretend like she doesn’t understand why these pro-black babblers take offense to that. Like chick, you are literally wearing a “crown” of another race of woman on your head. If she has some type of hair issues or illness related to her hair or whatever (which I don’t know), then I think the pro-black babbling community would be way more open and accepting to her wearing simply just a scarf on her head or even just showing what her natural hair looks like than to adorn the hair of a non-black woman on her head all while going in extra greasy on black men day in and day out.  I honestly don’t think these dudes would have a problem with her to the level that they do if it wasn’t for that wig of hypocrisy she wears.

But let’s move on to the latest and greatest and probably the most hypocritical thing to date that is currently making the rounds about her.  For those of you who may not be familiar with Cynthia G, basically, for better or for worse, she is a rather popular YouTuber in black YouTube land.  Her whole shtick is to be the female version of Tariq Nasheed in terms of her so-called unapologetic pro-blackness combined with the shock value of that of a Tommy Sotomayor.  She runs around YouTube non-stop saying that black men aren’t doing anything to challenge and overthrow white supremacy and that black men are the biggest serial baby daddies running around regardless of the race of the baby mama.  She says black men will bend over backwards for a Becky (and a white guy). She just goes on and on till the break of dawn with going in on black men. Even though I’m not a fan of most of her content, I do understand why she does it and I really don’t have much of an issue with her going in on black men the way she does simply because it’s literally video after video of black men going in on black women non-stop on YouTube.  So she’s somewhat managed to succeed in providing a counterweight to the never ending black gender wars that take place on YouTube.

Regardless of the lane she has carved for herself on black YouTube, she’s still a serial hypocrite at the end of the day.  Earlier I stated that she goes on and on talking about how black men are serial baby daddies who are just out there creating random babies with women of all races all willy nilly and not properly taking care of and raising their kids.  I’m not going to lie, there’s some truth to that aspect, but here’s where her hypocritical superpowers kick in…

Well turns out, she’s currently pregnant by another pro-black babbling YouTuber out there.  Now the pregnancy isn’t the issue and the ideologies of the person she’s pregnant by isn’t an issue either because truth be told, from the outside looking in, this dude would actually be the perfect match for her since he proclaims to be all about fighting white supremacy from the comfort of his home.  Turns out, this knee grow already has about 4 baby mamas already on his roster and now Cynthia G. just voluntarily signed up to become the 5th woman on his squad. What’s so special about this is that, she has endless videos going in on dudes like this where she’s notorious for calling these dudes “dusty beta male coons” (a term she coined). She drags these dudes non-stop. It’s dusty beta male this, dusty beta male that, black men can’t control their penises and they make all these kids they can’t take care of. In the last year or 2 that has been her calling card on YouTube. She leads the pack when it comes to going in on black men who are out there creating babies all willy nilly, but here she is behind the scenes backing that ass up with no protection for a literally dusty beta male coon and joining his squad of being baby mama number 5. This is like if all I ever did was get on here and talk about white people this white people that non-stop and how black people need to be with only black people, then I turn around and y’all discover pictures of me out there cheesing it up with Becky extra hard. Y’all will be like, “WHAT THE FUCK?!”  

But this is just another case file to add to the stash of the endless pro-black hyprocrisy that runs rampant amongst these pro-black babblers, but y’all got the nerve to get offended at me for calling them out.  And it’s not like I’m out there purposely looking for stuff to call them out on, the majority of the times I’m speaking very vague. The only time I really drop specific names is when these babblers expose themselves, like Cynthia G.  I don’t know all of the details as to how she got exposed other than some chick on Twitter who claims to be an ex-friend of Cynthia G. posting screen shots galore spilling all the tea about her getting pregnant by the very same type of dusty beta male coon she proclaims to despise and hate.  At least she didn’t get pregnant by a white dude tho. 😂 If that would have happened and people were roasting her, you might have to send the Seattle police department to her house to make sure she isn’t harming herself. Instead she settled for a dusty beta male coon.  A nigga with not 1 but 5 other baby mamas.

And this brings me to another quick point.  Cynthia G, this well known YouTuber in black YouTube land who’s made a name for herself as the most pro-blackedy black chick on YouTube who hates white people and hates black men that don’t fight white supremacy (aka, the dusty beta male coons), she messes around and gets pregnant by the very same same dusty beta male coon she has built her name off of on these YouTube streets.  This just goes to show that no matter what these chicks say online or offline, if a nigga got a smooth enough mouthpiece, he can still drop some penis off in these so-called high and mighty chicks and put a random baby in them. All of this, “I WANT A REAL STRONG BLACK MAN WHO’S FIGHTING AGAINST THE SYSTEM AND ISN’T A DUSTY BETA MALE COON!”, none of that shit matters at the end of the day once a nigga starts spitting that game because most women are the same.  I don’t care if it’s the bottom of the barrel hoodrat all the way up the Michelle Obama. If a nigga got a nice mouthpiece and she sees something that she wants from him, a nigga can get the draws plain and simple. Women are not hard to figure out. They’re merely just a headache 99% of the time when they’re not giving you some coochie or some food.

But once again, it’s amazing how the power of social media can make knee grows pretend to be people that they are literally not in real life all for some likes, followers and donations, but these very same chicks who pro-black lifestyle thump you death on social media are out there bouncing that ass for the very same dudes she literally cries and complains about all day long on YouTube.  She literally says in a nutshell that black men ain’t shit and all they do is make random babies with random women of various races and here she is literally pregnant by a nigga who is out there doing the very thing she constantly cries about in her videos. How amazing is this ladies and gentleman? This is literally what pro-black babbling social media is all about. A bunch of hypocritical knee grows telling you to live your life one way while they go out and do the complete opposite.  

But you know what’s going to happen right?  The majority of the people who listen to Cynthia G. day in and day out are women and most of them are probably a baby mama their damn selves. Let’s just be honest here.  I told you all that most people who come to embrace being pro-black are nothing more than a bunch of black people who are trying to make sense of their shitty lives due to them not being able to fix mistakes of the past that they made.  Meaning, there are a bunch OF former drug dealers, pimps, thugs and “I’m too cool for school” baby daddy niggas running around and on the female spectrum, it’s a bunch of former hoes and baby mamas. That’s the majority of people in pro-black circles ladies and gentleman.  It’s literally no different than black church. Black church is filled with a bunch of old black people who who were out in the streets like these pro-black babblers were back in the day. Most of the people who listen to Cynthia G. fall into those categories, especially the women.  So a lot of these chicks probably gravitated towards her message of preaching against the dusty beta male coons simply because these baby mama chicks are mad that they got pregnant by the wrong nigga back in the day and they can’t make a Ciara/Russell Wilson-style fantasy come true in their lives.  So instead, they’ll opt to listen to a single black woman with no kids go in on these dudes who put these babies inside of these black women to help make them feel better about their horrible decisions early in life. But now the tables have turned and their fearless leader has joined the ranks of the BBMAA, which stands for the BLACK BABY MAMA ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. An association that has a 70% membership here in America by way of 70% of all black Americans being born to a single mother.  But do you think the members of BBMAA are going to turn their back on Cynthia G? HELL NO. She’s only going to get bigger in terms of her following because now she is officially one of the BBMAA’s and she can now speak from first hand knowledge and experience about life dealing with a dusty beta male coon who got her pregnant.

Now that I think about it, maybe this was the plan after all.  Call black men dusty beta male coons non stop, get pregnant by one, & make yourself more relatable to the women who flock to your channel who got pregnant by a so-called dusty beta male coon in the past that they still harbor anger towards, then watch your views and donations skyrocket.  If that’s the plan, then Cynthia G. is probably smarter than I give her credit for. 🤔

Your favorite mulatto.
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