Tariq Nasheed for President

So in case you missed it, Tariq Nasheed put a tweet stating the following…

Now at the time of writing this blog I went ahead and casted my vote for YES.  Why? Because I would actually look forward to witnessing this train wreck. As a matter of fact, one dude responded to that tweet saying the exact same thing.  This dude who goes by the name of JD on Twitter said, “I VOTED YES SIMPLY TO WITNESS THIS TRAIN WRECK. OPPOSITION RESEARCH WILL SIMPLY HAVE TO GO BACK LIKE 2 WEEKS INTO YOUR TWEETS BEFORE YOU ANNOUNCE THAT YOU’RE QUITTING TO RETURN TO TWITTER.”  And man if that isn’t the realest response to a Tariq tweet I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what is.

What actually interested me about this tweet probably more than the actual tweet itself was the fact that so far the majority of the people voted against him running for President.  I find this surprising simply because, if you recall, after the midterm elections I wrote a blog titled, How Come Pro-Blacks Don’t Run for Office to where I was saying that if pro-blacks are so hell bent on not voting because they feel there aren’t any candidates speaking to issues that directly affect black people, in particular American DOS, then why don’t they find a black person who espouses pro-black and black first values and support that candidate just to get that candidate into a possible position to address these concerns on a national level regardless of if the candidate wins or not?  You would think the babblers would be all for an idea like this, even more so coming from their fearless and unapologetic leader, but according to these Twitter poll numbers, the babblers don’t even appear to be taking Tariq seriously, which is surprising considering they take everything he says to heart unconditionally.

So it just makes me wonder at the end of the day as to exactly what is the purpose of these pro-black babblers?  Do they actually want legit change that directly benefits American DOS or do they just want to spend the remainder of their lives crying about complaining about “da man” and white supremacy?  Granted, I highly doubt that Tariq put up this poll because he’s seriously considering a run for any type of office, whether it be presidential or even just a city counsel position. I’m convinced this is simply just another classic troll tweet.  Regardless of whether he’s being serious or just trolling, we all know what the potential outcome would be even if he were running for the county dog catcher position, and that outcome would be, he would lose followed by him saying that he lost because of racism and white supremacy.

Here’s the thing, running for political office would not be beneficial to the cause of Blackistan because it would actually require babblers to have to get up off of social media and commence to doing something to create the change they desire to see.  I’m not talking about change in terms of donating to the melanoid ministries or putting money on the books to fund the latest and greatest documentary. I’m talking about it would actually require a babbler to get into the fighting ring of the actual system that creates the laws, rules, etc that govern the way Americans live their lives which affects the way people choose to view their lives in terms of fairness, equality and justice or lack thereof.  We all can bang away on social media and drop videos on YouTube talking about what the government should be doing to help right the wrongs committed against American DOS. Anybody can do that, but how many of us can actually enter the political arena to go directly at the system where these rules and laws are created? Probably not that many. The reason being is because most of us don’t have name recognition nor do the majority of us have the funds to compete, but Tariq Nasheed does.  Maybe not to the extent of that of a seasoned politician, but he does have one hell of a name out on these streets and his fundraising skills are pretty remarkable compared to the average knee grow running around. So if pro-black babblers ever were serious about putting up a black first pro-black candidate to speak unapologetically to the issues and needs of American DOS, at this present moment, I honestly cannot think of anybody else who would be the perfect candidate outside of Tariq Nasheed. I’m sure the babblers can’t name a better person either. So once again, how come this poll he put up doesn’t have the majority of votes in favor of him running for office?  Dude has over 230K Twitter followers to where I’ll say probably 80% of his followers are die hard Tariq fans who cosign any and everything he says as if it’s law. That poll should be showing at least 61% in favor and 39% in opposition as opposed to the complete opposite that it is currently reflecting. If pro-black babblers really want an opportunity to implement legit change and establish equal and fair justice for American DOS, then how come Tariq isn’t getting love out on these Twitter streets on that poll?

Why? It’s because these knee grows do not want change.  There is no incentive to actually fighting for change. The moment you enter the political arena as a candidate to fight for change, you can’t really cry and complain about people not caring about you or people not doing anything for you.  Sure, you can rattle of racism and white supremacy all day long, but the moment you legit decide to enter the political arena to actually fight, you lose the privilege of hanging on to the excuse that nobody is trying to do anything for black people.  And that excuse is paramount to the culture of Blackistan. Without that excuse, the whole pro-black house of cards would come crashing down because that excuse is the literal breath of life that keeps these babblers banging away on social media.  You have to wake up day in and day out to convince yourself that everybody is out to get black people and that nobody wants to do anything to help black people and you have to tell yourself that black people are forever on their own. It’s nothing but pure doom and gloom you are selling yourself day in and day out.  So the moment you actually put up an unapologetic pro-black candidate who speaks to the issues that directly impact American DOS, then if you are truly about that pro-black life, you would have to support this candidate. At that point, you cannot go around with the “woe is me, nobody is speaking for me or trying to get anything done for black people” bs anymore.  The moment you do that, you will realize that you can’t return back to the old pro-black cultural model of preaching doom, gloom and helplessness anymore. Like I’ve stated numerous times, the pro-black ideology of today is not about the advancement of black people, it’s about preaching non-stop inferiority into black people to foster a culture of failure that those with significant followings and a silver tongue could use to capitalize from.  Putting up a legit pro-black candidate to address the needs and concerns of black people goes against the inferiority complex that permeates through the pro-black atmosphere. You are expected to cry and complain, cry and complain, & toss a few dollars here and there to support a documentary or buy some t shirts or whatever under the guise of practicing “black economic empowerment”. You are also taught to distrust and question everything about the political system and wholeheartedly believe that this political system is purposely designed to keep you in a state of subjugation in addition to convincing yourself that everyday you wake up, you are a victim simply because of your skin color.  How would any of those messages hold true if a pro-black actually decided to run for a political office to genuinely seek to create real systemic change as an actually contender in the very same system where these systemic policies are created?

But we all know what the excuses will be…

“WHITE FOLKS WILL NEVER LET IT HAPPEN, THEY  WILL KILL YOU, YOU’LL NEVER WIN!” All of those excuses might be valid in some respects, especially the “YOU’LL NEVER WIN” excuse.  The problem is, these types of excuses will be used to dissuade a person from even trying, which ultimately would be the whole point because the excuse alone would help to strengthen the inferiority argument by default.  You wouldn’t even have to fill out a form & pay your fees to declare your candidacy. You can just hang on to these excuses and run back to your followers and feed them more inferiority and white supremacy rhetoric as an excuse for not even trying, which will more than likely transform itself into another monetizable avenue for moving t shirts, DVDs, and collecting super chat donations.

My whole point is, I’m not taking Tariq’s political aspirations seriously one bit simply because running for office would go against all of his victimhood messages he’s been preaching since forever now.  But at the same time, I am convinced that if pro-blacks don’t like the way American DOS are treated in this country, then one of these knee grows needs to run for office to get these issues brought to the forefront regardless of if this candidate has a chance of winning anything or not.  Tweeting & YouTubing your way to systemic change hasn’t really been working in black people’s favor over the last 10 years or so in case you haven’t noticed. So like I said, I personally don’t take this tweet from Tariq seriously, but if he is serious, then at this present moment, I can’t think of one person more qualified to unapologetically represent the concerns of pro-blacks.  He has money, he has a name, he has a dedicated following, he’s quite masterful at raising funds compared to the majority of knee grows out there, he’s masterful at capturing people’s attention; who else out in there in Blackistan would be a better candidate than him? But like I said, regardless of who Blackistan puts up to run for office, would a pro-black candidate actually benefit pro-blacks who have been conditioned to believing that they are forever victims no matter what they say or where they go in life?  I don’t think so.

Your favorite mulatto.
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