Chris Brown & False Rape Accusations

This is the reason why moving forward in the year 2019 and beyond that when it comes to rape & #MeToo allegations, I’m looking at both the accuser and accused as straight up liars until undeniable evidence is brought forward to prove one of these people as telling the truth.  And the reason I’m doing this is because of what’s going on with Chris Brown.

So you all heard that Chris Brown was recently accused of rape and to my present knowledge, he’s not being charged and he’s going to be pursuing a lawsuit against the woman who falsely accused him, which I 100% support.  Well, I would prefer for the woman to be locked up in jail to face the potential amount of time he would have had to face over this false accusation, but sadly that’s not how the legal system appears to get down. Women can just hurl false rape charges and the man’s reputation and livelihood could be destroyed in an instance and the moment we find out that the accusations are false, well chances are the female who accused the dude, she’ll just go back to living her life as normal in most instances.  But then you’ll hear the femi-nuts and moisture mafia dudes come bum rushing the conversation to say something like, “Only 2 to 10% of rape accusations are false”, which I find somewhat fascinating. The reason I find it fascinating is because statistics also state that less than 1% of of rapes lead to a felony conviction. So here’s the thing I struggle with when it comes to rape: just 1% of accused rapists are convicted of rape. That means for every 100 men accused of rape, 99 of them are not convicted.  Think about that ladies and gentleman. 99 out of 100 men accused of rape are not convicted, and when I say not convicted, I’m talking about dudes who were arrested and tried in a court of law, not the dudes who were never arrested because the woman never reported the rape to the authorities.

So when I hear this 1% conviction stat, it tends to baffle my mind how this stat is rarely mentioned in the #MeToo, toxic masculinity, rape & pillage era we all live in.  Instead we constantly hear about the 2 to 10% stat of FALSE rape accusations leading the general public to presume that 90 to 98% of rape accusations are NOT FALSE. So I guess what I’m trying to figure out is, how can you definitively say that 2 to 10% of rape accusations are FALSE when stats also say that only 1% of men are convicted of rape?  It would seem like if you have 90 – 98% of TRUE rape accusations, then it would seem like the conviction rate for rape would be way higher than just 1%. Am I making sense here or am I just completely lost in the sauce with how this whole rape culture narrative is being framed? Once again, the stats the love to be tossed around say that 2 to 10% of rape accusations are FALSE leading us to believe that 90 – 98% of rape accusations are TRUE but yet, only 1% of men accused of rape are actually convicted, meaning 99 out of 100 men accused of rape are NOT convicted.  So why are we automatically expected to believe that the FALSE rape accusation stat is valid when the conviction stat is so damn low?

Now before you get to saying, “IT’S BECAUSE WOMEN DON’T REPORT RAPE”, well here are some more stats for you:

  • 31% of alleged rapes ARE reported to the police.  
  • 5.7% of men accused of rape ARE ARRESTED.
  • 1.1% of rape cases ARE referred to the prosecutors office.  
  • 0.7% (OR 1%) of accused rapists ARE convicted.
  • 0.6% of these convicted rapists ARE incarcerated.

The stats say that 31% of alleged rapes are reported, 5.7% of men accused of rape are arrested & 1.1% of these rape cases are referred to the prosecutor’s office. So my next question would be, where in the hell did this 2 to 10% false rape stat come from?

I’m told it started here.

That stat appears to come from the number of rapes reported and the unreported rapes. But here’s the problem, 1) out of the reported rapes, how can you honestly say that only 2 to 10% of them are false when only 1.1% of the reported rapes actually make it to the prosecutor’s office?  So 90 to 98% of the alleged TRUE rape incidents, only 1.1% of them make it the prosecutors office period. Meaning, there’s sufficient evidence to pursue trying the alleged rapist. And 2) if it’s such a high number of unreported rapes, then how can you actually prove a rape took place in the first place if it’s not reported?  What I mean is, if a man legit rapes a woman and she never reports it, then you honestly cannot ever prove that a rape took place from a technical and legal standpoint. So I don’t even see how people can factor unreported rapes into these stats to uphold the 2 to 10% FALSE rape stat that is constantly floated around when people begin to talk about people like Chris Brown being falsely accused in order to divert attention from the so-called 2 to 10% that can seriously fuck up a man’s life.

But I want to recap real quick before I move in case these numbers confused you:

People love to highlight that only 2 to 10% of all rape accusations are FALSE.  So that means 90 to 98% of rape accusations are presumed to be TRUE. But you have to remember, these people are factoring in REPORTED rapes and UNREPORTED rapes.  The first problem has to deal with UNREPORTED rapes. If a woman does not report a rape, then it’s like that alleged rape never took place because she cannot actually prove it took place technically or legally.  There is no evidence to back up her claim. So how can you add in UNREPORTED rapes into the 2 to 10% FALSE rape accusation stat? The second problem with the 2 to 10% FALSE rape stat has to deal with the REPORTED rapes.  Once again, 2 to 10% are alleged to be FALSE meaning 90 to 98% are presumed to be TRUE, but out of the REPORTED rapes, only 31% are actually REPORTED. So these 90 to 98% alleged TRUE rapes, only 31% are REPORTED. Out of these 90 to 98% alleged TRUE rapes, only 5.7% of these alleged rapists are arrested.  Out of these 90 to 98% alleged TRUE rapes, only 1.1% of them are referred to the prosecutor’s office. And finally out of these 90 to 98% alleged TRUE rapes, only 1% of them produce a conviction.

Understand, these numbers come straight out of the Washington Post, not some random ass blog online that I found.  But still, out of all of these 90 to 98% alleged TRUE rapes that supposedly take place, only 1.1% of them sent to the prosecutor’s office and 1% are lead to a conviction meaning, 99 out of 100 men are NOT convicted of rape.  Then once again, why in the hell are men made to feel shame for trying to highlight false rape claims when the data clearly states that damn near all of these REPORTED rape claims are bs that even the prosecutor can’t take to court?

And this leads me back to Chris Brown being falsely accused.  A chick named Maiysha Kai penned a piece titled #MuteChrisBrown Too, Because He’s Clearly Committed to Being Trash. This woman goes on to talk about toxic masculinity, R. Kelly, the Gillette razor ad, Chris Brown beating up Rhianna 10 years ago, and then she gets to talking about him being falsely accused of rape.

In case you didn’t read the article, this chick is more angry at Chris Brown’s “This Bitch Lyin'” t-shirt than she is at the fact that Chris Brown was FALSELY accused of rape.  

How retarded are these femi-negroes running around out here to where they are honestly more offended at a man over his t-shirt, which actually represents a very true statement about his dilemma, than they are at the fact this nigga was falsely accused and could have had all kinds of shit going wrong for him and his career?  This is the crazy shit I constantly talk about in regards to knee grows who run wild and loose on social media. The have successfully created this atmosphere where no matter what a woman says that people everywhere are expected to believe everything that comes out of her mouth without question just because she is a woman and we are to automatically assume that all men are just out there raping everything that moves even if there is absolutely no proof whatsoever.  Then the moment that proof is provided in favor of the man, we are then supposed to find another reason to beat him down for having the audacity to celebrate and rub it in people’s faces that this chick was actually lying. This is literally the world we live in. But then these same femin-negroes wanna get up on their high horse as a rebuttal and say that only 2 to 10% of all rape accusations are FALSE. Yet they will go out of their way to never make mention of the fact that only 1.1% of REPORTED rapes actually make it to a prosecutor’s office for the prosecutor to pursue which logically leads to the conclusion that damn near 99% of those REPORTED rapes may actually be pure bullshit.  But you’re not told that part of the story. You are force fed that men are out here practicing rape culture and exuding toxic masculinity all willy nilly and that women everywhere are literally in fear of men (especially black men) because they never know when a brotha may run up on them and just take the coochie, sort of like that video that’s been all over social media of that woman named Jasmine Eiland who claimed that she was raped in a night club in Atlanta while she was recording herself on Facebook live…but somehow she managed to find the inner strength AFTER THE RAPE to head back out onto the dance floor and continue to party like it’s 1999. But we are expected to automatically assume she was raped simply because she was on camera whispering “help me.”  We are to ignore everything else after that. I don’t know if she was legitimately violated or not because her managing to keep her FB live feed mostly on her face and upper torso the entire time prohibited me from actually seeing if the dude was actually violating her, so I can’t 100% sit here and pretend like I know for a fact that she was raped and the fact that she went back out to the dance floor to continue to party AFTER her alleged rape surely isn’t helping to her case to convince me that she was raped. So like I said in my opening, when it comes to rape allegations, I’m not believing the accuser or the accused until some concrete evidence is provided proving that one of these people is telling the truth. As far as I’m concerned, until that evidence is produced, both of are lying. Then again, is the accused actually lying when only 5.7% of these dudes who are reported are arrested and only 1.1% of these accused dudes are sent to the prosecutor’s office to be tried in court? We’re not supposed to be asking these questions sadly.

And for the, “WHAT IF YOU HAD A DAUGHTER OR IF THIS HAPPENED TO A WOMAN IN YOUR FAMILY, WOULD YOU BELIEVE THEM?!” crowd.  First of all, I don’t have a daughter, so I’m not worried about aspect. Secondly if anybody (male or female) in my family said they were raped, then you are damn right I’m going to believe them initially because they are MY FAMILY.  The rest of you knee grows, no. I’m not believing any of you until some concrete evidence is provided proving that you are telling the truth.

Anyways, go look at the link where all of these stats are listed and you all help me understand why the rape rangers of social media never want to talk about how only 1.1% of these REPORTED rape cases even make it to the prosecutor’s office in the first damn place, yet we’re expected to believe that it’s an astronomically high number of TRUE rape cases in comparison to FALSE rape cases.

Your favorite mulatto.