Why Do Pro-Black Babblers Love Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Two years ago I wrote an article titled If Martin Luther King Jr. Was Alive Today, He Would Be Considered a Coon and 2 years later I feel the exact same way.  The reason I feel this was is because prior to MLK’s murder, MLK was all about seeking the help of the white man and getting white folks to take notice of black pain and suffering.  By today’s standards, any black person trying to get white folks to take notice of black pain and suffering in addition to working with white folks to get things done for black society would be an automatic sentence to a lifetime of riding the coon train…no if ands or buts about it.  Just pack up your butter biscuits and hop your ass on the train to Coonville.

Now some of you will say, “B-b-but, MLK started to change when he said he thinks he realized he lead his people into a burning house and also when he gave one of his last speeches talking about getting reparations.”

I understand that completely, but the problem is, that version of MLK didn’t live long enough to outshine the version of MLK that is celebrated today.  The version that white America loves to remind black people of every 5 seconds with their celebrated line of “WHAT WOULD MLK DO?”  The version of MLK that shines loud and clear and has allowed for MLK’s birthday to become a national holiday is the MLK that wanted to see little white boys and girls holding hands and playing with little black boys and girls.  The version of MLK that has stood the test of time to cause white folks to revere him is the docile turn the other cheek MLK who marched across the bridge in Selma singing negro spirituals in opposition of a bunch of white savages who were ready to cause chaos and death.  The MLK that will forever live on which caused MLK to get a giant statue in Washington DC in the National Mall is the MLK who had to go begging and pleading to a flat out open racist white President by the name of Lyndon B. Johnson to tell white folks to get off of black people’s asses.  That’s the version of MLK that will live in infamy compared the more pro-black MLK that was murdered.

And it’s important that you all understand this because by today’s standards, the MLK that will live in infamy should be considered the greatest coon to have ever lived.  Think about this for a moment. MLK died when he was 39 years old. Just imagine a 30 something year old MLK running around today in the year 2019 begging Trump to get these cops off of black people’s asses.  Imagine MLK leading a Black Lives Matter march and being attacked by a bunch of MAGA hat & tiki torch Trump supporters and MLK doing absolutely nothing to fight back. Imagine MLK going around giving speeches talking about how he dreams of little black boys and girls holding hands playing with little white boys and girls.  Just imagine what the pro-black babblers would be saying today. That knee grow would be crucified into all eternity by black people. The very same black people who today like to hold MLK in high esteem as a genuine black leader despite the things that caused him to be revered as a black leader are the things that would cause him to be banished to the island of Coondalini.

So it begs the question, if everything that MLK did back in his day is considered treasonous against black society and black progression in the present day, then why in the hell do pro-black babblers revere this man so much?  Why?

The reason why is because MLK managed to unfortunately do one thing right to forever cement his place in infamy amongst the pro-black babblers. That one thing is, he unfortunately succeeded in getting himself murdered by a white supremacist.  That’s it. That is literally the only reason why pro-blacks adore this man as much as they do Malcolm X. If MLK had of managed to not get killed and go on to live a health life of sorts, there is no way in hell pro-blacks would be celebrating this man.  They would be tossing him on the coon train like they have John Lewis. Because you have to remember, John Lewis was literally side by side on that bridge in Selma with MLK as they all got beat down that day. The only difference between John Lewis and MLK is that John Lewis is still alive today.  You all have heard the old saying, “you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” That line holds ultimate truth when it comes to how pro-blacks view the Civil Rights generation. If you didn’t die like Malcolm, MLK, Medgar Evers, then you would be classified as a coon despite you being right there next to the people fighting the exact same fights as those who unfortunately were taken out.

So when you start to look at why pro-blacks idolize and cherish MLK so much, you have to understand that MLK is adored so much by pro-blacks simply because he was murdered by a white supremacists.  Being killed by a white supremacists is the highest honor a pro-black babbler could aspire to achieve. Think I’m lying, y’all remember when Tariq was all over social media some months back talking about how his house was swatted?  Y’all remember how after that event he was going on and on and on talking about how an “asassination attempt” was made on his life? I mean, he was really milking it. The pro-black babblers all over were in complete awe buying this story he hyped up well beyond what probably actually happened.  Here’s another one, I recall a show Jason Black did where he was talking about how he was driving through Arizona or New Mexico and he got pulled over by the cops in the middle of the night who wanted to search his vehicle or some shit. If you listen to the way he told that story, Jason Black was laying it on extra thick with the suspense that at any minute he could have been killed by a white supremacists on the highway.  Maybe he could have been killed, who knows, but the way he was telling the story on that one video, it was like listening to an audiobook full of pure suspense and drama when in reality, it probably went nothing like how he described it, but since I wasn’t there, I can’t dispute it. What I can surmise is, a pro-black babblers death by a white supremacists is the highest honor one could achieve in the world of Blackistan.

Here’s another example to prove this point.  That dude who shot up those cops in Dallas back in 2016 by the name of Micah Xavier Johnson, who was then later literally blown up by a police robot; that dude is currently in the hall of fame of Blackistan.  That light skin chick who had her Facebook feed cut off before the cops came in and shot her by the name of Korryn Gaines, despite her being a complete looney tunes, she’s in the museum of Blackistan as well.  

You see, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, how successful in business you are, how successful you are in terms of marrying a black woman and raising a healthy black family, none of that shit holds any weight to you being killed in the line of pro-blackness by a white supremacists.  That is the ultimate goal of everybody in Blackistan and the younger you can manage to get yourself killed, the better. Young people dying just makes the death even more infamous, sort of like Tupac dying at the age of 25. That’s how this works ladies and gentleman. Everything you listen to about black progression and black economic empowerment coming up out of Blackistan is really just code to help you get into the mind frame of one day going out there to turn yourself into a sacrifice for Blackistan by way of dying at the hands of a white supremacist. Your ultimate goal in life is to be killed by a white supremacist so that you can ascend to the Blackistan version of a Muslim heaven and get an eternity of Tariq Elite Boots, Jason Black YouTube videos, and 72 black dime pieces who aren’t single mothers. That’s what all of this is for ladies and gentleman and this is why MLK is highly revered even thought technically he should be labeled the greatest coon to have ever lived if we apply his life’s work up against today’s pro-black standards.

Your favorite mulatto.
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