I’m Tired of Social Media Blacktivists

Alright so this may be a bit stupid but I feel like briefly talking about it anyways…

I’m on Facebook and this one chick I know only through Facebook shares a post about Soulja Boy talking to DJ Akademiks and his crew on that show called Everyday Struggle.  Now I’ve never seen the show, but I have seen people passing a certain clip around to where Soulja Boy is trying to say that his gaming console is legit and that all of the games that are loaded onto the console are licensed from Nintendo.  Well on that particular clip, there’s a black woman who makes a comment to Soulja Boy saying something like, “Why does he own so many businesses?” then Soulja Boy proceeds to say something like, “Y’all love to say y’all support black businesses but won’t actually support black businesses” or something to that effect. Just head on over to Charlamagne’s IG page and he has the clip posted.

Anyway, this black chick I know on social media, she posts that clip to her fb profile with the following caption:

“She a REAL GOOF BALL for asking him that.  Smh…but anyway Souljah out here rebuking so many niggas out here it’s not even funny!  Love him or hate him but he has been putting his own destiny in his hands at 17 while I’m out.  I’VE BEEN trying to figure out how to be financially free at 33. Give this man his respect. PERIOD.”

So that’s what this chick said. Now mind you, this chick is one of those ultra social media pro-blacks who spends 99% of her time “fighting da white man” from her keyboard and the other 1% she’s online crying and complaining about how people keep judging her relationship with a nigga that’s been locked up for a few years now, despite the fact that it is her who constantly puts her damn personal business on display on social media for everybody to read and make comments on. Typical pro-black babbling chick shit that pro-black babbling chicks do.

I respond to her post of where she is defending Soulja Boy by saying that Soulja Boy is out here trying to scam people by reselling unlicensed bootleg video game consoles, so I fail to see exactly why this guy is so inspirational.  She then proceeds to tell me some shit like, “NAH UH…SOULJA BOY SAID IN THIS CLIP THAT ALL HIS STUFF IS LICENSED AND LEGIT!” and then she posts a link to an article in Complex as her proof to back up her argument over his legitimacy even tho her own link merely just repeated what he said.  I then find a link written a few days later from the same website telling her that Nintendo is threatening to sue Soulja Boy and then I tell her, if his gaming console is legit, then why has his website magically disappeared? I then tell her to remember that this is the same Soulja Boy who just 2 or 3 years ago was all over social media telling people that some online casino company was paying him $400M to promote some stuff (which that turned out to be a lie that even Soulja Boy confirmed was a lie on the Breakfast Club recently).  So after I told this pro-black babbling pookie-loving high priestess all of this stuff, she deletes my comments from her post and blocks me.😂

Like I said in the intro, this story is kind of stupid but despite it being stupid, I still felt a need to share it with you all because it relates to so much shit I’ve talked about on this site about how retarded a lot of these pro-black are.  When it comes to your average pro-black out there, logic and common sense are not a prerequisite for being pro-black. The only prerequisite for being pro-black is for you to blindly cosign any and everything a black person may say or do regardless of its legality or not.  If the person is black and they claim that they are doing something for black people or doing something under the umbrella of black economic empowerment, you are just supposed to blindly accept that shit at face value without every questioning it. The moment you are challenging with legit info disputing your beliefs about said person, you are supposed to run, hide, coon-call, and block the other black person who just bursted your false hopes of a pro-black utopia.

But this pro-black babbling priestess isn’t just a one-off ladies and gentleman, this shit is all over social media from your average cornball who owns nothing in his name other than a Facebook account all the way up to the likes of Colin Kaepernick who’s running around here indirectly throwing shade at Travis Scott for performing at the Super Bowl, but never mind the fact that Colin Kaepernick is collecting millions from Nike despite Nike being in bed with the NFL. And speaking of this Super Bowl chitter chatter, that brings me to Gladys Knight agreeing to sing the National Anthem.

I’m here to formally declare to the world that I will be watching the Super Bowl and I am not about to cancel Gladys Knight, despite me failing to recall the last time I actually sat down and listened to a Gladys Knight song.  The reason I’m not cancelling her is because quite truthfully, I’ve grown tired of niggas and their social media blacktivism. I’m tired of hearing about it. I’m tired of knee grows attempting to dictate who I can and can’t listen to and what stores I can and can’t shop in. I’m just tired of the shit.  Like I said before, if I want to listen to R. Kelly’s music, I’ll listen to his shit and I’m not about to feel shame for doing so. If I want to shop and H&M (even though I don’t shop there), I’ll shop there. If I want to watch a football game (which I’m not much of a football fan to begin with), I’ll watch a damn game.  I’m just so tired of niggas hopping online to complain about any and every damn thing in an attempt to get all knee grows to think and act in unison. And you know what’s funny, these are the same niggas who constantly cry and complain about black people being seen as a monolith, but then will turn right around and demand that black people become a monolith when it’s time to declare who and what black people should and shouldn’t support.  Fuck that. I’m tired of you niggas. If I was Gladys Knight’s manager I would tell her to say “Fuck you niggas. White folks will support me anyways”. I mean seriously, knee grows are talking about cancelling Gladys Knight but not any one of these knee grows have a damn Gladys Knight album in the cut somewhere. The same way they claimed they cancelled Chrisette Michele for singing at Trump’s inauguration, these same knee grows never supported one show or album she had prior to them cancelling her which can be proven if you look up her album sales on the internet.  

The point to all of this is, moving forward in 2019, I’m cancelling all of these social media blacktivist protests.  I’m not participating in any of that shit no matter what. A video could go viral tomorrow of a cop doing a drive-by slapping on black girls and women all over the hood, I’m not protesting shit.  My Twitter protest fingers are tired. In regards to my Twitter protest fingers, when it comes to all of these social media blacktivist lead protests, it’s nothing but Twitter fingers and hashtags all day long because in reality, niggas aren’t doing anything and they’re not about to do anything.  We all know this to be true, but for some reason too many of us feel like we have to keep the lie alive on social media to make it appear to white people that black people are not backing down. The truth of the matter is, white folks know what the deal is and white folks also probably don’t give a damn as well.

Your favorite mulatto.