Should Mixed Children Identify as Being Black Only?

So I just got finished watching Oshay’s Sunday Rumble video titled “Should Mixed Children Identify as Being Black Only?” and the entire time I watching this video, it’s nothing but black people talking about us biracials and mulattos and how they feel we biracials and mulattoes maneuver through life.  They had one mulatto dude on the panel for about 5 whole minutes and the rest of the show was nothing but knee grows ranging from Oshay, to ABL, to Cynthia G, to Information Man, some chick named Irene and a few other randoms. The entire time their running off at the mouth talking about “THIS IS HOW BIRACIALS ARE TREATED, HOW THEY SEE THE WORLD, HOW THEY WILL BE TREATED…BLAH BLAH BLAH” and meanwhile I’m in the comments like, How come y’all don’t put a biracial on the panel to give a 1st hand biracial perspective?”  Hell, I even asked if I could get on the panel. Not sure if he saw my comment or he ignored it, but how in the hell are you (Oshay) going to host a show talking directly about biracial people and how biracial people maneuver through life, but you don’t have a damn biracial on the show to actually tell you what life is like? It just made no sense to me at all.

Just imagine me hosting a show talking about gay people and what I believe gay people are going through in life and how I believe they are interpreting things in life, but I don’t have a gay person on the panel to tell me about living life as a gay person straight from their own mouth.  How crazy is that.

This just further proves my point where I’ve stated in the past that when it comes to black people and how they feel about us biracials, these knee grows swear up and down that they are the subject matter experts on what it means to be biracial despite none of these knee grows ever having lived the life of a biracial.  On this panel, you had some knee grow saying, THEY’RE NOT BLACK, then others would say THEY’RE BLACK, then some were like THESE BIRACIALS GROW UP CONFUSED. And I’m just shaking my head wondering where these knee grows are getting their information from. Well, I know where they are getting their information from. They get it straight from some pro=black babbler on YouTube.  The silliness involved to put to a whole panel of people together to discuss biracials and the entire time the show was streaming there was literally one biracial on the panel who was there for like maybe 5 minutes out of the entire 3 hours or so this show was going on is just ridiculous.

But like I’ve said in the past and shall continue to say in moving forward into the future is that black people, you non-mixed knee grows, no matter how much you all attempt to front on social media, way too damn many of you all are obsessed with us biracials and way too many of you all honestly believe that you have some authority over blackness to where you believe that you can legitimately call the shots on who can and can’t run around declaring themselves to be black.  I’ve told you all repeatedly that if I want to call myself black today and biracial tomorrow, there isn’t a damn thing any of you non-mixed knee grows can do about it other than to express your feels on social media. These are just facts B. Just pure unadulterated facts. Black people don’t own or control the concept or ideology of blackness especially considering it’s probably way more black people running away from blackness than there probably are of biracial people running towards blackness.  So makes you think you can sit around and dictate anything regardless to us biracials? The madness has reached levels of pure insanity with some of you people.

Here’s the problem to where I wish I could have been on that panel to address this as it relates to whether we biracials and mulattoes are black or not and this also ties into the classic line of “biracials being confused” that knee grows love to spout every chance they get.  The problem is not whether we want to be black or not, the problem has to deal with black people and their undying love affair with the one-drop rule. Regardless of if black people view us as black or not, let the biracial/mulatto nation actually rise and we begin to truly separate ourselves from black society to form mixed race society, non-mixed knee grows on both sides of the aisle in relation to whether they view us as black or not would be the very first ones one-drop ruling us to death.  Mark my words. The reason is because no matter what knee grows say, the moment us biracials & mulattoes decide to kick knee grows to the curb, knee grows would have a heart attack because now they’ll be witnessing a group of people escaping the dreaded bucket of blackness and all of the negative stigma that comes along with being trapped in that bucket.

But then you’ll have some knee grows say, “BUT WHITE PEOPLE WILL NEVER SEE YOU AS WHITE, YOU’LL ALWAYS BE BLACK TO THEM!”  What I find so funny about this statement is that I’m 38 years old, 99.999% of the people who have actually told me to my face that I’m nothing but black were black people, not white people.  Even online, 99.999% of the people who tell me I’m nothing but black are black people, not white people. So it always baffles my mind when I hear knee grows saying this (even back when I was a kid) because I literally have heard maybe one or two white people ever say that to me and when they did say it to me, they made sure to make mention of me being mixed.  But it’s only been like one or two white people compared to the the hundreds if not thousands of black people who have ever made it their mission in life to tell me that I’m nothing but black. I’m saying this not to pat myself on the back for feeling relieved that white people don’t see me as just black. I’m saying this because it’s black people who are obsessed with the narrative of blackness and the stigma that’s attached to it more any other race of people I’ve ever come across.  And here’s another thing which was somewhat inferred to on this panel, when black people run up to tell us biracials that we are nothing but black, they’re not telling us this from a positive standpoint, it’s always from a negative light. Meaning, somebody on the panel said, “Let the cops pull you over, you’ll find out how black you are then.” Somebody else said, “When that biracial child gets older, they’ll find out how black they are when they have to deal with white people.”  I’m listening to this like, how come I can’t find out how black I am from some positive shit? Why does it always have to be something negative to happen to a biracial person before the biracial person has to come to terms with their blackness? How come a black person can’t tell me, “When you graduate from college with honors, you’ll find out how black you are when all of your black family members run up to congratulate you.” Or how come it can’t be, “When you finally open up your own business and become highly successful, you’ll find out how black you are then.” It’s always a knee grow presenting some negative event to a biracial in order to convince a biracial that they are nothing but black, it’s never anything positive.  But then these same knee grows will honestly sit around and pretend like they don’t understand why some biracials don’t want to have anything to do with their blackness because their black side is always bombarding them with some potential negative shit that may happen to them in their lives. Yet these same knee grows have the nerve to say that we’re the confused ones running around out here. 😂

Speaking to the confusion part, black people calling biracials confused is the classic go-to line that black people think they can use to make a biracial person feel bad for being born biracial.   The problem is, these very same knee grows refuse to own up to the fact that the biracial child CHILD who may be confused early on in life is not the fault of the child. It’s 9 times out of 10 the fault of the black people that biracial child is being raised by.  Knee grows are the ones telling that child they are just black. I know, because it was told to me when I was a kid, despite the fact that I had mirrors in my house and could clearly see that I was not black like everybody else in my family.  And as a kid, yeah it did somewhat confuse me because I’m like, I hear knee grows keep telling me I’m black and I hear knee grows telling me about all of the bad shit that I am to expect growing up “black” in America, but fact of the matter is, I’m not “black” like the rest of y’all and I’ve never really had any major issues with white folks on account of me being biracial.  I’ve told you all before that most white people say 2 things to me when it comes to my race. The first they normally say is, “What are you?” Or they’ll say, “Are you mixed?”, then they’ll ask what I’m mixed with. No white person who didn’t know what I was mixed with prior to asking ever told me, YOU’RE JUST BLACK. It’s never happened.  But I’ve long since stopped counting how many times I’ve been told YOU’RE JUST BLACK from black people. What’s crazy about that and how it ties into the confusion I did experience as a young child is, when I said something like “I’m black” to black people who may have asked what I was mixed with, these very same knee grows would be the first ones to say to me “YOU AIN’T BLACK! YOU’RE A DIRTY WHITE BOY!”  So here I am at 5 or 6 years old being told by older people that I’m just black and then when I agree to being just black because I don’t know any better at the age, I’m then told I’m not JUST BLACK, but these same knee grows will be the ones saying that I’m a tragic and confused mulatto. 🤔 Well no shit Sherlock. Any biracial child that young growing up around mostly black people who constantly tell them this opposing bs day in and day out would be naturally confused as shit thanks to you all.

But I just find this so amazing how black people feel like they are the subject matter experts on the lives of biracial people and then have the audacity to host a 3 hour discussion on biracial people and not have a biracial person on the panel for more than 5 minutes to present a 1st hand account for what it means to be a biracial person growing up in this country.  It was truly amazing, sad & pathetic to witness on Oshay’s channel. Then Oshay kept repeating his line of, “We need to have balance on this show” like he says all the time and I’m like, “Well nigga put a biracial or two on the show to provide damn balance.”

But this just further proves my point about how black people obsess over us biracials to where you can host a 3 hour show talking about us and what you think we feel and think but won’t have a biracial on the panel to actually address the subject for more than 5 damn minutes.  If he had of let me on that show, I would have been kicked off within 10 minutes because my light skin supremacists mentality probably would have come out swinging from the jump. Every last knee grow on that panel who was like, THEY AIN’T BLACK, I would have told them fine, I agree with you, now give me back all of my biracials and mulattoes that you knee grows have been hanging on to since slavery! Stop claiming my people and put your own people up!” I wrote a blog titled Biracial is the New Black some months ago where I rattled off a long list of biracials, mulattoes and light skin mixed people that have been classified as “black” that pushed black society forward in significant ways. If I was allowed on that panel, all of this “the cops gonna treat you like a nigga” talk would have been silenced too considering damn near all of the victims of police brutality are mostly dark skin black people. When I walk out of my house, I’m honestly not concerned about a cop killing me because I’m “black”.  When they pull me over, I’ve yet to get paranoid and start singing negro spirituals talking about “OH LAWD JESUS, PLEASE DON’T LET THIS WHITE MAN KILLZ ME AND TURN ME INTO THE LATEST TRENDING HASHATAG ON TWITTER LAWDS…OH LAWD, LET ME PULL OUT MY PHONE AND STREAM THIS LIVE TO FB SO I CAN SHOW THE PEOPLE’S THAT I’Z IS FIGHTING BACK BY REFUSING TA GIVE THE MAN MY DRIVER’S LICENSE LAWD…OH LAWD LAWD LAWD.” I’m not doing any that foolishness nor am I thinking about any of that foolishness when I leave my house everyday to live my life. Sadly, too many of you are.

My point is, it would have been nice for a panel full of knee grows talking about people like me for 3 hours to have a person like me on the damn panel to present 1st hand knowledge and experience from what it means to live life as a biracial growing up in a country where whites and blacks stay clashing and we biracials are in the middle chilling 9 times out 10 because we can get along with both sides with no problems in most instances.  Often times the one side that causes us the biggest headaches for being biracial isn’t the white folks. Damn near every single migraine we get about being biracial comes from black people. Damn near every biracial you will ever encounter will tell you the same thing. But if these knee grows would have had an actual biracial on the show for more than 5 minutes, they would have heard that talking point so they can refute that it with more pro-black nigga babble to try to discredit the lived experience of an actual biracial because what the biracial (like me) would have said would have gone against everything they stand for and believe in when it comes to blaming the white man and white supremacy on everything.

Your favorite mulatto.
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