R. Kelly Can Always Depend on Black Women for Support

I’m here to tell you all that I’m not about to feel shame for saying that I am a fan of R. Kelly’s music (his old stuff mostly) and that I will continue to listen to R. Kelly’s music unapologetically if I damn well feel like it.  Hell, if R. Kelly dropped another album that sounded just as good as TP-2 or Chocolate Factory tomorrow, I’d buy it or stream it without hesitation or shame. Why? Because unlike you most of you all, I can separate the person from the art. I don’t give a damn what you all believe to be the inspiration for the songs he made, if that joint sounds good to me and I feel like playing, then so be it.  It is what it is.

But let me tell you the real reason I feel this way and that reason is because of black women.  Yes, black women. You see, all over social media we’re supposed to be muting R. Kelly and looking at him like he’s this sexual deviant monster (which he probably is) but at the same time we’re told to view him in that way and throw him in the trash, black women are literally lined up to go see him at the club.  In case you haven’t heard, a day or so ago, R. Kelly decided to come out of hiding and attend a club in Chicago to celebrate his birthday. Guess who was in attendance at the club packed to the rafters singing along with R. Kelly to all of his greatest hits, if you guessed black women, then you would be absolutely correct.

There’s video footage of Kels at a club pouring up, smoking a cigar, and black women everywhere swaying back and forth to his music.  You know, these same black women that this past weekend we were told that we need to have empathy for because apparently nobody gives a shit about black women these days, especially black men. Well, these very same black women that apparently nobody gives a damn about who more than likely sat there and watched that Lifetime documentary and then later pretended to be outraged on social media were lined up with moist panties to get into the club to celebrate with R. Kelly. But, I’m being told on social media that I’m a suspect rape apologist or pedophile apologists or that I’m making excuses for R. Kelly if I don’t blindly believe everything that was said on that documentary.  Meanwhile, the very same demographic of people we are supposed to be blindly believing are literally on social media saying that that they wish R. Kelly could take them hostage.

But black men you are the problem. 😂

So after all of these women watched that record breaking Lifetime special about how allegedly R. Kelly was so manipulative and abusive, why in the world would any woman want to run out to celebrate with this man and then ask to be his next “hostage”?  Why? It’s more than likely for the exact same reasons these alleged survivors wanted to be in the presence of R. Kelly AFTER they knew about his pissing on little girls on film. Those so-called survivors were more than likely just like these women who were in the club with R. Kelly the other day celebrating his birthday with him.  Just like these women, those survivors knew about R. Kelly’s shady past and they still chose to do whatever they had to do to get next to him in order to get a taste of that rich and famous lifestyle. And in the case of the minors, you can toss their parents into this foolishness as well for offering up their children to a man with a shady past like him because the parents themselves wanted a piece of that action too.  This is why I really don’t believe a lot of the stuff I heard on that documentary because WHERE WAS THE PROOF. That documentary was filled with nothing but hearsay because if there was proof, then why in the hell didn’t they go straight to the cops or the prosecutor’s office as opposed to filming a damn made for tv documentary? But we’re not supposed to be asking questions like that. We’re supposed to just shut the hell up and take everything at face value that’s being presented on a television show about R. Kelly.  We’re not supposed to wonder how many of those girls and their parents WANTED to put themselves or their daughters in the line of sight of R. Kelly despite all of the shit everybody knew about him going back as far as the early 90s. We’re just supposed to believe that all of these women are completely innocent due to their age and that R. Kelly is a master manipulator, despite the nigga claiming that he can’t read or write. Then you turn around and see reports of black women breaking their necks to attend a club with R. Kelly AFTER this salacious documentary came out calling him all kinds of child molesters and rapists. Yet black women are still lined up to see him and show him undying support.  But you long onto Facebook and Twitter and you don’t see anybody calling this foolishness out and guess what, you won’t. Why, because black women are never wrong no matter what the hell they do.

At the end of the day, when people get angry on social media over whatever hot topic is thrown at us for the week, I normally just sit in the cut and laugh it off because no matter what people say on social media, most people are not going to do what they proclaim.  You honestly think everybody on the #MuteRKelly is about to actually mute R. Kelly? Let R. Kelly show up to your city performing a concert or just attending a club, damn near every black women in your city will be trying to get tickets because the fact of the matter is, no matter what black women say on social media to try to rack up likes and followers, black women love R. Kelly.  If R. Kelly told them that he wanted them to be the next female he puts on video to urinate on, he would have a line up and down the street full of black women young and old begging for a golden shower. So you all can sit there and hop online to show your fake support for black women over this R. Kelly issue, but you know damn well what the truth is. You just don’t want to state the truth for fear of having losing followers and friends.  The truth is, black women are not abandoning R. Kelly period. Even if he were to get locked up, black women would ride with him till the day he dies. This man has made too many damn hit songs that black women have gotten their backs blown out to or conceived a child to. R. Kelly is permanently attached their psyche of way too many damn good memories. So don’t sit here and fall for this “B-B-BLACK MEN DON’T SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN” foolishness when these very same black women are lining up to go see this man after they saw that documentary of all those black women telling stories about how allegedly abusive and sexually deviant R. Kelly is.  Black women do not care and this is why R. Kelly will not lose any support because too many black women have no standards or self-worth, but they will turn around and demand standards, self-worth, and for you to place them on the highest pedestal you can find at your local Dollar General.

But if you think I’m on here just going in on black women for the sake of just going in on black women, you’re wrong.  Just go click on the links and see the videos for yourselves. I’m not going in on anybody, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy being forced fed to black men about how we supposedly don’t care about black women and girls, but yet look who’s out and about showing unconditional love to a man that black women have deemed to be an absolute monster….BLACK WOMEN.  Now take your L and go cry about it to white Jesus because any video or commentary from here on out concerning black men over this R. Kelly foolishness, black women have no credibility that’s worth remotely entertaining on the subject so as long as black women keep showing up and showing out to see R. Kelly.

Your favorite mulatto.